And the last episode of Hellsing is now up. But there will be more Hellsing-related cartoon coverage on the way next year. And I just realized I've managed to update my site every month this year two years in a row, maybe I should deliberately not update next month to stop the trend.


Are you going to act surprised when I tell you another two episodes of Hellsing are up?


Would you believe that another two episodes of Hellsing are up?


Guess what? Another two episodes of Hellsing are up!


And another two episodes of Hellsing are up.


The next two episodes of Hellsing are up.


Finally, some new cartoon coverage content: Hellsing! The first two episodes are up, with more to come over the next few days.

I've also had to update the links section. General Minus seems to have deleted his channel, so the link there is gone -RIP to one of the best trolls on Xbox Live. To make up for this, I've added some new Youtube channel links:

Gas Station Encounters: a channel about a gas station
GToger: a channel about a parking lot
yovo68: a channel about a bridge


Some new rage quits added, this time from the Xbox One version of Super SFII Turbo.


Added a link to Street Fighter Galleries, and also fixed the broken link for Streets of Rage Online.


Added an extra regional difference to the Street Fighter EX2 Plus page regarding one of Sagat's super moves, thanks to David Rocha for telling me about it.


Some new pages regarding how the Fatal Fury animes influenced the games, along with some more new pages looking at the different DVD releases.


I've updated the Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture section, which now features much higher quality images from Discotek's DVD release.


Added some new rage quitters, mostly from Dead or Alive 6 but there's another Dragon Ball FighterZ one for old time's sake.


Added a couple of new Shinobi III scans, one from SEGA Power and another from Diehard Gamefan.


Added a few tracks from Super Dragon Ball Z to the game music section.


One extra rage quit added, this time from Mortal Kombat 11.


Since Belmont's Revenge is getting a re-release later this week as part of the Castlevania Anniversary Collection, I've re-done my shrine for it. The main change is that the images are now much larger -the smaller ones might have been fine a decade a go, but on modern resolutions they just didn't cut it. The shrine now also includes a new section about Christopher Belmont's first Castlevania Adventure.


I've added a bunch of new magazine scans for Earnest Evans and Annet Futatabi. Most of them are from Japanese gaming mags, showing prototype versions of each game.


One last batch of rage quitters added, including the first person to rage quit on me who's gamer tag begins with a Z! Exciting stuff.


Another batch of rage quitters added. Most are from 3rd Strike, but there is one Alpha 3 rage quit!


A new batch of rage quitters have been added.


Welcome to rage quit month! Having played a lot of the latest Street Fighter collection online, I've got a bunch of rage quitters to add. The first batch is up now, and there's a lot more to come.


A prototype version of Pinocchio for the 32X was dumped recently, so I've updated the unreleased 32X games page appropriately.


Here's a great way to start the year: a complete English translation of the El Viento manga! There are some new magazine scans available as well, including one showing the earliest known build of the game. Finally, the odds and ends section has got English translations of the wacky Aneko Land comics.

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