What is this? This is something I had no part in making. Idiotheque was the name chosen for a web comic which my brother, who was known on the Internet as TheLostDude, and his friend, known as WeaponOfChoice, made. The site was opened on July 27th 2004, and the last update was uploaded on September 1st 2005. Idiotheque was mainly hosted on Tripod, although at one point it was moved to Freewebs for a very brief period of time. Why upload it here to my own site? Because I can and I think some of the comics are funny. Plus by being hosted here there are no ads and things such as broken links have been fixed up. My brother abandoned the comic long a go, but I think it shouldn't be forgotten about.

In terms of changes made, this page itself is actually completely new. The link for the "First time here?" banners led to a 404 error on the Tripod version of the site, so I've added this page just to give a little introduction. The links to Idiotheque's old forums and guestbook are also gone, since the forum was barely used by anyone even when it was first opened (and has been long dead since) whilst the guest book no longer works. I've also added a few additions to some comics and pictures, my notes are always in red like this.

Finally, as one last extra, here is a comic that was never finished. It was in the site's folder on an old computer we used to use.

This one I may have an idea about: several years a go, there was a Street Fighter site with a message board that me and my brother used to post on a lot, called Street Fighter Legends. Then one day the board was attacked by a bunch of people from the fighting game site (also known as SRK), for reasons unknown (apparently the Street Fighter Legends webmaster had angered them somehow) whilst resulted in the board being spammed. I guess this comic was going to have a shot at some of the SRK members.

Q) Why did TheLostDude and WeaponOfChoice stop updating Idiotheque?
A) I don't know the exact reason.

Q) Why was the comic called "Idiotheque"?
A) WeaponOfChoice chose the name...but he did not tell TheLostDude that the name came from a song by Radiohead. I remember my brother being really annoyed when he found out, and wanted to change the comic's name, but they never did.

Q) What's the deal with WeaponOfChoice?
A) The guy was either a really good troll, or had some kind of mental condition (probably both). As mentioned above, I rarely spoke to him on MSN, but our brief conversations would abruptly end when he'd suddenly tell me to fuck off for no reason. Then he'd come back and say that his brother typed that, but then he'd say it again a few minutes later. Someone else I knew who talked to him experienced the same thing.

WeaponOfChoice's comics are also pretty lame and not funny, especially compared to TheLostDude's. This caused some upset as the time, as my brother wasn't happy that he seemed to be doing all of the work. They also had arguments over MSN over the content of some of WeaponOfChoice's comics, as he wanted to have swearing in them, something my brother didn't want. WeaponOfChoice ended up contributing very little towards Idiotheque.