The Decepticons are flying through as asteroid belt, as Cyclonus tells Soundwave to send out Ratbat. Ratbat heads out to start scanning the area, as Cyclonus tells Galvatron that they need isidrite to repair their weaponry. All Galvatron seems to care about is crushing the Autobots to scrap -and then crushing the Earth and its puny humanity, and crushing anyone, or anything, that dares to oppose them!

Ratbat finds a deposit of isidrite, along with something else: Autobots. Galvatron orders the Decepticons to attack.

Galvatron goes straight for Ultra Magnus, only to get thrown into a wall. He gets up and bashes a Sweep, telling the fool to get out of his way.

Cyclonus intercepts Galvatron and tells him they they must use strategy, but Galvatron hits him and says strategy is for cowards! As the Autobots watch, Perceptor says it's remarkable -Galvatron is doing most of the work for them. Sky Lynx then intercepts a Sweep, and tosses him back down.

Galvatron goes back to Magnus and tells him he'll use his head as a door stop. Another Sweep says he'll help him, but Galvatron says he doesn't need his help, and punches him out of the way.

Magnus tells the Autobots to prepare to depart, which makes Galvatron call him a coward. He throws Magnus and transforms, but before he can fire, Sludge smacks him aside. Galvatron transforms back and says he can't be beaten, and swears to destroy them all.

However, the Autobots all board Sky Lynx, who promptly takes off and gets out of there. Cyclonus tells the Autobots this isn't over, as a Sweep tells him he's starting to sound like Galvatron...

...not that that's a bad thing! The Decepticons return to Chaar, as Cyclonus tells Motormaster and Swindle that they should have seen Galvatron in action -no Decepticon ever fought more valiantly. Motormaster thinks no Decepticon ever fought less rationally, and Swindle agrees -he thinks maybe they should have let the Autobots destroy him, as they'd be doing them a favor.

Cyclonus points his gun at Swindle and says that's treason, and that they need Galvatron. But Swindle thinks that's a can of old lube, and worries he'll be the death of all of them if something isn't done about it. Motormaster says he's tired of being bashed around by their supposed leader.

They tell Cyclonus that either he does something about Galvatron's craziness, or they'll do something about both of them. As they run off, a Quintesson hologram suddenly appears behind Cyclonus. The Quintesson says that Galvatron's action grow more amusing by the day, but Cyclonus tells him to go away. The Quintesson tells him there are worlds which specialize in curing such disorders, such as Torkulon.

Cyclonus tells him not to insult his intelligence, as he trusts him no further than he can throw Trypticon. But he realizes that on the other hand, something must be done. He says Galvatron would never willingly go to such a place, but the Quintesson tells him that that's his problem. The hologram disappears, as the Quintesson tells another that Cyclonus has taken the bait. They'll soon have several less Transformers to concern them, including the most dangerously unpredictable one of them all.

Cyclonus goes to see Galvatron, who is complaining about how long his repairs are taking. He tells Swindle to work faster, as there are Autobots waiting to be mangled. Cyclonus says right now the Autobots will never expect them to strike at the new planet they are exploring. Galvatron immediately jumps up and asks what planet is it, so they can make that world the Autobot's tomb. Cyclonus says they need time to prepare, but says the name of the world is Torkulon. Sometime later...

...the Decepticons arrive on Torkulon, but Galvatron gets angry, as he wants to know where the Autobots are. Cyclonus tells him they must have detected their approach, and gone into hiding. But he sees something moving ahead, covered up by a purple web. Galvatron demands the alien inside the web tell him where the Autobots are, but the alien replies with a bunch of incoherent noises. Galvatron calls him an idiot.

He then tells another alien to tell him where the Autobots are, but the alien replies with "mommy", and then tries to lick him. Cyclonus looks in one of the webs, and comes across an alien who repeatedly states he has no head.

A Torkuli then appears, who asks Cyclonus if he's the new admission. But once he sees Galvatron screaming at another alien, he realizes who's come here for treatment. He tells Galvatron to stop, as anti-mutual behavior isn't permitted. Galvatron asks how does he intend to stop him?

