Rodimus Prime welcomes Ynara, ambassador from the planet Odessix, to Cybertron. Rodimus introduces Ynara to Spike Witwicky, Earth's ambassador to Cybertron, along with his wife Carly, and their son Daniel. Ynara thinks Daniel is such a darling post-embryonic form, but Daniel isn't too happy with that comment.

Rodimus says he should show a little courtesy, as Ynara was complimenting him. Ynara says she's sorry if she offended him, but Rodimus says everything's fine. Daniel says everything is fine, then excuses himself. Spike tells him to stay out of trouble, and keep the tuxedo clean!

Daniel says there's nobody to even get in trouble with, or to play with. Grimlock notices him and starts following him, giving up his temp job as a waiter. As Daniel kicks a cog around, Grimlock says he'll play, as he doesn't like this place.

Daniel kicks the cog a few more times, and it bounces down a passageway, hitting a certain spot on a wall. This spot is actually a secret button, which opens up a hidden tunnel in the ground. As they take a look at the entrance, Grimlock accidentally nudges Daniel, causing him to fall forward and head down the tunnel.

Grimlock tells Daniel to come back, but then he accidentally also falls in. They slide down and Daniel tells Grimlock to transform, which he does, just in time to grab onto a ledge. The two pull themselves up and take a look around.

Daniel has a feeling that nobody has been here for a while. Daniel sees something on the walls and wonders what this place was used for, so Grimlock decides to find out. He blows away all the dust on the walls, revealing several images on them. Daniel sees one of them has a picture of a dragon on it, and he calls it a neat monster.

Grimlock doesn't think it's a monster, and says it's handsome, like him. He hits the image with his tail, causing it to shine. The floor the two are standing on suddenly glows, and they both sink through it, where they arrive at another world.

Daniel wonders where they are, and Grimlock says it's not Cybertron ...maybe it's California? A winged creature sees them and flies off, heading back to a castle located at the top of a cliff. Inside the castle, a being known as the Red Wizard sees that his pet has returned to him.

He wonders if his pet has found more of the Golden One's minions, or has he found something interesting? He activates a magical mirror, which displays Grimlock and Daniel, and says these two are new to Menonia. As Grimlock and Daniel continue to walk, Daniel thinks they aren't alone, and Grimlock feels surrounded. Suddenly, some of the trees in front of them come to life, and ask who they fight for. Grimlock asks who they are, and they tell him they fight for the Golden One. Grimlock says they don't fight for anyone.

The tree people get angry with this response, and one of them throws a boomerang weapon at Grimlock. Grimlock catches it with his mouth and eats it, stating that it tastes ok. Another tree person throws a line around Grimlock, but gets pulled over when Grimlock simply pulls his head back.

Back on Cybertron, Carly tells Ultra Magnus that she can't find Daniel anywhere. Magnus says he couldn't have gone far, but then Rodimus, Spike and Ynara head over. Ynara says she saw Daniel leave with that Dinobot, and everyone realizes she meant Grimlock. Rodimus says to not panic yet -stay calm until they know what's going on. Then they'll panic. He tells Magnus to take Blaster and the cassettes, and find them.

Spike says he'll come along, but Carly says he's needed here, and they'll let him know if there's any problem. Blaster arrives and sends out Ramhorn, Eject and Steeljaw. He says Steeljaw can sniff out any trail.

Back on Menonia, Grimlock is easily beating the tree people, until one of them uses magic to freeze up one of his legs. As he falls over, the tree people overwhelm him. One of them says to take them to the stockade, and Daniel gets carried away.

At the castle, the Red Wizard has watched the battle, and finds it most remarkable. He says the metal dragon was winning until the warriors applied their crude magic. But he still believes he could make use Grimlock's brute power. He raises one of his arms, revealing a tentacle, and uses a magic spell. Red lightning appears above the tree people.

They run off and turn to their original forms, but one of the lightning bolts destroys one of them. Grimlock shatters the ice on his leg. The Red Wizard, having changed his form to look like a human, appears and welcomes them both to Menonia. They introduce themselves, and he tells them he brings word from the castle that the Red Wizard requests their presence. He doesn't mention that he is in fact the Red Wizard however. Grimlock says that sounds good to him.

Daniel isn't so sure, as his mom told him not to go off with strangers. Grimlock says everyone here is a stranger -if they don't go with him, they won't go at all. They are led to the Red Wizard's castle, and a banquet has been prepared. The messenger starts to tell them the story of the Red Wizard, explaining that long ago, the Red Wizard fell from the sky through a strange red circle. Daniel says that's how they got here.

