The Constructicons are busy building some engines, which are being installed onto the side of a comet. Galvatron says to prepare to fire the engine, but Soundwave asks if that's wise, as they still need tests. Galvatron says they'll "test" it when it shoves this ball of ice towards Metroplex. The engines fire up, and the comet starts to move.

Nearby, a group of Autobots approach the comet. Perceptor says he told them there was Decepticon activity here. The Autobots start firing, as the Decepticons fire back at them.

The Constructicons form Devastator, only for Broadside to show up and land on him from above. Ultra Magnus welcomes him.

The Autobots fire at the engines, as Magnus takes on Galvatron. Galvatron ends up accidentally firing a shot that hits the engines.

The engines explode, causing the comet to go out of control. The Autobots head off to intercept it, and Perceptor finds out it's heading straight towards a small planet -which is inhabited.

Magnus says they'd better try to divert the comet and start firing at it, only for the Decepticons to show up. Galvatron tells the Decepticons to make the Autobots suffer.

The Autobots and Decepticons start fighting, but then something strange happens: waves of sound energy hit the Transformers, and then hit the comet itself.

The comet is destroyed by the sound waves, whilst all of the Transformers plummet to the planet below.

In one of the planet's cities, Basso Profundo tells Allegra so much for the comet. She tells him so much for her, as she's leaving. He tells her no, as he wants her to stay in the city, but Allegra tells him to try and stop her. As she leaves, Zebop Skandana asks her where she is going. She says she's going to her retreat.

As the Transformers recover, Galvatron asks what that was. Soundwave replies that it was heaven -the purest, most vibrant, most perfect harmony he's ever heard! Galvatron agrees, but also mentions how destructive it was. Broadside then picks him up and complains that because of him, he got blasted out of space -does he realize what that's done to his paint job?! As the two sides resume fighting, Bonecrusher orders the Constructicons to form Devastator.

Perceptor transforms and blasts Devastator apart, and the battle continues. Hot Spot says they're outnumbered two to one -just the kind of challenge he likes!

As the battle goes on, Galvatron tells Soundwave they'll find the source of the harmony, and then use it against the Autobots. Magnus sees them leave, and after bashing a couple of Constructicons together, tells Broadside and Blaster that Galvatron and Soundwave went off to find the weapon that knocked them out of space. Blaster says it was no weapon -it was harmonic bliss, a musical kiss!

Magnus says whatever, and points out that the inhabitants of this world are going to need their help battling the Decepticons. Broadside transforms to his jet mode and Magnus says they must get to the alien city first. They soon catch up and overtake the Decepticons, as Galvatron says the Autobots are going to get there ahead of them. They'll just have to sneak up and stall them.

As the Autobots arrive at the city, Magnus notices there are no anti-aircraft defenses, so the aliens don't seem to be hostile. Blaster says it's because they aren't, this world and its entire civilization are based on musical harmonies. Magnus wants to talk to the band leader, and Blaster points out where the source of the harmony came from. They find Basso, and Magnus asks for his help in fighting the Decepticons. However, Basso says this is their war, not his.

Apparently only Blaster can understand Basso, and relays back to Magnus that he doesn't want to help them. He's saying their harmonies can keep the Decepticons at bay. Magnus asks if he's certain all of his people feel that way, but Basso is blunt about it: anyone who doesn't can leave, just like Allegra. Magnus decides Allegra is who they want to talk to. Nearby, Soundwave and Galvatron have been listening in on the conversation. Soundwave says that apparently, Allegra shares the secret of the Eurhythman's harmonics. Galvatron says they must win her to the Decepticon cause.

Soundwave asks how can they get to her before the Autobots do, but Galvatron says to leave it to him. Meanwhile, the Autobots head out, as Magnus tells the others they must find Allegra. Broadside wonders where they should look, and asks Blaster if he's picking up anything. Blaster says he is -beauty like you wouldn't believe. Sweet soul music, which is the Eurhythman's art, commerce and philosophy. But then he picks something a lot worse up...

