And another batch of Neo Geo scans: Ryuko no Ken, Ryuko no Ken Gaiden, Shin Samurai Spirits and the CD versions of The King of Fighters '96, Real Bout Special and Samurai Spirits.


Here are the next batch of Neo Geo scans: Garou Densetsu Special, The King of Fighters 2002, The King of Fighters 2003 along with the CD versions of The King of Fighters '98 and Metal Slug 2. The scan of KoF '98 is the limited edition version, which included a calendar for 1999 with it. I've scanned that on too.


Some more Neo Geo scans added, with Garou Densetsu 2, Garou: Mark of the Wolves, The King of Fighters 2000, The King of Fighters 2001 and the CD versions of Big Tournament Golf and Real Bout Garou Densetsu all scanned.


Today I reached 20,000 subscribers on my Youtube channel. As a thank you, here's a bonus Neo Geo CD scan, of Ryuko no Ken Gaiden's Maniac Collection box set!


Richard Cox sent me some images of the French instruction manual for El Viento, you can see them here. I've also updated the El Viento releases page regarding the Renovation Collection version, and added some new images of the El Viento card.


New Neo Geo scans added, this time it's Bakumatsu Roman Dainmaku, The King of Fighters '97, The King of Fighters '99, Ryuko no Ken 2 and the CD versions of Bakumatsu Roman and Real Bout Fatal Fury 2.


Some more Neo Geo scans, this time it's Bakumatsu Roman: Gekka no Kenshi, The King of Fighters '95, The King of Fighters '96, Real Bout Garou Densetsu 2, Samurai Spirits and the CD version of The King of Fighters '99.


Here's the next batch of Neo Geo scans: Metal Slug 3, Real Bout Garou Densetsu and Samurai Spirits Zankuro Musoken, along with Garou Densetsu Special, King of Fighters '97 and Ryuko no Ken 2 for the Neo Geo CD.


More Neo Geo scans: the cartridge versions of Fighter's History Dynamite, Metal Slug X and Real Bout Special, plus the CD versions of Garou Densetsu, The King of Fighters '95 and Ryuko no Ken.


Some new Neo Geo scans: Garou Densetsu, Garou Densetsu 3 & The King of Fighters '94. I've also added scans for the Neo Geo CD versions of The King of Fighters '94 and Metal Slug.


Made a new section which I plan to add more to over time: Neo Geo manual and insert scans. At the moment there is just the CD version of Fatal Fury 3, but hopefully I'll get more added.


At long last, the Marvel by Capcom shrine has been updated. In addition to a general tidying up of all pages, here's what's new:

X-Men: Children of the Atom: PC port page updated with new images, PC cheats added, a missing ending track has been added, new unused sprites, the versions page now goes into much greater detail about version 1.00.
Marvel Super Heroes: New unused sprites
X-Men Vs. Street Fighter: New unused sprites, new regional differences (including English translations of the boss pre-fight dialogue that's only in the Japanese version -thanks to shmuplations for this).
Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter: Secrets page updated with the methods to fight the secret characters.
Marvel Vs. Capcom: Removed Venom's "there's no justice" voice clip, as it actually is used if he loses via time over. However I've added another Venom voice clip that I believe is unused, along with an unused track. Tomichin's unused sprites are now animated.

The arcade1up versions of the games now also have their own pages.

Finally, I've gotten rid of the game music section. Sorry in advance to anyone who liked it, but I've decided it's time it went.


Rage quitters update.


I've re-done the coverage of the Transformers: The Movie, with new screenshots taken from the 30th anniversary DVD. And, once again with a big thanks to the Sunbow and Marvel Productions Script/Storyboard Archive, there are new pages about differences with the film's dialogue script and storyboards -find out about deleted scenes, altered dialogue and more.

2021's updates