Out at the Arctic, Oktober Guard One reports in to base. The pilot is flying a new Russian jet fighter, and she says she's getting a sonar reading from beneath the ice. She believes it is a submarine, but before she can do anything else, her jet gets hit by a spear.

She safely ejects, just in time to watch as her plane gets pulled under the ice. It's taken back to the castle of game hunter Lord Chumley.

Chumley is warned by his butler, Dinsmoore, that the missing plane has caused an international row. Chumley thinks these things blow over -remember the Boer War? Whilst Dinsmoore remembers it, Chumley says everyone else has forgotten it. He tells him that with just one more trophy, and his collection will be complete. And his final trophy is to obtain the head of the Autobot Optimus Prime!

Out in the city, Bumblebee and Tracks have been sent on a supply run. Tracks sees it as a chance to show humans that Autobots not only have strength, but refinement as well. They come across a crowd of people, so Tracks goes to see his adoring public, but gets ignored. That's because everyone is watching a TV, where a news reporter states that tensions between the US and the Soviet Union reached its highest point today since the Cuban missile crisis. The Soviets are accusing the US of using a submarine to steal a top secret Russian jet fighter, but the US denies the charge. Both nations have placed their armed forces on full alert.

Bumblebee then happens to see two Decepticons nearby: Blitzwing and Astrotrain. The Decepticons realize they've been seen and run off, so the two Autobots transform and go after them.

The Decepticons reach a dead end, so Tracks goes to grab Blitzwing, only to find out the Decepticons are both holograms. The truck that was behind the holograms opens up...

and attaches a device to Tracks that disables him. He tells Bumblebee to get help, so he transforms and drives off, only to drive straight into another truck, which captures him.

Dinsmoore hauls Tracks inside the truck, and tells Chumley that his holographic projection rifle is working as well as ever. Meanwhile, a woman explains to another woman that if Dana is having an affair with Gordon, Jack doesn't know that Cheryl hid the real will!

This turns out to be part of a soap opera called As the Kitchen Sinks, which the Autobots are watching, and groan when it gets interrupted by a special news bulletin. The news reader states that an emergency session of the UN security council has been convened, to discuss the increasing tensions between the US and Soviet Union over the capture of a Russian jet. Grapple says this bulletin had to happen just as the soap was getting good! Optimus Prime then walks in and Jazz asks if he thinks the Decepticons were behind it. Prime says he doesn't know why, but he doubts it.

Prime is also worried that Tracks and Bumblebee haven't reported in, and says they must find them. He tells the Autobots to transform, as he leads a group out to the city. Jazz tries searching every car wash looking for Tracks, but then comes across one he missed. He goes inside it, only for the car wash to be a trap that grabs and disables him.

The whole thing was setup by Chumley, who is pleased with himself. Dinsmoore wants to make a day of it, but Chumley asks where his spirit is, as their hunt has just begun! As the other Autobots head out into the city, Beachcomber gets caught by another of Chumley's elaborate contraptions.

Grapple heads to a building site and asked a worker if he's seen some friends of his, but the worker is actually Chumley. He drops a metal cage over Grapple and takes him away.

Blaster reports to Prime that nothing funny is going on, only for an advertisement board's arms to come to life, force him to transform, then throw him into a taxi Chumley and Dinsmoore are driving in. A little later on, Inferno sees a building is on fire and a kid is trapped inside, so he rushes in to help out.

He heads in and finds the kid, only to discover that the kid is just a doll! He then gets attacked by a fire hose, which snap off his wrist communicators as he contacts Prime.

Prime tells the Autobots there has been an abrupt change in plans, and tells them to return to HQ immediately. Windcharger does this just before Chumley can smash into him with a train, whilst Huffer gets away moments before Dinsmoore can capture him.

Back at the HQ, Prime says that their fellow Autobots are missing, and they don't have a clue as to where they are. Warpath wants to go out and nail some Decepticons, but Prime says they have no proof the Decepticons are behind this. Cosmos then reports in, and says he's spotted something most disturbing: the missing Autobots. They've been restrained and are being held in traps. Prime tells Cosmos to transmit his coordinates to Teletraan I...

...but Chumley himself interrupts the video. He introduces himself and says hunting is his game, and he's offering Prime a sporting chance to rescue his companions. Prime doesn't think torture is sport, but he accepts his challenge. Chumley is pleased and says directions will be forthcoming. He can't wait to begin, but Prime says they can begin now, as he presses down on a feedback overload switch.

This causes Chumley's monitor to explode. Warpath wants to go in there to kick some tail, but Prime tells him no -he's going in there himself, as if Chumley wants a one on one battle, he's going to get it.

At the Decepticon HQ, Megatron has found out about Chumley, and thinks he's brilliant for a flesh creature. Starscream says especially since he's done more in two days that Megatron has done in two years! Megatron knocks Starscream back and tells him his patience for him wears thin. He contacts the triple changers and tells them he entrusts them with the ultimate mission: make contact with the fearless hunter, as with his help, they will finish off the Autobots once and for all!

