Daniel is walking through a street, but nobody seems to be around. He enters a room and hears a noise, and demands whoever is there should show themselves.

The lights go on and it's revealed that Spike and the Autobots were hiding -they've gotten together to throw Daniel a surprise birthday party. Spike tells his son he bet he thought he'd forgotten, but Daniel says he knows his father has been busy getting ready for the first peace conference on Cybertron. Wheelie says Spike is wise, as he planned the surprise. Meanwhile, on Chaar, the Decepticons have found out about the peace conference.

But Galvatron says that there shall be no peace. At that moment, the Combaticons start a surprise attack. Onslaught tells everyone to aim for the shuttle bay.

Many shuttles are destroyed, as the Autobots arrive and fire back at the Combaticons. Vortex takes off and goes after Wheelie.

Wheelie gets hit, but Ultra Magnus shoots Vortex down. As Vortex heads back, Brawl fires at Wheelie whilst he's down...

But Magnus takes the hit by using himself to cover Wheelie. Onslaught tells Blast Off to get him and the other Combaticons out of here, as they retreat. But the shuttle bay has been left in a total mess, with many of the shuttles left in ruins.

Daniel looks at one of the broken shuttles and wonders if it can can still fly. Spike says it has got to, as the peace conference starts tomorrow on Cybertron, and they need it to get the Earth delegates there. Spike wants First Aid to give a damage assessment on the shuttle, and First Aid says he'll do it, after he's finished fixing up their hero here. Magnus tells him the shuttle has priority, as the peace conference depends on it. Daniel thinks that Magnus always thinks of others before himself, whilst Wheelie says he got hurt saving him, so he should be rewarded.

Magnus asks what they are whispering about, so Daniel says they were wondering if First Aid could fix the shuttle. Magnus says First Aid can fix anything, but they should go and see what they can do to help. As they head off, Daniel tells Wheelie they should throw Ultra Magnus a surprise party for his birthday. Wheelie agrees and Daniel says all they need to do is find out when Magnus' birthday is. Wheelie says they can just ask him and is about to do so, but Daniel stops him and says it won't be a surprise if Ultra Magnus has any idea of what they're planning. And they can't plan anything until they find out when Ultra Magnus was created.

Daniel tries asking Perceptor for any info, but he tells him facts of such a prosaic nature are stored in the hall of records. Daniel and Wheelie head there next, and Daniel says the entire history of the Autobots must be stored here. They then meet Custodiobot, who wants to know who they are. Daniel introduces himself and Wheelie.

Custodiobot says that's fine, but then wants to know what they want. Wheelie tells him they want information, about the day of Ultra Magnus' creation. Custodiobot tries looking it up, but finds that the information they want is not available, so they can't have it. The reason why they can't have it is because the information is on the storage asteroid. Daniel asks what that is, and Custodiobot explains that long ago, during a great war, the Autobots created an artificial storage asteroid, and on the asteroid was data detailing the history of the Autobots to that point.

Custodiobot accidentally crashes into some books, knocking them over. As Daniel and Wheelie help him pick them up, he goes on to say that if the Autobots survived, a homing device would lead them to the asteroid. If the Autobots were destroyed, at least their history and technology would survive. However, the data was never retrieved, as the homing device failed long ago. Daniel says it's about time it was retrieved, and asks what the last known coordinates of the asteroid were. Custodiobot says it wouldn't hurt to give them those, as they'd need a ship to get to the asteroid, and who would give them permission for that?

Having got the coordinates, Wheelie has come up with a plan to get a ship: use a garbage scow. Daniel isn't keen on the idea, as it seems like stealing to him, but Wheelie assures him it's a ship they'll only borrow -they'll have it back tomorrow. Wheelie then gets into one of the garbage scows and Daniel follows him.

As they head off, Cyclonus is alerted to it, and sees that the garbage scow is no longer on its usual coordinates. Galvatron tells him, Scourge and the Sweeps to follow it, as it could provide the opportunity they need. Meanwhile, Daniel and Wheelie head towards the asteroid's last known coordinates, but then fly into a meteor shower.

Their ship ends up colliding with one of the meteors, damaging it and making it go out of control. As Daniel and Wheelie are thrown around. Wheelie eventually manages to straighten the garbage scow out, but it ends up crashing onto a large asteroid.

They get out and Wheelie tells his friend that their journey is at an end. Back on Cybertron, the peace conference has begun. As a recess is called, Spike asks Ultra Magnus if he's seen Daniel. Magnus says no, and asks if he thinks his son has gotten lost. Spike doesn't think that's the case, and believes Daniel just lost track of time working on that school project of his.

Back on the asteroid, Daniel and Wheelie are suddenly attacked by some eels, who want to munch on metal. Daniel tells Wheelie to transform, which he does. Daniel gets in him, and the two head off.

Daniel points out some caves nearby, and has Wheelie drive into one of them. Wheelie transforms back to his robot mode, as Daniel says it's dark in here. Wheelie says he'll turn on a light, as that'll make it alright. The two walk through the cave, and come across a door -which has an Autobot symbol on it! Daniel realizes they've found the lost Autobot records.

