The Autobots finish converting the shuttle ships into Transformers, creating five in total. Optimus Prime says they now need to take them to Vector Sigma, to give them Cybernetic personalities. Wheeljack asks how -Megatron stole the key. Alpha Trion says Megatron stole a key, and not the key. Wheeljack worries they'll have to fight their was back out and back in, but Alpha Trion says he thinks he has a key on him.

They head to Vector Sigma, and Prime asks where this duplicate key is. Alpha Trion opens his finger, revealing another key, and is about to plug it into Vector Sigma when Prime stops him. Alpha Trion explains that he's a first generation product of Vector Sigma, and shares the same computation matrix. His power supply can merge with it, and reactivate it. Prime says no, but Alpha Trion asks if he has forgotten that he is his creation. The Autobots need these planes, as they may not get off this planet without them. And what of the safety of the people of Earth? He must do what must be done.

Alpha Trion merges with Vector Sigma, and his lifeless body drops to the ground. Vector Sigma is activated, and rises up into the air. It wants to know who has reactivated it and why. Prime says it was him, and he wants Vector Sigma to give life to these machines.

Blaster thinks it's nuts that Alpha Trion gave himself up just so they can have some jets, but Prime says that one Autobot gave his life so six could be born. He made a choice, a choice he hopes they'll be able to make when the time is right. He tells Vector Sigma to give the machines personality worthy of the one who created him. Let them think think for themselves, to grow in knowledge and wisdom, and let them always value freedom and life wherever they find it. Vector Sigma begins the process.

As this is happening, nobody notices Shockwave sneak in and watch what they're doing. Vector Sigma finishes the process, and the jets transform to their robot modes. Prime welcomes them to the Autobot team, and introduces himself. He calls them the Aerialbots.

Silverbolt introduces himself and says he used to be a courier ship. Next up is Air Raid, whilst the next Aerialbot wants to know what this place is and who those guys are. Prime asks who he is, and he says his name is Fireflight.

Skydive introduces himself, as does Slingshot, who says he used to be a speed shuttle, now he's the fastest, smartest and hottest jet they've ever seen! Prime says they'll return to Earth, but then Alpha Trion talks to him.

Alpha Trion explains that he is now one with Vector Sigma, and he's learnt that the key, which Megatron took back to Earth, may doom the entire planet. He says on Earth the key's energy may have a radically different effect, but he can't say any more. Shockwave hears all of this, as Prime leads the others back to Omega Supreme.

On Earth, the Decepticons have gotten the super fuel formula, and are heading back to HQ. Shockwave contacts Megatron and tells him about the Aerialbots, but also mentions that the key contains a great power, a power strong enough to destroy the Earth. Megatron decides to create a secret place so they can examine the key further.

The Autobots arrive at the surface of Cybertron, but come across heavy fortifications which are being patrolled by some Centurion droids. But the Aerialbots are up to the challenge, and start fighting them.

The team make short work of the Centurions and their defenses, and Silverbolt has the other Autobots climb onto him. They all get out to where Omega Supreme is, who sees them and transforms. The Autobots board him as he heads back to Earth.

As they head back, nobody knows about the damage Omega has taken. As they head through space, Prime explains to the Aerialbots about why the Transformers left Cybertron for a new world, a world that the Decepticons have sworn to plunder, but world that they've sworn to protect. Their new home: the planet Earth.

Omega lands outside the Autobot HQ, but as soon as he does, he tells the Prime an evacuation is necessary -explosion imminent! Prime has everyone get out, and seconds later, Omega explodes!

Omega's remains are taken inside the HQ, but Ratchet says things couldn't be any worse. His brain unit has been saved, but the only thing keeping him alive is a Cybernetic life support machine.The machine can't support his brain functions for the length of time needed for his body to be repaired. Prime tells Ratchet to give it all he's got. Prime says they've also got work to do, and takes some Autobots and the Aerialbots to a military base.

They arrive, but see that it looks like the Decepticons have already been. The army see them and start firing at them, and Slingshot wants to go and show them they aren't to be messed with, but Prime stops him.

