Out on a road, the Autobots and providing security for a bunch of oil tankers, which are carrying a new type of super fuel for the Autobots to test out. Optimus Prime says it's all quiet so far, and Prowl says given the measures they've taken, it's unlikely the Decepticons even know about the super fuel. However he gets proven wrong when a laser blast hits the road in front of Warpath. The Autobots move out...

...as Megatron and a bunch of Decepticons appear. He tells Thrust, Dirge and Ramjet to go after them, and they start firing at the Autobots. But the Autobots lead the tankers into a tunnel, and as Thrust and Dirge try to follow, they end up crashing.

The Autobots and tankers make it out of the tunnel, and Ramjet stays on them, only to end up badly crashing himself when the group heads through another tunnel. Dirge and Thrust see that he's been damaged, and take him away to get some repairs done.

Megatron can't believe it -those motorized morons are getting away! Rumble says they can't exactly drive after them, so Megatron flies down and waits as the group exit the tunnel. He tells them to hold it and takes aim at a tanker, threatening to shoot if the Autobots come any closer. Prime warns him that he's likely to get blown sky-high along with them if he fires, but Megatron says he'll risk it.

He tells Prime to back off, but Prime says no way -he'll have to blow them all up, and frankly he doesn't think he has the guts. Before Megatron can make his move, Smokescreen drives out of the tunnel and deploys Smoke all over Megatron. As he stumbles around, the Autobots fire on him.

He ends up having to retreat, but promises the Autobots they won't get away with this. As he regroups with the other Decepticons, he says that if it weren't for those accursed Autobots, the super fuel would be his now. Rumble asks what he's going to do -the Autobots practically rule the road. Megatron tells him that's something he's going to have to change, and decides to make a few stops to other places before returning to HQ -they're going to get some wheels! Rumble is sent to a race circuit...

...where he stops the winning race car and quickly throws out the driver, before driving off with the car. Later on, two robbers hold up a bank and get to their getaway car...

...but as they drive off, Rumble intercepts them. He throws them out and takes their car. His next target is a large truck, which he crashes into and tosses the driver out.

In total, Rumble steals five vehicles, and as he returns to HQ with them, Megatron tells him he's done good work. Now he'll turn these cars into machines of total destruction!

Megatron gets to work, making various modifications to the vehicles to turn them into Transformers. He finishes them up and has them on remote control.

The Decepticons go out and take their new vehicles with them, as Megatron wants to test the improvements he's made. He has the cars smash through rocks and trees like they were nothing -something made possible by the automatic force fields, which make their hulls impenetrable. The anti-gravitational abilities also work, allowing the cars to jump large distances easily.

They can also go straight up walls without problems, and Rumble thinks not even the Autobots can do this kind of stunt driving. This gives Megatron an idea, and as he has the cars drive up and transform, he calls them the Stunticons. At the Autobot HQ, Prime and Ratchet watch footage of Rumble stealing cars, and wonder why he's doing it.

Prime wants to know, as there's no way here on Earth Megatron could give them Cybernetic personalities like they have. Unless... an alert then goes off on Teletraan I, informing them that the Decepticon space bridge has been reactivated. Prime realizes Megatron is actually going to do it, but Ratchet asks him what he's talking about. Prime doesn't answer, and instead tells Teletraan I to radio Omega Supreme and have him report here immediately.

At the space bridge, Megatron says that to rule the roads, his Stunticons must have independently functioning personalities of their own, and there is only one place in the entire galaxy where they can receive them. The Decepticons enter the space bridge, and use it to get to Cybertron. They are met by Shockwave, who has done as Megatron asked: plotted a course to Vector Sigma.

Rumble questions what Vector Sigma is, and Megatron explains it's the mega computer deep within the core of Cybertron, which gave them all life. Shockwave tells megatron to remember that Vector Sigma can't be reactivated without the circuit key. Megatron is annoyed and wants to know why he didn't tell him this before, as now how are they going to find it before the Autobots arrive? Shockwave reveals that Alpha Trion has it. Megatron's tone completely changes, as he laughs and says they'll go and pay the old fool a visit.

Back on Earth, Omega Supreme arrives, and Prime tells him to transform to his rocket mode -they're going to Cybertron. Omega transforms, and a group of Autobots board him. He then blasts off into space.

Back on Cybertron, Alpha Trion is looking for an ultra drill, but then sees he's got company: Decepticons! Megatron demands the key, and when Alpha Trion says he doesn't know what he's talking about, Megatron makes it clear: the key to Vector Sigma. Alpha Trion says it's right here, and pulls down a weapon that starts blasting at the Decepticons.

Soundwave deploys Ravage, who holds Alpha Trion down. Soundwave then looks around for the key, and after blasting away a load of junk, finds it hidden on a wall. Megatron takes it and says they're ready to give his Stunticons life.

Omega arrives at Cybertron, and lands. The Autobots head out, and Prime says they'll see Alpha Trion, as he knows more about Vector Sigma than any of them. But when they arrive at his place, they find that the Decepticons have beaten them there.