Another Torkuli uses a device to bring up a force field, which keeps Galvatron at bay for the moment. The first Torkuli says the subject displays a severe failure in reality processing -and has a malignant plasmoneural tic. Another Torkuli says they'll need a complete history, if they are going to do anything for him.

The Torkuli with the force field device says he takes it Galvatron has been this way for a while -some sort of plasma accident? As Galvatron yells at Cyclonus for deceiving him, as first Torkuli asks if Galvatron has mood swings, or displays irrational behavior. One of the Torkuli says that the force field is running out of charge.

The Torkuli inhibit Galvatron, by shooting him with a special ray. Galvatron tells Cyclonus he'll rip out his cogs for this, but then collapses. The leader Torkuli calls for the cage synthesis to begin.

Galvatron is encased in the purple web, which comes out of the ground. One of the Torkuli tells Cyclonus that before they start, there are certain formalities. He gets Cyclonus to sign a bunch of papers regarding payment.

He then gives Cyclonus his own copy, which he promptly rips up. The Torkuli start to examine Galvatron, who tells them to release him -or perish! The lead Torkuli says this is standard logic failure--aggravated by the plasmatic imbalance.

He calls for a path scan to be brought out. The scan shows that Galvatron has embrittlement of the meta processing circuitry -no wonder he's always on the brink of a perceptual crash. Cyclonus asks if they can help Galvatron, and the Torkuli says hopefully. He has Galvatron transferred to the advanced treatment facility. As Galvatron is taken away, he tells Cyclonus he'll rip him to pieces for this.

Cyclonus is taken to the facility, where the Torkuli explain that cyber-sedation should be taking effect by now, and then Galvatron should be able to talk about his problems. A Torkuli tells Galvatron to say whatever comes to mind, so Galvatron says kill, smash, destroy -rend, mangle, distort!

Scourge thinks this is stupid, and they should get Galvatron out of here, but Cyclonus tells him to give it a chance. Galvatron says he'll destroy everything here, and then, he'll destroy the Autobots. The Torkuli asks for him to tell him about the Autobots. Galvatron says he hates them, and he hates Cyclonus, and he's not very fond of him, either! He manages to break free from the web, and grabs his therapist before throwing him aside.

The lead Torkuli fires another inhibitor ray shot at Galvatron, knocking him down again. He hopes they'll do better with psychomotor reintegration, and has Galvatron moved to a different room. Cyclonus asks what the point of this is, as the Torkuli explains that sometimes assembling the pieces of an external object aids the patient in reconstructing his damaged psyche. Galvatron puts together an object...

...but it turns out he's managed to put a gun together, which he uses to start blasting the room, whilst demanding to be let out of here. He ends up being shot with yet another inhibitor ray.

The Torkuli tells Cyclonus that his friend is rapidly exhausting his therapeutic alternatives. The next treatment they try is exo-drama -one of the most powerful therapies available to the Torkuli. Galvatron demands to be freed, and commands Cyclonus to do as he says. The Torkuli says this treatment involves patients acting out their problems.

Another alien keeps bouncing up and down whilst screaming constantly. Galvatron tells him to stop making that hideous noise, and tells him if he wants to scream, he'll give him something to scream about! He rips apart the web restraining him, only for more to burst out of the ground and surround him.

The Torkuli fires another ray at Galvatron, only to find it does nothing -Galvatron has developed a tolerance to it. As more web surrounds Galvatron, the Torkuli realize they have no choice, and decide to immobilize him for the Alya solution. Cyclonus asks if this means there is no hope for Galvatron, but a Torkuli tells him they can still normalize him -by other, more radical means. Galvatron says they have no right to change who he is.

The Torkuli tells him he's already been changed, that's the problem. He tells the other Torkuli to prepare Galvatron for maximal intervention. Cyclonus wants to know what they are going to do to Galvatron, so the Torkuli says that they're going to cure his processing problem, obviously. Cyclonus asks why have they waited so long to do that, and is told it's because this procedure may also cure him of being... Galvatron. Several insect creatures pop out of the ground.

