In this section, we list all Idiotheque-related e-mails that we've received, along with some extracts from the forum and guestbook. Feel free to e-mail us with questions and compliments, even insults if you like (but that would get you on the Idiots list).

Divided into two sections:
Not idiots (coming soon, if any non-idiots send anything)


Idiot no. 1:
Taken from the guestbook.

Idiot no. 1:
Taken from the guestbook.

Name: CookiePuss E-mail:
City: Princeton Country: Mercer
Homepage: Date: 30-Aug-2004 15:20:58
If you live in NJ as I do then would see much
more interesting things that those two things.
Trenton makes the world takes!

This person seems to believe that there is no Jersey but New Jersey. I won't punish them yet, because they were totally unaware of the n00bz section at the time, and didn't really insult me. This is just a warning, though. Beware of the idiot club! Oh, and Americans, come up with your own names for towns and cities. And states.

Idiot no. 2:
Taken from the guestbook.

Name: Scale E-mail:
City: the wormhole on the Country:
Homepage: Date: 02-Oct-2004 09:36:53
yo yo me main mann i shud be a part of this website since im a friend of the lost dude

Name: The Lost Dude E-mail:
City: Country:
Homepage: Date: 02-Oct-2004 09:57:21
Sure Scale since your my good friend and very funy you can join just send me your emails

It's my friend Scale, being a jealous twat! He posted on the forum as me! How inventive! Hey, Scale - Go make your own webcomic, do not impersonate a god, and go home.
That's just pathetic. What kind of a reason is that? You CAN be a part of the website - a daily viewer. Apart from that, get a life of your own.

"Sure Scale since your my good friend and very
funy you can join just send me your emails"

You could've at least impersonated the way I form sentences - with punctuation. I know the difference between your and you're and I can spell funny. Also, why not wait a little before you post the TheLostDude reply instead of posting it just after the minimum time between two guestbook posts? Also also, it's, you bludgeon!

Scale has more recently become the least cool member of the forum, with a terribly annoying catchphrase. Anyway, Scale also pronounces the first syllable of 'forum' like that of 'foreign'.

Apologies to Snake who I accused of posting as me at another time - it wasn't him.

Scale, the bottom line is: You're Idiot no. 2.

Idiot no. 3: directed to this pile of steaming site for less than 12 hours. We sorted it out, but there isn't much I can say right now.  Still an idiotic site, though. The site is STILL 'under_construction' months later.

(Removed the link since it no longer works. Basically, for a short amount of time. the .tk URL for this site was directed to another site which just said it was under construction. -RQ87)

Idiot no. 4:
(an e-mail)
John Doe <>
hi sex beast fuck me now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spam this email address, people. John Doe not only owns the most boring name, also the shortest life. You die, man. You die.

Idiot no. 5
(from the guestbook)

I honestly didn't think so much idiocy was possible. At the time of this post, the Black Idiotheque was being previewed and tested, with a big link to the old Blue Idiotheque saying that that site has all of the files on. Mono, I wish you had the intelligence to click a link in a very bright colour with big text and clear instructions. Sheesh. I'm not going to criticise his spelling error, that's so minor compared to the rest. I think this guy deserves some kind of big idiot award. But I won't waste my time finding a big idiot award.

Idiot no. 6
(from the guestbook)

Oh, sure! We'll shut down this site because one person says so! And that person is comparing us to Penny Arcade, a profit-making comic strip. Why not send some more, mate, so we can make you look even more stupid?  

Yes, I realise that I've missed out a few, they're coming soon.