They enter and find Alpha Trion beaten up. He tells them that Megatron has the key, but Prime tells Hoist and Ratchet to repair Alpha Trion, as they can't stop Megatron without his help. They get him operational again.

H tells them that Megatron wants Vector Sigma, to give his new car group personalities. Prime asks if that's possible, and Alpha Trion says Vector Sigma is still online -and the key Megatron stole is part of its power circuits. He leads them to the entrance of what he believes is the only route to Vector Sigma. He and most of the Autobots jump down, although Omega Supreme has to remain behind due to his size.

Meanwhile, Megatron and the Decepticons arrive at the Vector Sigma chamber, but they find out they aren't alone. A batch of what Megatron calls Centurion droids appear, and he believes they must have been programmed to guard Vector Sigma. He tells the Decepticons to get them, so they start firing...

but their blasts have no effect, and the Centurions just keep walking towards them. They start fighting but the Decepticons are no match for them, until Megatron realizes something. He pulls out the key and presents it to them, and they stop and kneel before him. He says they're programmed to guard Vector Sigma, and this key is part of it. So he can use it to control them!

He tells them that the Autobots are their enemies, and instructs them to head to the surface of the planet and destroy them. As they walk off, he tells Soundwave to open the door, which he does.

Nearby, Alpha Trion guides the Autobots through a series of tunnels, but they come across a storage hangar, filled with old ships and deactivated robots. Hoist thinks it's a bunch of junk, but Alpha Trion says that in their day, these shuttle ships served Cybertron well. They move on, and the Autobots think they're lost, but Alpha Trion says they are going the right way -as who else would have sent those Centurion droids to kill them!

The Autobots start firing, but their blasts can't harm the Centurions. Back in the chamber, Megatron's group have finally arrived at Vector Sigma.

He places the key into Vector Sigma, and the computer rises up. Megatron says that after all these millions of years, Vector Sigma awakes. The computer states its name and says that before Cybertron was, it was. It wants to know who has reactivated it and why they have done this. Megatron says he did it, and he wants Vector Sigma to give his Stunticons personalities.

He wants it to fill them with hatred for the Autobots, and all that the Autobots stand for. Vector Sigma tells him to present the Stunticons to it, so Megatron has them walk forward. Vector Sigma than begins the process of giving the Stunticons personalities.

The Autobots are fighting a losing battle against the Centurions, and whilst Prime tackles one and throws it, it just keeps coming back for more. Alpha Trion says they must fall back, and Prime agrees, hoping to find something to fight them with. The Autobots retreat.

Vector Sigma finishes the personality programming for the Stunticons. Megatron tells his new team that he is their leader, and for them to declare themselves to him.

Motormaster steps forward first, and says he swears loyalty to Megatron. Next up is Dead End, who guesses he'll have to do as Megatron says. Breakdown says he'll obey too.

Drag Strip says he lives to obey, and finally Wildrider declares he wants to bust something up! Megatron laughs and says well said, and says they'll have their chance when they return to Earth. He takes the key out of Vector Sigma, then leads his group back out.

The Autobots run back to the hangar, as Prime tells Ratchet and Hoist they need to get these drones operational again -and they've got about two minutes to do it. Meanwhile, the Decepticons use the space bridge to get back to Earth.

The Autobots quickly get the drones online again, and Prime has a wave of them sent out. The Centurions march forward and see the droids as enemies, and quickly start taking them all out.

The droids are easily defeated, but Prime has another wave of them sent out. This time he has them walk off a platform, and the Centurions chase after them. But it turns out the Centurions aren't very smart, as they simply follow the droids off, and fall to their doom.

On Earth, Megatron welcomes the Stunticons to the planet, and says it's their world now -tear it apart! The Stunticons transform and start plowing through human traffic. Back on Cybertron, Prime and the others arrive at Vector Sigma, but realize the Decepticons have beaten them to it.

Blaster thinks this is just great, they busted their burners to stop that slime, and what have they got to show for it? Nothing! Ratchet points out that Megatron's new car group is probably causing chaos on Earth right now. Blaster tells Prime they've got to do something, and Prime says they're going to -he asks Alpha Trion about those ancient shuttle ships they saw in the hangar, and asks if they could be rebuilt and modified to resemble Earth style jets. Alpha Trion says that would be very difficult, but Prime says the maintenance robot droids still worked. Alpha Trion says this is a different type of thing, but if their internal structure is still intact... it just might be possible! Prime says they have to try. Megatron has been battling them on the roads -they'll fight him in the skies!

At a military base where the super fuel is being held, the Stunticons arrive and start to wreck the place.

As they drive around and smash things up, some of the army guys realize that these cars have no drivers -and a General says that they must be Autobots!


-When the Autobots are being led towards Vector Sigma by Alpha Trion, Prime says "it's a miracle we survived that blast" and then a few seconds later states "with any luck, that explosion will be the last of Megatron's surprises". These lines are referencing a scene cut from the episode. The dialogue for this scene was potentially recorded, but whether or not it actually animated remains unknown.

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