Prime asks the General to hold his fire, as the government had given them a sample of the super fuel, so why would they want to steal it? The General says he doesn't know, but those cars of his made mincemeat out of this place a few hours ago, so stay back! Slingshot can't believe they're supposed to be protecting these bunch of bird brains, just as Blaster gets a signal. Decepticons are heading their way, on the ground, and at 300 miles per hour!

It's the Stunticons, so Prime tells everyone to clear out. They jump down and narrowly avoid being run over. Ironhide manages to grab onto Dead End, but as he gets thrown off when Dead End crashes into some rocks. He takes no damage, whilst Ironhide wonders where he learnt to drive.

Blaster uses some sonic waves to create a chasm, but Wildrider uses his anti-gravitational powers to just jump over it and crash into him. The army guys realize that the things that attacked them earlier weren't Autobots.

Some of the Stunticons circle the Aerialbots, as Air Raid tells his team mates to annihilate these clowns. Slingshot agrees, since the Autobots obviously can't handle them. They transform and attack the Stunticons from above.

Slingshot clashes with Motormaster, who lands on him and starts punching. Silverbolt goes after them, but as they get higher and higher, he suddenly shouts that he can't do it, and heads back down. Fireflight goes after them instead...

...and knocks Motormaster off of Slingshot. At the temporary Decepticon base, Megatron finds out that the Stunticons are fighting, even though he gave them no orders to attack. He tells them to return to base at once, which they do.

The Aerialbots transform and Slingshot asks Silverbolt what his problem is. Slingshot says he doesn't know, and that he panicked, but Slingshot says he's afraid of heights. He then tells the others how did they like that -they beat the Stunticons. Ironhide says he beat nothing, Megatron just called them back, that's all. Slingshot thinks he's just burnt because they were more than they could handle, as as Ironhide is about to come to blows with him, Prime stops them. He says they need to get back and see how Omega Supreme is doing. They arrive back at their HQ, and find out from Ratchet that they're doing everything possible, but they can't reconnect his brain until his body has been put back together.

Slingshot decides he wants to look this place over, and leads most of the team out. Prime stops Silverbolt and asks what happened to him out there. He says he doesn't know, he just couldn't take being that high in the air. Back on Cybertron he was just a low level cargo transport. Prime has an idea: he's making him commander of the Aerialbots, as it'll give him something else to worry about instead of his fear of heights. He then tells him to go on and join the others.

At the Decepticon base, Megatron is still trying to find out how to use the key, but Soundwave says the computer readings indicate nothing out of the ordinary. Megatron says they must find out what the key's power is altered on Earth, and says they'll run more tests. Back at the Autobot HQ, the Aerialbots watch some television, but quickly turn it off because they can't stand it.

Slingshot thinks it's a joke they're supposed to protecting these people. Silverbolt walks in and tells him to not jump to conclusions about human beings, as they don't know enough about them. Meanwhile, Sparkplug reports that Omega Supreme's brain center is beginning to lose power, and hopes it holds out until they've finished here.

The Aerialbots walk in, as Slingshot continues to say humans are a waste of time, and these guys aren't much better. Most of them can't even fly, and as for that big one, it only took a one way trip from Cybertron to make him fall apart. Ironhide tells him to shut his trap now or he'll reprogram some humility into them with his fist! Slingshot says he wouldn't dare -after all, he needs them, but they don't need him. He and the other Aerialbots then walk out, but Silverbolt promises to Prime that he'll do something -he'll get them back.

Back at the Decepticon base, the tests are still ongoing when Soundwave trips and drops the key. However, as the key bounces a couple of times, it lands on the ground and activates. Part of the ground around the key turns to metal. Megatron picks it up and uses it... make more of Earth's land into metal. Megatron realizes that on this world, the key to Vector Sigma de-energizes matter, and turns it into metal. He says he has the power to turn Earth into another Cybertron!

At the Autobot base, Teletraan I reports unusual energy readings, which could be caused by possible Decepticons activity. Prime is given a visual, showing Megatron transforming the land into metal. Prime finds out Megatron's location, as Blaster says Megatron will turn the place into a steel city -and the people with it. Ironhide brings up the fact that Megatron also has the Stunticons to help him. Prime says their best hope would be Omega Supreme, but he's down, and maybe dying. Ironhide wonders why Prime let the Aerialbots take a powder, as Blaster points out this is a suicide mission. Prime says they can't just stand by, and he and a group of Autobots roll out.