...Galvatron and Soundwave! Galvatron shoots apart a bridge which crumbles and falls all over the Autobots. Soundwave asks Galvatron if he thinks that destroyed them. Galvatron tells him possibly... but decides to make certain. He transforms...

...and fires at the rubble. He and Soundwave then head off to visit Allegra, as Basso and some of his people come to look. Basso says they haven't even been here five minutes, and they bring disharmony!

Zebop uses the harmony to help get the Autobots out of the rubble. Blaster says that guy used part of the harmony that blew them out of space, so Magnus decides to talk to him. Zebop tells them that he can help them find Allegra.

Allegra is dancing at her retreat, but stops when Galvatron and Soundwave show up. She tells them to get out, but Galvatron tells her not to be hasty. All they ask for is the secret of the harmony that destroyed the comet. In return, they'll help her overthrow Basso Profundo's archaic rule. Why should she have to submit to that old fool's will? As their ally, she can have the power. Allegra says very well, and sings the harmony.

Soundwave records it and Galvatron asks if he got it, but gets mad when Soundwave tells him he didn't! Soundwave explains he only got one third of it, as Allegra tells them that she only has one part of the harmony -Basso Profundo and Zebop Skandana share the rest. Soundwave relays this back to Galvatron.

Broadside takes Magnus, Blaster and Zebop towards Allegra's place. Blaster tells them that she creates new harmonies here, as they find out from Zebop that this has gotten her into trouble with Basso -he doesn't like her music. Meanwhile, Galvatron decides to test out the part of the harmony they've got, and has Soundwave use it on a rock. The rock gets destroyed, and Galvatron is pleased to see that even one third of the harmony is potent.

Allegra says she doesn't think this is such a good idea any more, but Galvatron tells her she has nothing to fear. With the Decepticons on her side, Basso Profundo will fall. Blaster hears this and tells the others, but Zebop can't believe it. He calls out to her, and she speaks his name out loud.

Soundwave realizes this is one of the guys who has another part of the harmony. He and Galvatron start firing, as Magnus transforms and tells Zebop to get in.

The Autobots charge, but Galvatron has Soundwave use the harmony again, which repels the Autobots. Allegra doesn't want them hurt Zebop, but Galvatron grabs her.

Zebop sings his part of the harmony to try and counter Soundwave's recording, but Galvatron realizes what he is doing, and tells Soundwave to record it. Soundwave records the next part of the harmony, and plays everything he's got back. The ground around the Autobots breaks up, causing them to fall.

Galvatron and Soundwave look at the crater, but there's no sign of movement. Galvatron decides they don't need Allegra, so he drops her. She says they've deceived her, and sings her harmony at them.

Soundwave transforms and plays his harmony back, blowing her away. As Galvatron says he'll make her suffer slowly, the Autobots are revealed to have survived, and burst out of the crater. Galvatron finds that Allegra is unconscious, which disappoints him as it means she won't feel a thing. But before he can do anything, he gets shot in the back by Magnus, causing him to drop her.

Blaster takes on Soundwave, as Zebop goes to save Allegra. But as he runs back, the two Transformers fall down on top of him!

Blaster punches Soundwave away and then checks on Zebop, but it doesn't look good. Galvatron grabs Soundwave and flies away with him, as Blaster asks if there is anything they can do for Zebop. Broadside doesn't think so -it looks like he's bound for the junkyard, not the repair shop.

However, Allegra uses a harmony to revive Zebop, saving him. Blaster says it's as he told them -they use their harmonies for everything -even healing. Magnus tells them they'd best get back to the city, and hope that it's still standing.

The other Decepticons and Autobots are still fighting, and Hot Spot asks Perceptor if there's any sign of Magnus and the others. Perceptor says negative, so Hot Spot hopes they know they need their help.

Basso sees the Transformers fighting, and someone asks him what he's going to do about it. He says they'll use the harmonic amplifier, and gets the machine turned on. He then sings his part of the harmony...

...and the sound waves head over to where the battle is. But all they do is cause Defensor to transform back to the individual Protectobots.

The battle continues on, as Basso says he can't do it.. The computer tells him of course he can't -he needs Allegra and Zebop Skandana to make it work.

