At the Nanto capital, Rihaku asks Tou what is on her mind. She asks her father why Kenshiro and Raoh must fight, as they are meant to be like brothers. But Rihaku says that they have both been trained in Hokuto Shinken, which there can only be one successor to.

Remember when Ryuken found Raoh and Toki and said he'd only train one in Hokuto Shinken, whoever could make it up to him? Yes. Raoh climbed up, but took his injured brother with him and eventually they were both trained. But they were not the only ones to become candidates, as they were also joined by Jagi...

...and Kenshiro. Ryuken would have many people come and train with him but in the end it would be between these four -only one of them would become the successor. Training themselves daily to a strict regime, Rihaku reveals that their battle had only just begun.

Remember when Kenshiro and Raoh had to take a test with that tiger? Yes.

Remember when Kenshiro became the successor and Jagi went mad? And Raoh then said that Ryuken had made a poor choice with Kenshiro? Yes. Rihaku says that on that day the tragedy began.

Remember when Ryuken tried to stop Raoh, but failed and was killed? Yes. From that day on, Raoh aimed for the heavens!

Remember when Kenshiro first appeared? Yes. Meanwhile, Raoh renamed himself Ken-Oh and set out to conquer everything in his path. Kenshiro, Raoh and Toki have made Hokuto Shinken the strongest style of this era.

Remember when Toki and Raoh remembered about the promise? That if Raoh ever want to the evil path, Toki would set him straight? Yes.

Toki and Raoh eventually did fight each other, but due to his illness, Toki was unable to defeat his brother, and lost.

Rihaku explains that Raoh was the first person in the 2,000 years of Hokuto Shinken to break the traditions. And now, he has almost completed his goals, all he must do is kill Kenshiro and take Yuria. Tou suddenly excuses herself and runs off, seemingly in tears. Meanwhile, Raoh has gotten near to the capital and declares that Yuria is the only women who is good enough for him.

Kenshiro is also on the way and as he arrives, he hears a horse. He turns to see Raoh on his steed. Raoh says that Yuria belongs to him!


Kenshiro has to fight off Ken-Oh's ninja forces, whilst the relationship between Tou and Raoh is revealed. Next time on Hokuto no Ken: "Sadness of the Five Chariot Stars! - You're the Woman Burdened by Love and Fate!!"

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