Kenshiro's fight with Hyo continues. Hyo uses his matouki to distort the space around Kenshiro, just like he did with Kuroyasha. Ken failed to counter this when Kaioh did it to him, and so Hyo readies another projectile blast to kill him with. But Kenshiro protects himself from the attack and manages to position himself! Kuroyasha is watching and says that the technique Hyo used creates a frictionless force around the opponent. But now, Kenshiro has managed to overcome it and he must have learnt how to deal with it after his fight with Kaioh. Kenshiro has done this by spinning himself in zero gravity, and used the centrifugal force to secure his position. Hyo is surprised, as nobody has been able to counter it before.

Realising that his technique isn't working, Hyo decides to just take Ken on at close quarters. The two clash a couple of times, but it seems Ken might be the stronger of the two as he hits a pressure point which causes Hyo's arm to bulge up.

Hyo quickly hits another pressure point which reverses what Kenshiro did, and stops his arm from exploding. He is amazed at the speed of Kenshiro's attacks as he didn't even see that one coming, but he refuses to be beaten so easily. He's the second Rasho in the land of Shura after all, and he resumes attacking Kenshiro.

Meanwhile Kaioh has Lin before him and he tells her that soon Hokuto Shinken will be no more. Lin begs to differ and says that Kenshiro learns from the more powerful opponents he fights -as he has fought Kaioh once before, she believes that he knows how to counter Hokuto Ryuuken now. Kaioh tells her that may be so, but Kenshiro and Hyo are of the same strength, so they will most likely kill each other anyway.

As Ken and Hyo continue to pummel each other, Hyo suddenly falls back as the scar on his head glows. His matouki suddenly starts to burn brightly.

Kaioh senses this as his own matouki begins to withdraw. He says that the time will come soon for Hokuto Soukei to vanish from the Earth, and it also means he doesn't have to wear his helmet any more. As he takes if off, Lin as taken aback when she sees that Kaioh looks a lot like Raoh!

Kaioh says he thought she would think he looked familiar, but he believes he is superior to Raoh. The reason he resembles him is because he is Raoh's older brother! Back at the fight, it seems that Ken has managed to hit one of Hyo's pressure points...

...but he's actually missed and hit the wrong place thanks to Hyo's matouki distorting the space around him. Meanwhile Kaioh says that his brother was a fool who believe in foolish things like love, and that was why he turned out to be a loser who died. Lin says that Raoh would have beaten him in a fight, as it was his emotions that made him stronger but Kaioh laughs at her reasoning. Foolish people can never achieve anything, but the people who are cunning are the ones who will win. And he is the most cunning of them all. It was him who took Hyo's memories away, not Jukei...

Decades a go, young Hyo and Kaioh were training together. Hyo had had his memories taken away by Jukei to stop him from being able to be so soft and weak. But he was meant to know secrets of Hokuto Soukei, which made him Kaioh's greatest enemy should he master them. As it was just the two of them sparring, Kaioh attempted to kill Hyo in a way that would make it look like an accident, but Jukei preventing him from doing it at the last moment. He badly beat up Kaioh and told him that Hyo was superior to him, as he is from the Hokuto Soukei. He is the only one who may be able to completely master Hokuto Ryuuken, whilst Kaioh is just Hyo's servant, who's duty is to live and die for him.

Hyo managed to stop Jukei from killing him as he believed that Kaioh just overdid it, but Jukei felt he might have made a mistake teaching the style to Kaioh. Kaioh was taken away and imprisoned, but later on Hyo saw him and gave him some water. He told him that he didn't see him as his servant, but as his friend. And because of that, he told Kaioh something so important that even Jukei didn't know about it: he hadn't lost his memory.

When Jukei tried to take Hyo's memory he apparently stumbled at the last moment and didn't do it. He didn't realise this, but Hyo kept that fact quiet. He asked Kaioh not to tell anyone about what he has just said, and started to walk off. Kaioh, however, cannot believe how stupid Hyo was and used his own power to seal away Hyo's memories -he hit him in the back. With his knowledge of Hokuto Soukei locked away in his mind, Hyo was no longer a threat to him.

Back in the present Kaioh says that everything has changed now. Jukei is dead and Hyo does everything he tells him to do. Evil is the thing that controls the world, which is why he will soon rule it. At the battle, Kenshiro isn't put off by the fact that he can't seem to hit pressure points on his opponent and just says that he'll crush Hyo's body, hitting him with several powerful strikes. Hyo thinks to himself and admits that Kenshiro must be very strong to take him on without using any gimmicks.

Hyo looks into Kenshiro's eyes and thinks that he doesn't look like the type of man who kills innocent women, so why did he kill Sayaka? It doesn't seem like he is an evil person at all, why would he kill her? As Hyo thinks about this more and more, the scar on his head suddenly burns brightly and he screams, putting his hands to his head.

A blue aura comes out of him and Kuroyasha says that the essence of Hokuto Soukei must have been within Hyo's body! Meanwhile Lin is thrown onto a bed. Kaioh says again that Kenshiro and Hyo will destroy each other, leaving him to rule. He then reminds Lin of what he wants her for -to bear his children. She is perfect to become his bride, and be the one he will impregnate. The child will mark the start of the new century. A terrified Lin can only watch as Kaioh moves closer towards her.


Will Ken and Hyo really destroy each other? Can Lin stop Kaioh? Find out in "The Brothers Meet Each Other with Tears! Kenshiro, I Have Been Waiting for You!!"

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