Fatal Fury
Legend of the Hungry Wolf

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10 years after the death of his father, Terry Bogard returns to South Town.
Original Japanese broadcast date: December 23rd, 1992


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Having not been chosen to become the successor to the eight extremes holy fist, Geese Howard plans revenge. He has some of his men steal the techniques scroll for the style, whilst he murders the chosen successor, Jeff Bogard, in broad daylight. This is witnessed by Jeff's adopted sons, Terry and Andy, and Jeff's master, Tung Fu Rue. As Geese has bribed the police, no action is taken against him for his crime. Tung tells Terry and Andy that they must go on journeys to master their skills, and then return here in 10 years. He will then choose one of them to become the successor to the eight extremes holy fist. 10 years later, Terry Bogard returns to South Town, where he enters the Pao Pao Cafe. There, he meets Lily, a beautiful woman who works for Geese. Lily says whoever catches her rose will get a night on the town with her. Terry catches the rose, which leads to a big bar room brawl.

Joe Higashi, a Muay Thai champion, has a guy crash into his table. He decides to fight Terry, but before they battle can start, the police show up. Deciding he doesn't want to be arrested, he knocks the police down and tells Terry to run for it. The two head back to Joe's hotel room, and Joe has realized that he must be Andy's brother. Joe explains that Andy is his best friend, and he and Terry share the same stance. Joe also tells Terry about the upcoming King of Fighters tournament, which he intends to enter. Later on, Terry heads back out, where he sees Lily giving money to children. A car pulls up and Lily says she has to go, and as she does, Terry realizes that she was the girl he saw when Jeff was murdered.

Terry meets up with Andy and Tung. Tung explains that there is a secret technique, which has never be written down. He will choose one of them to become the successor to the eight extremes holy fist, so they can learn the technique, and use it to defeat Geese. Andy wants to settle things now, but Terry tells him they'll do it at the King of Fighters tournament. Hopper and Ripper, two of Geese's men, report back to Geese about what's being going on with the Bogards and Tung. The tournament then begins, with Joe defeating Duck King, and Andy beating Hwa Jai in 3 seconds.

Geese sends Lily to kill Terry, and she is given a bottle of poisoned wine. However, she can't do it, and slaps the wine glass out of Terry's hand before he drinks from it. She and Terry kiss, and Terry says he won't rest until he's freed her from her cage. He heads off to the ring, where he defeats his first opponent, Richard Meyer. The tournament continues, with Terry, Andy and Joe all winning their matches, whilst Billy and Raiden, two of Geese's men, also win theirs. The quarter finals are about to begin, with Terry facing Andy in the first match. However, Geese has Ripper and Hopper try to assassinate the Bogards, but Joe notices this, and leaps into the ring. He ends up getting shot, but not fatally.

Lily cuts the power to the arena, and during the confusion, she helps Terry, Andy and Joe escape. However, before she can follow them, Geese appears, and blasts her with a projectile attack called the gale fist. She is blasted out of a window, and falls to her death. Geese's men surround Terry and the others, but Tung shows up in a car. The group attempt to escape, but as they flee, Billy is able to give Tung a mortal wound by striking his chest with his staff. Tung is taken to a hospital, but when the doctor says Tung is unlikely to survive the morning, Andy gets frustrated, and decides to go after Geese.

Before Terry can follow his brother, Tung suddenly gets up. He tells Terry he has chosen him as his successor, and teaches him about how to gather chi from the Earth. Terry initially struggles to perform the technique, but after thinking about Lily, he is able to do it. Tung tells him never to forget this feeling, and then performs the secret technique: the whirlwind punch. This hits Terry, but as he gets up, he sees that Tung has died in doing this technique. Meanwhile, Andy and Joe arrive at Geese's place. They defeat several men, but are the confronted by Billy and Raiden. Billy attacks Andy, but Andy eventually breaks his staff, and then defeats him.

Raiden is defeated after being on the receiving end of Joe's hurricane upper. The two go to where Geese is, and Andy attempts to kill him, only to get blasted back by Geese's gale fist. Terry arrives, and Andy tells him he must avenge their father. Terry tries a couple of his techniques, including the burn knuckle, but Geese counters everything Terry does.

Geese uses the gale fist, but Terry survives. Terry then uses the whirlwind punch, but Geese is strong enough to push him back. Terry thinks about Jeff, Tung and Lily, and comes up with a variation of his new technique: the wave motion whirlwind kick. Even Geese cannot stop this technique, which blows him away. He lands face down in a pond, dead. Terry, Andy and Joe decide to leave South Town. Joe is returning to Thailand to compete in more tournaments, whilst Andy and Terry decide to go on training journeys. The three head their separate ways.


-Contrary to popular belief, this aired as a TV special first. A lot of places refer to it as an OVA (Original Video Animation) and whilst it was released on video, it first aired on Fuji TV very late on in December 1992.

-The special also first aired 13 days after the arcade version of Fatal Fury 2 had been released.

