In New York City, Raoul and his friends Poplock and Rocksteady check out the Dancitron, a dance club that everyone is trying to get into. Whilst Poplock and Rocksteady think it's awesome, Raoul says they've for their own music, and he turns on their boom box whilst his friends start break dancing. This gets the attention of the people outside the Dancitron.

However, one of the Dancitron's staff members, Furg, comes along and pulls out their mat before telling them to take a hike. Rocksteady says he'll break his head for that, but Furg says the management wants them out. Poplock says since when does an over-dressed turkey like him work for Dancitron?

Furg brings out a few of his buddies, so Raoul tells his friends it's time to pull a Michael Jackson -beat it! They grab their boom box and run for it.

They try using a dumpster to get away faster, but end up crashing it and get surrounded. However, help is at hand when Tracks and Blaster appear. Furg and his gang pull out laser pistols and start firing at the Autobots.

The Autobots return fire, and Tracks melts many of the punk's guns. But he then happens to notice that one of the gang members appears to just be some regular guy who's dressed differently from the others.

The Autobots then use electro-scrambler rays to disable the punk's guns, and they run off. Raoul pops out of the dumpster he and his friends were hiding in, but thinks the Autobot's interference was unnecessary -he had things under control! Track thinks he should keep quiet, as Raoul introduces the Autobots to Poplock and Rocksteady. Blaster says it looks like they'd gotten themselves into a jam, but Poplock explains they were just break dancing in front of the Dancitron when these Road Warrior rejects tried to bounce them out. Tracks wonders who told them to bounce them and why...

...but Raoul says they don't know. Tracks tells Blaster he also saw a business man in that group, and says they were sent here to monitor Decepticon activity. Blaster thinks they have something to do with all this, and since that night club seems to be the source, Tracks thinks they should check it out. Poplock says if you aren't up with the latest fashions, they won't even let you in. Blaster tells Tracks if anyone is dressed to excess, it's them.

There is still a long line outside the Dancitron, but Blaster and Tracks go straight in. There's lots of people dancing inside, as the Autobots see the massive sound system the club has.

Three ladies walk up to them, and Blaster asks them what's happening. One of them asks if he wants to dance, so they go off, something Tracks isn't too happy about. Another lady asks him if he wants to dance, but he declines, just as another guy runs up to him and asks where he got his threads. Tracks tells him Cybertron!

As Tracks continues to look around, he see more out of place people in the club. Upstairs, there are some Decepticons around: Starscream and Soundwave. Starscream complains that despite all of his surveillance, two Autobots have just waltzed into the joint. Soundwave says they must be terminated, but Starscream says it's too risky in here, and he's got those kids to deal with first.

Raoul's group head back home on a train, but suddenly the train starts going faster. The driver goes crazy and starts bashing the controls to pieces, so Raoul tries the emergency brakes, but they fail.

Nearby, Blaster says he didn't spot anything unusual, but Tracks mentions the out of place people. Blaster thinks they like to let in weirdoes, as it gives the place atmosphere, just as the out of control train passes by above them. They transform and Tracks uses his jet mode to get behind the train, and attach a line to it for Blaster to use to walk over.

Tracks transforms and tries to bring the train to a stop, as Blaster gets to the train's engine, and destroys it. The train stops, and the Autobots then find Raoul, Rocksteady and Poplock.

They start to go to the front of the train, but the driver gets out and escapes before they reach it. They look inside the front but find the driver is gone, and the controls have been destroyed. They head back down and Tracks is certain this has something to do with the club. He tells Blaster to find out if Teletraan I can give them any clues, and to take Poplock and Rocksteady with him, whilst he and Raoul go to check out the club again.

They head out, but Tracks comes to a stop when he sees a building construction site. Raoul says so what, but Tracks tells him it's one in the morning -nobody works that late! They check it out, and see that some of the people working on it are people who don't fit -and some of them were at Dancitron! They then get spotted by the people, who get aggressive and go after them, so Tracks slams the gate shut.

Elsewhere, Rocksteady and Poplock are waiting for Blaster, but some guy comes up to them and gives them passes to get into Dancitron. As they head back to the club, Tracks and Raoul are still being chased, and Raoul wants to fight them off. But Tracks says no way, as they need to get to Dancitron. He transforms to his jet car mode and takes off with Raoul.

Rocksteady and Poplock head to the club, and are see by Furg. Furg contacts Starscream and asks if he should get rid of them, but Starscream says no, as he has a use for them. The two enter the club, and whilst Poplock says they should be here to find out what's going on, Rocksteady tells him he's looking at a dancing detective.

He quickly hooks up with a girl and starts dancing with her, and it doesn't take long for Poplock to do the exact same thing. Meanwhile, in Sparkplug's garage, Blaster uses a remote link to Teletraan I to find out more. Sky Spy reports no unusual transmissions, but the computer warns that ultra sound frequencies could be used to create hypnotic control. It suggests to Blaster to use his sonic detectors to verify.