Prime arrives at Chumley's estate, and contacts the Autobot HQ to say he's made it. Chumley contacts Prime via loudspeaker, but Prime asks why he doesn't come out so he can see him. Chumley explains he made that mistake with a rhino one time, and as Prime asks where the Autobots are, he tells him he has them hidden in this well-researched mockup of Cybertron. Prime's task is to find them before something unpleasant happens. Prime tells him he'd better hope he finds them before he finds him, but is then attacked by a massive monster known as the beast of Borneo.

Prime loses his gun, which gets sent into a building. He fights off the beast and retrieves his weapon, but the beast attacks him again. He manages to jump kick it, sending the monster into the waters below.

Chumley sees everything, and tells Dinsmoore he thinks it's high time they bagged their game. He has a net released, but Prime manages to avoid it. As he runs outside, he says it'll take more than a net to bag him, only for another net to be launched and successfully hit him.

Prime falls down, but manages to grab a chain. He throws it at a electricity pylon, causing the current to head down the chain, and short out the net.

Chumley is once again pleased, and salutes Prime , as he is a magnificent beast. Meanwhile, Astrotrain and Blitzwing arrive, as the two transform and land. Blitzwing wants to stomp him now, but Astrotrain says they'll take him by surprise. They start to follow Prime.

Prime comes across a woman chained to an object, but after taking a look at her he realizes there's something wrong, and ignores her. As he walks off, Astrotrain and Blitzwing walk up to her, and Astrotrain wonders why Prime didn't save her.

Blitzwing tells her to stop crying. He stomps on her, but it's all part of a trap that causes Blitzwing to be covered in a liquid that completely disables him. Chumley sees the two new arrivals, and wonder where they came from.

Astrotrain tries to free Blitzwing, but his blasts don't do anything. Prime turns around and thinks it's amazing -a booby trap that actually catches boobies. Chumley realizes they are Decepticons, but is more annoyed that they've come here to spoil the hunt. Dinsmoore think they are just like the humane society, in a way.

Prime walks on, but is attacked by a scorpion robot, which has a monitor on the front of it. Chumley says he'll have great pride in having him as a trophy, but Prime just thinks he's one royal pain in the diode. He fires at it, but it survives the blast and fires back at him.

It pins him down and tries to stab into his head, but he avoids getting hit. He eventually manages to get up and continues fighting, but as he does, Astrotrain appears, and says he has a perfect shot. He fires on Prime...

...and knocks him down. Astrotrain introduces himself to Chumley, and says the Decepticons would like to help him rid the world of the Autobots. However CHumley is annoyed he'd interrupted his battle with Prime, and uses the scorpion to toss him over.

Chumley decides to take the Decepticons away, and has them restrained in his castle. He's also disabled their weapons, but Astrotrain calls him a foolish human, as they came here to help! He tells them he'd sooner have the help of an aardvark, as they've robbed him of the head of Optimus Prime. They haven't heard the end of this!

He then checks on the captured Autobots, and Grapple says they've done nothing to him, so he should release them. Chumley tells him he must pay the price of failure, but as he walks off, Bumblebee tries to contact Prime. Prime receives his message, and manages to get up. Bumblebee says they can't hold out much longer, so Prime tells him to give out a homing signal.

Chumley sees Prime is up and about again, and watches as he enters his castle. Prime comes across a giant robot spider, that pins him down, but he rips off a few of its legs.

He then pulls another leg in front of its mouth, causing it to bite, and then inject explosive poison, into itself. This causes the spider to explode, and Prime gets away. Prime says if that was his best shot, he's in deep trouble. Chumley says it was his best shot, but not his last.

He activates another trap, which makes the corridor Prime is running through start spinning around. However Prime manages to stop the room by smashing it up. He then punches through the monitor Chumley is viewing him through, so Chumley and Dinsmoore run. Dinsmoore enters the collection room, and hides in a tank.

Prime punches down a wall and goes after Chumley. Chumley has gone back to the Decepticons, and asks if he frees them, will they fight Optimus Prime? Astrotrain says to trust them, so he lets them go. However Astrotrain immediately tries to stomp on him, and asks how he likes being hunted.

He goes to cower in a corner, as Blitzwing tells him to never trust Decepticons. Before they can do anything else, Prime and the Autobots blast down a wall and start shooting at them, so they transform and retreat. Prime decides there's no point chasing after them, as he has the trophy he wants right here.

The Autobots take the stolen jet fighter back to Russia, and leave Chumley hogtied on top of it. Back in the USA, a news reporter states that global tensions have declined sharply today, as it turns out the Soviet jet had been stolen by a game hunter. World leaders have praised Autobot leader Optimus Prime for returning Earth from the brink of war. The Autobots head back to their HQ.


-The Oktober Guard are from the G.I. Joe series, and are the Russian counterpart to the Joes. The team appeared in a few episodes of the '80s G.I. Joe cartoon.

-Dinsmoore hides in a tank, and is never seen again. It's implied he managed to escape, since he's not seen with Chumley when the Autobots dump him in Russia.

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