Kenshiro wants to know what is going on -why has Raoh spared Rei? Raoh then reveals something terrible: Rei has not been spared. He never kills strong warriors who oppose him straight away, as then the fear will not spread. He has hit a pressure point called "Shinketsushuu", which will give Rei just three days to live. In that time, he will tremble in the fear of death and suffer to the end. He will be able to feel the fear of Ken-Oh -and this fear is something he wants to spread to make himself a legendary figure. In three days, Rei will die when all of the blood spurts out of his body. Kenshiro is about to make Raoh pay when Rei tells him not to go -he cannot win. There is a reason why.

Ken doesn't understand what he is talking about, but he then suddenly screams out in pain as a large bruise appears on his chest! The others crowd around him, but it seems that Raoh was right when he said that he would have killed Kenshiro earlier. Kenshiro never even realised he could have died. But even so, he gets back up and is ready to challenge Raoh again.

Meanwhile, Toki and Mamiya finally arrive at the village, and see that it is burning. As they venture in closer a large man armed with two rods appears, and has been ordered to stop Toki from entering the village yet. Toki says that he is just being used as a distraction, but he doesn't listen to him and attacks.


(Fury Combat Steel Breaking Rod)

The guy swipes at Toki, but he warps around his strikes and then simply touches his left arm, but even this makes the arm wrap around him. The punk tries to hit Toki with his other arm, only for the same thing to happen, and Toki just leaves him with his arms wrapped around himself. He and Mamiya continue on to the village.

Elsewhere, Raoh reveals that the reason he didn't want Ken to meet Toki is because Toki is the only one on the planet who may be able to beat him -as his style is that strong. But as Toki has not taught his style to Kenshiro he does not need to fear him, and then decides to just kill him now and get it over with. He charges towards him on Kokuoh and Ken is going to fight back, but Rei leaps in at the last second and pushes Ken out of the way. Rei tells Ken again not to fight Raoh yet and that in this era a man like him is needed -he must keep himself alive. But Kenshiro is determined and even if there is a 99% chance that he will lose the fight, he will still gladly take that 1% chance of victory.

Raoh charges again, but Kenshiro punches Kokuoh in the mouth. This doesn't kill the horse, but it does send him into a panic, as a furious Raoh gets him back under control. Kenshiro demands that Raoh should dismount and fight him properly. Raoh thinks he talks big, but they then both notice that Toki has arrived.

Toki is sad that he did not make it in time, as he sees the state Rei is in. Rei tells him to try and stop Ken, and Toki also agrees that Kenshiro is not yet ready to take on Raoh. He says that Rei has even forgotten about his own impending death just to try and stop Ken, and tells him that he is wrong about his % remark earlier - he does not even have that 1% chance of winning.

He asks Kenshiro if he can kill Lin -if he can, then only then will he be able to defeat Raoh. Battle aura is born from merciless blood, something Kenshiro has acquired from battles with the likes of Shin. But it is still not enough, as he is not as merciless as Raoh. Raoh is completely heartless -he was the one that killed Ryuken after all! Toki explains what happened.

When Kenshiro was named as the successor to Hokuto Shinken, Raoh decided to leave the dojo as he thought it would be pointless to stay there for any longer. Ryuken told him that he must give up Hokuto Shinken forever but he refused, saying that his goal now is to rule the heavens, and he will need the Hokuto Shinken he has learnt to do that. Ryuken said that he will have to defeat him, but Raoh told him to go ahead and try it - he would gladly take his master's life instead.


(North Star Divine Fist Secret Technique: Seven Star Mark Spirit)

This technique is something Raoh had never seen before and at first he is not put off by it. But then Ryuken created many multiples of himself and Raoh could not tell which one was the real Ryuken! They encircled him in the shape of the big dipper and all struck at the same time. Raoh could not dodge them all as Ryuken told him that he is now an enemy of the big dipper. Raoh was attacked again and fell to the ground as Ryuken told him that he will not kill him, but he will make it so he cannot fight ever again.

Ryuken was about to make the final strike, but Raoh noticed that something seemed to be wrong with him.

Ryuken was having a heart attack! He begs for the Gods to not take his life now, but Raoh starts laughing and says that this is a sign from the Gods -they want him to rule the heavens. With Ryuken unable to move, all he could do was watch as his former pupil stood back up and then ended his life.

Back in the present, Toki explains that when he Toki rushed back into the dojo, he was too late. Ken did not know anything about this -he always thought that Ryuken had died due to illness, but now the truth has been revealed and it makes him very angry. Raoh then gets off his horse, saying that now Toki is here he will walk on the same ground as him, as they are of equal strength. Ken wants to fight him again, but Toki stops him and tells him to just watch. His movements and style may prove useful to Kenshiro in later battles.

And just to make sure that he doesn't interfere, he hits one of Ken's pressure points so that he is paralyzed! Until the pressure point is hit again, Ken won't be able to move. Toki says that Hokuto Shinken fighters must battle one on one -if they teamed up against Roah, it would not be a true victory. He tells Kenshiro to remember that he is the successor to Hokuto Shinken, he must understand this reasoning. Ken tells him to stop, but he doesn't as Raoh removes his helmet and says that Toki is the only one worthy of him getting down from his horse for.

The fight begins as Toki shows that his style is primarily for defense, as Raoh rushes forward and attacks him. But he dodges Raoh's blows and then attempts to thrust his hand through his opponent's head, but Raoh just manages to stop him in time.

Raoh narrowly avoids having his head stabbed by his brother's other fist, but he then makes his move by tossing Toki as high up into the air as possible. This gives him enough time to run over to Kokuoh and retrieve a sai...

...and then jump up into the air after him. They both use jump kicks against each other before falling to the ground, but when they land, Raoh stomps on Toki's left foot and then uses the sai to pierce them both to the ground! He has stopped Toki from being so agile. Raoh knows that Toki has the same level of strength as Ryuken and himself. But he also knows that he is ill, just like how Ryuken was, so he will not have the power to defeat him now.

With Ken still unable to move and Toki pierced to the ground, will anyone be able to stop Raoh?


There is only one last hope in the fight against Raoh, and I think we all know who it is. And if that wasn't enough the title of the next episode totally gives it away anyway so do tune in for "The Greatest Battle in History, Raoh vs. Ken! You'll Be the One to Die!!"

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