Blaster leaves the garage, and heads back to the club. Tracks and Raoul arrive, but Tracks tells Raoul to wait here, as he thinks something about this club is dangerous.

Tracks heads inside, and is surprised to see Poplock and Rocksteady. They say they've found something, and lead Tracks upstairs. They've taken him straight to the Decepticons, and Starscream shoots at him. Tracks avoids his shot by ducking.

He jumps back down and fires back, but the Decepticons lock the doors. Starscream tells him he'll never get out of this club alive. Soundwave uses ultra sound transmission, which causes the people in the club to turn on Tracks.

He climbs up the sound system to try and get away from them, only to be surrounded at the top of the club. He ends up falling, and the impact causes a load of speakers to topple over onto him.

Starscream contacts Megatron and tells him that the construction is proceeding on schedule, but he has Tracks prisoner, and he'll soon be no more. Blaster arrives at the club and sees Raoul, but asks where Tracks is. Raoul tells him Tracks went in, but he hasn't come out. Blaster tells him to wait here, as something in the club is hypnotizing people.

Blaster enters the club, and finds out the direction the ultra sound is coming from. Raoul enters the club, not wanting to leave Tracks hanging. He takes some napkins just as Poplock and Rocksteady appear, and asks them if they've seen Tracks. They say they have, but Raoul then wonders how they got in here. As they walk off, he realizes something is wrong and remembers what Blaster just told him. He puts the napkins in his ears to block out the sound...

...then runs off, as Poplock and Rocksteady chase after him. He finds Tracks, but also finds he has been chained to the sound system, and the loud music is going to shake him apart. He tries to free him, but can't remove the locks, and then the other people in the club try to pull him down.

Blaster heads upstairs and finds Soundwave, but as he enters, Starscream shoots at him from behind. Blaster avoids his shot and charges into him, resulting in both of them tumbling down the stairs.

Raoul is dragged off the sound system, and Rocksteady and Poplock remove the napkins. The music is in danger of hypnotizing him, but he manages to get the two off of him and runs over to a bucket full of water, which he splashes his face with. He then tosses the contents of the bucket...

...over his friends, which breaks them from the trance. He gives them napkins to put in their ears and tells them to save Tracks, as Blaster continues to fight Starscream.

Raoul turns on the club's sprinklers, and everyone gets soaked -and in doing so, they are freed from the music's effects. Starscream sees this and runs off.

Working together, Raoul and his friends pop the lock on one of Tracks' chains, and he gets free. He sees Starscream and immediately starts firing at him.

Starscream crashes out of a window, so Tracks transforms and tells Raoul and the others to get in. They then chases after Starscream, just as Soundwave crashes through another window.

He lands and is confronted by Blaster, who says he's been waiting a long time for this. Using one of the speakers in his legs, Blaster sends out some sonic waves that send Soundwave spinning into a wall.

But he's not down yet, and quickly turns things back in his favor with some of his own sonic waves. Meanwhile, Tracks heads over the to building site, where he emits some rain clouds. The rain hits the people working there, and frees them from the trance they were in.

They quickly run out of the site. Back at the battle, Soundwave continues to hit Blaster with sonic waves, making him crash into the sound system and destroy it.

Blaster thinks he needs some extra punch, and finds it with the sound system. He attaches a couple of parts to his hands, which let him amplify his own power to new highs, sending Soundwave flying.

It's so powerful he's able to bring the entire Dancitron down. Blaster says the night club has just gone out of style, as Soundwave retreats. Meanwhile, Starscream appears at the building site, and goes after Tracks.

Tracks thinks Starscream may be bigger than him, but is he more agile? He leads the Decepticon through the building, and whilst he gets out without any issues, Starscream clips part of it, damaging his wing and forcing him to transform back to his robot mode. Still on fire, Starscream retreats.

Blaster heads over and Tracks asks if he's ready to do some demolition. He says he's been demolishing all night, and he's got the right tools for the job. The two work together to completely destroy the Decepticon's building site.

They head back to Sparkplug's garage, and Tracks thanks Raoul and the others for saving his life. If there's ever anything they can do... the three say that they lost their boom box during all this craziness. A little later on, they're out break dancing again, with Blaster providing the music. Tracks tells Blaster to cheer up, at this rate they'll have raised enough cash to buy a new blaster in just two or three days! Blaster doesn't know if he can hang out that long, but Tracks tells him to relax -some people have got the juice, and some don't -and Raoul says they've got the juice!


-Raoul has a lighter skin tone than he did when he last appeared in Make Tracks. Whilst his outfit is the same as before, most of it has different colors.

-Furg isn't named in the episode itself, but he is called that in the script.

-This episode has a really small cast of regular characters, with just two Autobots and three Decepticons -and even then, Megatron is barely in the episode, getting just one line to say.

-You never get to find out what it is the Decepticons are trying to build.

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