Near the base, Silverbolt tells Slingshot that Optimus Prime gave them life, so they've got a responsibility to him. Slingshot thinks he talks big for someone who gets the sweats if he's more than two feet off the ground. He wants to know if there's a way to blow the crummy rock and get back to Cybertron. Silverbolt tells him that Prime placed him in charge of this team, but Slingshot thinks Prime is as stupid as the humans. None of the Autobots can hold a candle to them! Silverbolt comes up with a new strategy and says that, if they're so much better, why don't they run things here? Slingshot asks what he's saying, and he tells him they should go back to the volcano and take over!

Prime's group arrive where Megatron is, but he immediately sends the Stunticons in to attack them, and they start battering the Autobots. Back at the HQ, Silverbolt shows footage of the battle, and tells his team it's their world -of course, they'll have to fight the Decepticons for it.

Like it or not, they're all Autobots, and all the Decepticons care about is turning them into scrap metal. Slingshot still says that they are better than any Autobot, or human for that matter. Silverbolt says that if he thinks that, follow him. He leads them into the room where Omega Supreme is being repaired.

Ratchet tells Sparkplug that his power is getting low, and that he needs to recharge. Sparkplug tells him to go on, as he'll finish this up. The Aerialbots are surprised by the fact that even though the robot ran out of power, the human is still working. Where does he get his energy? Silverbolt tells them it's from his concern for an Autobot -are they getting the point? They owe the Autobots their lives.

Slingshot tells the rest of the team to come on -they've got Stunticons to pound! Back at the battle, Megatron is getting closer and closer to a city, and Prime goes to stop him. But Motormaster tells him they'll see who's king of the road, and crashes into him.

He and the other Stunticons circle around Prime and move in, but before they can get him, he's saved by Slingshot. The Aerialbots start to fight the Stunticons.

Megatron tells Prime that the Stunticons have a secret which will rip his puny planes out of the sky! He orders the Stunticons to unite, as they transform into Menasor. But Prime tells the Aerialbots to show them what they've got... they transform and unite into Superion! Megatron thinks it can't be, but it is. Menasor wants to crush and destroy, but Superion thinks talk is cheap. He charges into Menasor.

The two giant robots grapple, and eventually Menasor gets thrown off a cliff. As Superion jumps down, Menasor pulls out a gun and shoots him in the face. Menasor rips off a chimney from a building and goes to batter Superion with it, but is stopped at the last moment... Omega Supreme, who's repairs are complete. He hits Menasor back, and then teams up with Superion to toss Menasor away. As Menasor crashes into the ground, Megatron tells the Stunticons to disengage, and retreat.

As they head off, Superion transforms back to the individual Aerialbots, but Silverbolt realizes that Megatron still has the key to Vector Sigma. He transforms and goes after him, as Megatron goes higher and higher into the air. Silverbolt keeps going, knowing he has to destroy the key, he's got to do it!

He smashes into Megatron, causing him to drop the key. He transforms and shoots at the key, blowing it up.

He believes he's going to fall to his doom and bids so long to the cruel world, but is saved at the last moment by Slingshot, who tells him nice shooting. With the key destroyed, the damage Megatron had done with it is undone. Prime tells the Aerialbots they've all proved themselves as worthy Autobots. Ironhide says sorry for being so rough on them before.

Slingshot says he was wrong about him, and he's sorry for it. As Fireflight says for them to get back to HQ, Silverbolt says he'd rather walk. The other Aerialbots transform and head off.


-This episode and the previous one introduce new characters. From what I've read, the toys for the Aerialbots were available at the end of 1985, but the Stunticons wouldn't be on store shelves until 1986. This is a similar strategy to what the first season did for its new characters.

-Omega seems to explode for no reason. When he blasts off for Earth, the camera zooms in on a bit of damage he's somehow got. This relates to a scene that was in the script, but deleted from the episode, where Omega fights Shockwave and is damaged by him. He tries to repair himself, but can't do a very good job, and warns his survival is highly improbable if he flies back to Earth. Without this scene, it just makes Omega look like a simple trip is enough to blow him up!

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