-The gale fist projectile Geese uses against Jeff is game-accurate, but any other time he uses it, it's more like a big laser blast.

-The music which plays when the title scrolls by can be heard in the game -it's the music played in the cutscene before you fight Geese.

-Ripper was given a pretty big redesign for the special, as in the game, he's bald.

-One of the most notable design changes is that Andy has blue hair in the special, in the game, it's blonde. Oddly, certain pieces of promotional art for the special do show Andy with blonde hair.

-The first opponent Raiden is shown beating is most likely meant to be Michael Max. In the game he's one of the opponents you have to face. It's probably meant to be him in the special, but he's never named.

-Duck King and Hwa Jai, the first opponents Joe and Andy are seen defeating, are not named either. More game-accurate versions of both these characters will appear in the movie.

-When Terry heads out to fight Richard, the song "Bye Bye My Love" starts playing, sung by Megumi Yuki. The vocal version of this song doesn't seem to have been released, fans have been trying to find it for years, with no luck. An instrumental version of the theme is later heard when Billy fights Andy.

-There were a few storyline differences made for the special, when compared to the game:
--Lily was a character specifically created for the special, and did not appear in the game. She had originally intended to be Billy's sister, but apparently SNK staff asked for this to be changed so they weren't related. A few years later, Billy was given a sister in the games, called Lilly.
--Terry cannot use the whirlwind punch move in the game, only Tung can.
--In the game, Tung does not die.
--The way Geese meets his end was completely changed. In the game, he gets knocked off his own tower, falling to his death. In the special, after being blown away by the whirlwind fist, he drowns in a pool.

-The song played during the credits is called "Fly Away", and is also sung by Megumi Yuki.

Game Influence

SNK would reference the special in some of the Fatal Fury games released later, click here to read more about them.


The special has seen a few different releases over the years, click here to read about the more notable ones.

Voice Cast

Japanese voice actors

Andy Bogard
Keiichi Nanba
Billy Kane
Daiki Nakamura
Geese Howard
Hidekatsu Shibata
Yuji Machi
Jeff Bogard
Unshō Ishizuka
Joe Higashi
Masaaki Satake
Kikuko Inoue
Hisao Egawa
Richard Meyer
Masato Hirano
Terry Bogard
Kazukiyo Nishikiori
Tung Fu Rue
Kōji Yada

Kazukiyo Nishikiori as Terry Bogard -Kazukiyo has never really done much in the voice acting world, his role as Terry in this anime and the next two seems to be his most famous role.

Keiichi Nanba as Andy Bogard -Apparently SNK really liked Keiichi's voice for Andy, as not only would he go on to voice him in the next two animes, but he would eventually voice the character in the games, starting with Fatal Fury 3. His other work includes voicing Bat in Fist of the North Star 2, Twincast in Transformers: The Headmasters and Leozack and Liokaiser in Transformers Victory.

Masaaki Satake as Joe Higashi and Hopper -At the time this anime was released, Masaaki was a kick boxer in real life, and had entered the K-1 tournaments. From what I can tell, his fighting career was a much bigger part of his life than his voice acting career.

Hidekatsu Shibata as Geese Howard -His voice acting roles include Devil-Z in Transformers Super-God Masterforce, Hiruzen Sarutobi in Naruto, Baron Ashura in Mazinger Z, Count Mecha in Galaxy Express 999 and Zeed in the 1986 Hokuto no Ken movie. He would go on to also voice Geese in the next two animes.

English dub voice actors

English voice actor
Andy Bogard
Peter Wilds
Billy Kane
Paul Dobson
Geese Howard
Ward Perry
Jason Gray-Stanford
Jeff Bogard
David Kaye
Joe Higashi
Jason Gray-Stanford
Willow Johnson
Robert O. Smith
Richard Meyer
Ward Perry
Michael Dobson
Terry Bogard
Mark Hildreth
Tung Fu Rue
Mina Mina

Mark Hildreth
as Terry Bogard -As well as being a voice actor, Mark is also a singer. Now apparently, he was born in 1978. That would have made him only 16 when the English dub of this was released (1994)! He voices Terry in the next two animes, and his other voice acting work includes being Vega in Street Fighter, Red King in Planet Hulk and Quicksilver in Wolverine and the X-Men.

Peter Wilds as Andy Bogard -I haven't heard of most of the stuff Peter has been in before, but he did do the voice of Dingo in Sonic Underground.

Jason Gray-Stanford as Joe Higashi -His voice acting work includes being Kento in Ronin Warriors, Radditz in Dragon Ball Z and Bullzeye in Extreme Dinosaurs.

Ward Perry as Geese Howard and Richard Meyer -Ward has been involved with the English dubs of many of the Mobile Suit Gundam series. He also voiced Huitzil in Night Warriors, Scavenger in Transformers Armada and Landmine in Transformers Energon.


-When the tournament match board is shown, Raiden's name is spelt "RIDEN"... maybe this is a reference to the same error that happens in the game.
-Joe's headband is colored red instead of white during this shot.