He says that he was not a wizard then, just a dabbler. He was taught his craft by the former ruler of Menonia, who was known as the Golden One. He was the master's favorite pupil, always impressing the Golden One with some remarkable new skill. Whilst he says this, in reality, the Golden One wasn't happy with the Red Wizard, as he used his magic unwisely. He then says that on one terrible day, tragedy struck. The Golden One is shown leading the Red Wizard towards a cave.

But the Red Wizard blasted him into the cave, then sealed the entrance by dropping a massive boulder in front of it. He tells Daniel and Grimlock that the Golden One vanished mysteriously, and the only thing the Red Wizard could do was to rule in his place. He claims that the Red Wizard brought centuries of prosperity and peace to their land, but some were jealous of his power, and so the attacks began. Malcontents of all Menonia's races joined forces to seize the throne for themselves. In reality, however, the Red Wizard was a terrible ruler, making people his slaves.

He tells Grimlock he could help the Red Wizard to preserve the kingdom and protect his people. Grimlock says he'll stomp any bad guys no problem. He sees Daniel has fallen asleep, so has some servants take him away, to a place where he can rest comfortably.

Back on Cybertron, Steeljaw and Ramhorn come across a piece of Grimlock's torn apron. From within Blaster's chest, Rewind says that this is planetary corridor CB-3-11-B4. Its last usage isn't recorded, and it's also pre-Autobot. Ramhorn is able to tear open the hidden entrance, as he and Steeljaw drop down the tunnel.

Magnus tells Blaster to call Perceptor, and have him meet them below. Back on Menonia, Daniel wakes up to find that he has been put in a cell. On the top of the castle, the cloaked man explains to Grimlock that even now their enemies plan their next attack. They will never cease, and never surrender, until they rule Menonia or until they are destroyed. Grimlock says he feels mixed up, if the wizard is so strong, why does he need Grimlock?

The cloaked man yells that it's because his enemies are many -like insects they swarm and attack and attack and attack! With raw force, primitive magic, driven by hate, by envy -they will not stop! Grimlock says he just wanted to know! The cloaked man is about to say when the next attack will take place, but then the attack begins early.

He says he must go to assist the Red Wizard, and tells Grimlock that for Menonia's sake and Daniel's, fight with all his might! Grimlock says he'll protect Daniel. Back on Cybertron, the Autobots and Carly arrive in the chamber. Blaster sends Rewind out, who deciphers the ancient script on the walls. He says this chamber was used to dispose of Quintesson criminals.

Carly asks how were they disposed of, and Rewind says the criminals were basically chucked into other dimensions. As he rattles off a couple of examples of where some Quintesson criminals went, Carly asks where Daniel is. Rewind says his best guess is Menonia -where the Quintessons dumped Mara-Al-Utha, a Quintesson who was convicted of practicing sorcery. Magnus says that's where they are going as well.

As everyone heads off, Magnus tells Perceptor to remain here, as they'll need him to bring them back. Meanwhile, Daniel realizes he's not alone in his cell, and hears a man asking for water, in the name of the Golden One. Daniel gives him some water, and asks about the Golden One. The man says he is the Dragon of the Sun, and an enemy of the Red Wizard. Daniel is surprised to find out that the Red Wizard is evil, but the man says what else would he call the one who imprisoned them both here? As his hood falls down, Daniel realizes he looks just like the guy who explained the history of the Red Wizard to them earlier. The man explains that was the Red Wizard - he can assume many shapes, and his had always amused him. As fellow pupil of the Golden One, he was his staunchest foe.

The cell then shakes, as the Golden One's pupil says the warriors have started their attack, but they will fail as ever. Without the master to lead them, it's futile. Daniel asks if he frees him, could he find the Golden One? The pupil says finding him is simple, but releasing him is another matter. Daniel takes out an energy blade and cuts the pupil's restraints. Meanwhile, the warriors of the Golden One continue their attack on the Red Wizard's castle.

The Red Wizard's forces seem to be on the losing side of things, and it's not helped by the fact that Grimlock is doing nothing. He's too worried wondering where the Red Wizard is. The Red Wizard says he is coming, and uses a spell to power himself up.

He starts sending out projectiles, which destroy the attacker's catapults. Grimlock says it's about time, and transforms to his robot mode before firing at the Red Wizard's enemies.