Cyclonus is told these creatures are the instrumentalities of Galvatron's final treatment: the Alya. They are a living extension of the planet itself, as the planet Torkulon itself is alive -one vast living computer. The Alya weaved its circuitry, and they will cure Galvatron once and for all. the Alya are instructed to head to the pinnacles.

Cyclonus asks what the Torkuli means, so he explains: therapy on Galvatron's meta processor has failed, so their only option now is to complete its disintegration. Cyclonus says Galvatron's meta processor contains his mind, and says to release him. But the Torkuli has the planet's webs restrain him, Scourge and the Sweeps. The Torkuli says they can't interfere. Cyclonus says they were supposed to repair Galvatron's mind, not destroy it! The Torkuli says they tried, but it's beyond repair. He also threatens that what they do to Galvatron, they can also do to him.

Galvatron is still demanding to be freed, threatening to destroy them all, but the Torkuli says his restraints are satisfactory, and he can now be patched into the planetary network. Once he is tied into the planetary computer, Torkulon itself will enter his mind and disable his meta processor.

The Alya will consume the damaged intelligence and the planet will absorb its energy, including the madness. Cyclonus says he'll have no mind left, he'll just be a machine, but the Torkuli says aren't they all, in a way? Galvatron starts begging for help, asking Cyclonus to assist him, as an Alya drills into his body.

The other Torkuli open the linkage, so the planet can access Galvatron's central processor. This is done, and the lead Torkuli says to let the Alya to enjoy their meal.

The other Torkuli say that the access is positive, and all circuits are open. As Torkulon enters Galvatron's mind. But after a few seconds, the entire planet starts to shake!

Scourge says the planet is coming apart, and Cyclonus says it has been infected with Galvatron's madness. The Torkuli can't do anything to stop it, as parts of the ground rip up. The web malfunctions and grabs the Torkuli, as the lead Torkuli says Galvatron is unbalanced. Cyclonus tells him he's balanced enough to keep their mad planet from killing him!

The Decepticons are able to break free from the web, and Cyclonus rushes to Galvatron. He begs for forgiveness, as he didn't realize this would happen.

Galvatron tells him he should have realized, and swats him aside. He then leads the Decepticons to a certain place on the planet, as the web tries to stop them. Galvatron says the planet now fears him -it knows that he know its secret.

Galvatron explains that when it invaded his mind, he was in its mind as well. He knows where the planet's memory core is, and whilst the planet keeps sending out web, Galvatron says it can't stop him - he is Galvatron, he is the planet's destruction! He dives down into a canyon, as Cyclonus admits Galvatron really is crazy.

Cyclonus follows him down, as they head towards the oldest part of the web. Cyclonus tells Galvatron this is too much, the energy down here will fry their circuits, but Galvatron says he won't be stopped. He keeps going and arrives at the memory core, as he transforms and shoots at it.

The core is destroyed, and all of the web falls away. He tells Cyclonus he's now going to destroy this planet, and he is not to try and stop him. Later on, Galvatron has wrecked the place. He tells Cyclonus that this is beauty -devastation wrought with precision and care.

Cyclonus says it will take the Torkuli centuries to rebuild, but Galvatron isn't happy -if it'll only take centuries, then perhaps his work is not finished! Cyclonus says that don't they have more pressing concerns, like the Autobots for instance? Galvatron tosses a Torkuli aside and says yes.

The Decepticons head out, as one of the patients smacks a Torkuli with his tongue. Galvatron leads the Decepticons off of Torkulon, as they head off into space.


-The Secret Files segment for this episode is about the Autobots.

-Ratbat finally makes an appearance in the third season. He hasn't been seen since the Transformers movie.

-Soundwave only has one line to say in this episode, and his words haven't been through the usual sound processing. This type of error with him last happened all the way back in Roll for It, a season one episode.

-Laserbeak suddenly appears out of nowhere as Motormaster and Swindle threaten Cyclonus. This is his last appearance in the series.

-Unfortunately the Torkuli don't have names, and the dialogue script just designates them as Torkuli #1, Torkuli #2 etc.

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