Galvatron and Soundwave then arrive at the battle, and Soundwave uses his new weapon to blow the Autobots away. It also causes the entire city nearby to shake, as Basso notices.

He attempts to use his part of the harmony on the Decepticons, but Soundwave records it. Having now recorded all three parts, he plays the complete harmony back, blowing Basso away.

The Autobots realize the Decepticons how have the harmonic weapon. Galvatron says they'll now go to Earth to play this little tune for Metroplex, and then on to Cybertron for the final victory! As the Decepticons leave, the other Autobots arrive, but see they got here too late.

Basso blames the Autobots for everything, but Blaster tells him to get on the track -they had to take the fall, because he wanted to run it all! Magnus says they've seen their healing powers, and asks if they'll help save their friends. The Eurythmans all get together and sing one of their harmonies, which revives Perceptor and the others. Perceptor asks what happened, but Magnus tells him it's a long story, and he'll tell it on the way back to Earth.

At Autobot City on Earth, the Decepticons have already arrived. Scamper sends out an alert about the Decepticon attack, as Metroplex moves into position. But as he does, Galvatron tells Soundwave to use the harmonics. Soundwave transforms and plays back the complete harmony.

This is enough to stop Metroplex in his tracks, as Scamper tells of damage reports -major malfunctions! The other Autobots then arrive, and Broadside says Soundwave has already cranked up the harmony. Magnus says he expected as much, but that's why they brought Basso, Allegra, and Zebop along.

Galvatron sees the Autobots and thinks their appearance is impossible, but they land and deploy their secret weapon. Basso, Allegra and Zebop sing a complete harmony, which is more powerful than what Soundwave is playing. Galvatron asks how they can defeat their perfect sound, and Soundwave says they've done it with anti-sound -white noise.

Superion then tackles Galvatron, as Blaster heads over and tells Soundwave he doesn't want to see his ugly face, just the button that says "erase"!

Soundwave reveals his tapes have been erased, meaning he's lost the complete harmony. The Constructicons decide that they've had enough and retreat, despite Galvatron not ordering for them to do so. Later on, Magnus tells Basso that the Decepticons won't be back. Their problem now is their own disharmony.

They've got to learn to live with each others' differences, if they are going to live in harmony. As they put their hands together, Blaster says that's the name of that tune.


-The Secret Files segment for this episode is about the Quintessons.

-This is the most poorly animated episode of The Transformers. It's widely believe it was animated by AKOM, but they clearly had the Z team working on this episode, as it looks far worse than anything else they've done for the series. In fact, some fans believe this episode is so bad it might not have been AKOM, but another studio who is even worse than AKOM, if such a thing exists. Some of the most memorable errors include Hot Spot and Defensor appearing in the same shot (you can see this above), Blaster overlapping Soundwave, and characters being the wrong size, such as when Magnus bashes two Constructicons together.

Probably the most famous error of them all is the fact that in one shot, Huffer and Brawn make a surprise appearance! Brawn was shown being killed in the movie, whilst Huffer was later confirmed to be dead in Dark Awakening. Bonecrusher is also with them, who obviously shouldn't be there since, you know... he's a bad guy.

-Another famous oddity is that Galvatron and Soundwave hold hands when flying towards the city. However, if you watch the scene, it hints that something was cut. Galvatron and Soundwave are flying together, then suddenly they aren't, then Soundwave drops in and Galvatron extends his hand to catch him.

I get the feeling there was meant to be a brief battle here, where the Autobots damage Soundwave and force Galvatron to assist him. But unless the original script gets posted online, we'll never know.

-The combiners aren't treated very well in this episode. Perceptor shoots Devastator once and destroys him (and I mean that -he gets blow to smithereens, but the Constructicons are all alive and well a couple of shots later) and then later on, Superion gets blown back into the Aerialbots by a single laser blast.

-Finally, if there's one good thing to say about the animation, it's that this episode has a very rare appearance of Metroplex's vehicle mode, which is something that he almost never uses within an episode itself -he's usually always in either his robot or city modes.

It's a very brief appearance, but at least it's something.

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