As the battle continues, Daniel's cell keeps shaking, and falls apart. He, the pupil and some other prisoners are able to escape through a newly-created hole in the wall. The pupil leads Daniel away from the castle, so they can go to where the Golden One is. Meanwhile, Carly and the Autobots arrive on Menonia, and see the battle.

They also see Grimlock defending the castle, so Magnus tells everyone to move out and be careful. Meanwhile, the pupil and Daniel arrive at the cave. Daniel asks how long the Golden One has been in there for, and the pupil says its been ages beyond counting since the day of the great betrayal. Daniel wonders if the Golden One is even still alive, and the pupil says he is -but is very weak. He tries to use a spell and tells the Golden One to help them free him. The spell creates a powerful gust of wind.

This wind blows one of Daniel's cuffs off. Back at the battle, the arrival of the other Autobots quickly turns the ride in the Red Wizard's favor. Grimlock is pleased at their arrival, as it means he finally gets some real help.

As the Autobots continue fighting, Carly sees the cuff being blown around by the wind, and is sure it's Daniel's.

Steeljaw leads her away from the castle, as Ramhorn follows them. Meanwhile, the Golden One's forces realize they can't win, and start to retreat. From his castle, the Red Wizard laughs and tells the fools to flee.

Steeljaw finds Daniel, as Carly and Ramhorn also find him. Carly says she was so worried, as this is such a strange place. But everything is alright now, as he's safe, Grimlock is safe and the Autobots have driven off the attackers. Daniel says the Red Wizard is the enemy -the Autobots are fighting on the wrong side! The pupil tells them that now all may be lost -if only we could move the stone. Ramhorn comes up with a solution to this problem, which is for him to charge straight into it and demolish it.

The Golden One stumbles out of the cave, and is glad to see the light at last. He tells his pupil he has done well, but the pupil says not well enough, as Mara-Al-Utha still holds the castle. The Golden One says he'll do what he can, and transforms into a golden dragon.

At the castle, Magnus and Blaster go up to where Grimlock is. The Red Wizard tells them to chase the enemy and destroy them all, but Blaster doesn't like his sound at all. Magnus asks Grimlock who the Red Wizard is and where Daniel is, but Grimlock's not sure -he was too busy fighting. Just then, the Golden One appears, and fires at the Red Wizard. The Red Wizard sees that his enemy is free, but tells him he's only emerged to meet his doom. He then gets hit by the Golden One...

...which forces him to change to his true form: the Quintesson known as Mara-Al-Utha. As the Autobots realize he's the exiled Quintesson, Mara-Al-Utha fires at them and knocks them off the castle. He then uses a spell on the Golden One...

...and says he's grown more powerful since the last time they met, powerful enough to deprive him of the light that gives him strength -and powerful enough to destroy them all. The spell forces the Golden One to change back to his original form, and he falls to the ground. As Daniel and the others arrive back, Daniel asks if there's any way to stop him. The Golden One says counter-spells, but he's too weak to make them heard. Magnus tells Blaster amplification is needed, so Blaster transforms. Magnus passes the Golden One a microphone, and tells him to speak into the device, as he'll be heard.

The Golden One takes the microphone and uses a spell. Thanks to Blaster's speakers, the spell is powerful enough to easily thwart Mara-Al-Utha, who gets hit by it and tumbles out of the castle. He seemingly explodes as he hits the ground.

Blaster transforms and asks if that's a wrap, or will he be back? The Golden One says if he dares to return, they'll be ready. The red circle appears in the sky, as Perceptor pokes his microscope through it and asks if they need any help getting up here. The Golden One says to allow him, and he uses his magic to send Daniel, Carly and the Autobots upwards.

They all arrive back on Cybertron safely. Spike says he wants to talk to Daniel, but Daniel says it was an accident -honest! Grimlock says he's telling the truth, he didn't mean to get all dirty. This prompts Spike and Rodimus to laugh, although Grimlock doesn't see what's so funny.


-The Secret Files segment for this episode is about the Decepticons.

-The winged creature seen briefly near the start isn't named in the episode, but had the name of "Groyle" in the dialogue script.

-In Forever is a Long Time Coming, Ramhorn could speak English, but in this episode, he only grunts. Oddly, when Carly shows Steeljaw the cuff, Steeljaw grunts, but his mouth movements indicate he was supposed to have a line of dialogue to say here. This seems similar to how Ravage and Laserbeak were originally going to have dialogue in early first season episodes, but was replaced with grunts and animal noises instead.

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