They are able to get the doors open, and Daniel tries using a computer. But the computer states a bad command has been made, and suddenly Daniel and Wheelie are under attack. A trio of security drones appear and start shooting at them both.

Wheelie transforms as he and Daniel retreat, but the drones go after them. As Wheelie heads down another corridor, some eels appear and attack him. The drones catch up and shoot the eels off.

But the drones still aren't friendly, and prepare to fire on Wheelie and Daniel next. Before they can shoot, they suddenly all get blown apart. The Decepticons have arrived on the asteroid.

Cyclonus wants to know what this place is, so Daniel tells him it's an ice cream factory. Cyclonus calls him insolent and demands to know what this place is, and eventually finds out it's a storage asteroid. He tells the others that the Autobots will want it back, just as they will want Daniel and Wheelie back. Scourge programs some new coordinates, which Cyclonus permanently sets by hitting the computer. He tells Scourge to engage the thrusters.

The entire asteroid starts to move, as Cyclonus says it is now on a collision course with Cybertron. Daniel tells him the Autobots will never let that happen, but Cyclonus says they'll have no choice, as they won't risk destroying him. Meanwhile, on Cybertron, Magnus has found out about what Daniel has been up to from Perceptor and Custodiobot, and sees Blaster next. As Spike runs in, Blaster says they've been getting a weak signal. He's able to tweak it...

...and reveal Daniel. Daniel tells his dad he guesses he's in trouble, but Spike tells him not to worry about that, and asks where he is. Daniel explains about the storage asteroid, but also says they aren't alone. Cyclonus appears, and says he hasn't harmed the boy or his friend, but whether they remain unharmed is up to them. He says that Cybertron's coordinates have been entered into the asteroid's flight program. As he starts to explain they are to do nothing to alter its course, the signal is lost. The Autobots wonder what to do, as if they destroy the asteroid, Daniel will be killed. But if they don't, the delegates will be destroyed and peace will never come to their galaxy.

Wheelie and Daniel are thrown into a room, and the door is locked. Daniel says he hates the dark, but Wheelie tells him no need for fright, he's got the light. Daniel tries to get the door open, but he can't budge it. Meanwhile, Sky Lynx takes Ultra Magnus to the storage asteroid.

They come across the wrecked garbage scow, which is being devoured by some eels. The eels then turn their attention to the two Autobots, and attack them. Magnus and Sky Lynx shoot the eels off each other.

The Decepticons hear the noise, and Cyclonus tells Scourge and the Sweeps to destroy the intruders. As they head out, they get into a battle with the two Autobots. Meanwhile, Wheelie transforms and drives through the door, allowing him and Daniel to escape.

As Scourge and the Sweeps get beaten, they retreat and leave the asteroid. Daniel and Wheelie meet up with Magnus and Sky Lynx, as whilst Daniel says they're fine, he tells Magnus that they have to stop Cyclonus. The asteroid is still programmed for a collision course with Cybertron. Magnus tells Sky Lynx that if he doesn't return in thirty minutes, he's to get Daniel and Wheelie to safety. He's going to make sure this asteroid never reaches Cybertron.

Magnus heads in and finds Cyclonus. He tells him reprogram the asteroid, but Cyclonus responds by firing at him. The two start to fight.

Outside, Sky Lynx says that Ultra Magnus has been gone too long. Daniel says they've got to find him, as he's the reason they came here in the first place. Wheelie says it's time they flew, but he's got something to do. He transforms and heads inside. Meanwhile, Magnus and Cyclonus are still battling it out.

Wheelie arrives inside and uses a computer to start the auto destruct sequence, which has a two minute countdown. When Cyclonus finds out the place is going to blow up, he immediately stops fighting Magnus and runs off. He transforms and leaves the asteroid.

Magnus tells Wheelie they've got to get out of here, but Wheelie says no need to worry -they'll be done in a hurry! They make it back to Sky Lynx, just as the entire asteroid starts to explode. The Autobots and Daniel make it off just in time.

Back on Cybertron, Spike l says that whilst Daniel's story was very exciting, he still hasn't told him what they were looking for on the storage asteroid. Daniel explains they were looking for the record of Ultra Magnus' creation, so they could throw him a surprise party. Magnus tells them even he doesn't know when his birthday is! Spike comes up with an idea -why don't they just designate today as Ultra Magnus' birthday? They can have a party tonight. Wheelie wants to know, why didn't they think this up long ago? Everyone in the room then says happy birthday to Ultra Magnus.


-The Secret Files segment for this episode is about the Predacons.

-For unknown reasons, the Autobot's lasers are colored red in this episode, instead of yellow. The Decepticons also fire blue lasers, instead of their usual pink. Did the animators confused this show with G.I. Joe?

-Custodiobot is never named in the episode, but his name is in the script.

-The Protectobots finally make their first appearance in the third season, having being curiously absent up to this point. Even then, only two of them appear: First Aid and Groove. And only First Aid gets to say anything.

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