In this section, you can check out other sites that we like. Or that we don't like but we decided to link anyway.

Flying Omelette's Kitchen


Homestar Runner

If you haven't already heard of this, you're really stupid. Unless you are me a few months ago - you rock. Anyway, it's an amusing collection of Flash animations and games.

The Best Page in The Universe

Maddox gives his honest and brutal opinion on things. Arrogance is a virtue.

Penny Arcade

Credit where credit is due, this is a very good comic. When it's good, it's very good. How this site should be.

Eric Conveys an Emotion

The funniest face on the internet. Period. Heheh, I said 'period'.

Urban Dictionary

Heard a chav say some word that you don't know? Look it up here.

It's much better than buying a strategy guide - now you can ruin your game for free! No picture yet, though. Ooh.

Ebaum's World

Weebl's Stuff

Legendary's Halo Page

Legendary seems to think that he's the best Halo player in the world ever. Go and tell him that he's not. Also, he's got some crappy comics to be laughed at. Basically, this site only exists to be ridiculed. It is SO CRAP.


If I didn't reveal the source of idiotheque's compact URL, what would everyone else do? Exist? Doubt it. Free .tk domains! You can't say "Fairer than that." - You REALLY can't! Have a go! See!


An online shop. 30-second samples for almost every track on almost every album ever! Wow.


If you didn't know this URL before, declare yourself dumb. Best search engine. Jeeves? Schmeeves.


It's an online game. And it's incredibly fun. Pictionary, y'know that? Well, that's iSketch. Draw the word you're given and the other people in the 'room' guess. There are many gameplay modes and wordlists. If you have played Yahoo! Graffiti, you'll know what to expect.

Yahoo! Games

Yahoo!? What is it? It's certainly not the best search engine. A search engine that isn't Google isn't worth anything. But there are a few pretty fun online games. I like Pool and Graffiti most, but it's just not as nicely presented as iSketch.



More coming soon. Possibly. Naaaaa.

(I removed the link to Legendary's Halo Page as it no longer appears to be around, at least the Halo part of it. I've left the Tripod and Freeweb texts unlinked because they were never linked in the first place. Amusing note: this page use to have a link to the Classic Gaming version of my Final Fight site, but it seems it was taken off without me being told. Haha. -RQ87)