Across the world, the Insecticons are on the move, eating up any crops they find and causing human workers to flee in panic.

A group of Autobots arrive to stop them, but Shrapnel asks Tracks if he needs a light, and sets him on fire. Inferno transforms and quickly puts the fire out.

The Autobots fire at the Insecticons, but the Insecticons have got a full force of clones at their disposal, and Smokescreen orders for his group to retreat. The Insecticons think the Autobots have their tailpipes between their legs.

The Autobots return to their HQ, and Smokescreen explains to Optimus Prime that they were outnumbered, so they disengaged before they received any more casualties. Prime tells him he did the right thing, whilst Huffer wants to know what they are going to do. Prime tells him not to lose his coolant, as Cosmos, Bumblebee and Spike are on the job. Bumblebee then reports in, calling from Floron III. He tells Prime that they have the robotic insecticide and are on their way home. Skids wonders what robotic insecticide is, but Prime tells Bumblebee they've done good work, and to travel safely.

Cosmos then leaves Floron III, and Spike just hopes that the insecticide works. But then things begin to shake, as Cosmos is grabbed by several metal tentacles.

Cosmos tells them to fire the emergency jet, which Spike activates. Cosmos is able to break free from the plant and heads back to Earth, but as he blasts off, there are several spores all over him...

Back on Earth, the Insecticons return to the Decepticon's HQ. They enter an energon transfer machine, which takes the energy they've consumed and transfers it elsewhere in the HQ. They want to speed things up, but Megatron tells them to be patient, as they want to get every last drop of energon.

The process finishes, and Skywarp brings over the Insecticon's cut: three energon cubes. Shrapnel isn't too happy, but Megatron tells him the transfer process is costly, and uses a great deal of energy, but maybe they'll do better next time. Megatron walks off to another room, where a machine is using the transferred energon to fill many cubes. Megatron says if the Insecticons had brains, they'd be dangerous.

Up in space, Cosmos approaches Earth, but the spores ripen and the plants take over him. He doesn't have enough power to use the jets again, so he tells Spike and Bumblebee to get into the ejector chamber immediately. They do so and it blasts off, leaving Cosmos to crash into a forest.

Spike and Bumblebee land safely, and go and search for Cosmos. They find him nearby, but he's covered in the plants and says that he can't transform. Bumblebee and Spike decide to head back to the Autobot HQ to get help. Cosmos tells them to tell Prime that the insecticide is still intact.

At the Autobot HQ, Teletraan I reports that the Decepticons are accumulating massive quantities of energon. Bumblebee and Spike then arrive, and Prime asks where Cosmos is, but Spike says it'd be easier to show him than tell him. Prime then notices something on Bumblebee's back and they realize the plants have gotten onto him.

Ratchet gets them off with a laser, and passes them to Perceptor for him to analyze. Prime checks the location where Cosmos landed and says he isn't there, but Bumblebee says he's covered by the plants. Prime sees the plants have taken over the whole valley.

Prime and a group of Autobots transform and roll out for the valley, but as they leave, Laserbeak spots them and heads back to Soundwave. Soundwave reports to Megatron that the Autobots are en route to acquire robotic insecticide. Megatron says that's good, as he might have use for that himself some day. Soundwave also reports on the alien plant life, but Megatron doesn't care about that. He says they need to get to the insecticide before the Autobots.

Meanwhile, Perceptor takes a look at the plants and comes to the conclusion they are Morphobots. Prowl is surprised at this as he thought Morphobots were extinct, which is what Perceptor also thought. Perceptor contacts Prime and tell him the Morphobots have left their planet in a desperate search for sustenance. Prowl warns him that they have reason to believe the Morphobot are capable of devouring any robotic form. Perceptor tells Prime to approach them with extreme caution.

Meanwhile Thrust sees a whole army of Insecticon clones when he is contacted by Megatron. Megatron explains that an Autobot convoy is heading for a north east valley, which he believes is where the insecticide is. He tells him to order the Insecticons to stay away until they've destroyed the insecticide. Thrust transforms and lands.

He tells the Insecticons that Megatron sends a warning -the Autobots have acquired a robotic insecticide, which is capable of destroying them and their forces. They are not to go near the valley just over the mountains, until the insecticide has been destroyed. Once that happens, Megatron will let them know, and they can then continue on any path they wish. However the Insecticons believe Megatron is trying to hide something from them, and want to know what's really in the valley. Thrust thinks their insolence is disturbing, so Shrapnel gives him an electronic message to take back to Megatron...

...and zaps him, before Kickback gives him the boot. Thrust transforms and decides to show the dirty roaches something.

He fires a couple of missiles at them and then flies off into the valley. Bombshell thinks Thrust never could take a joke, but Shrapnel wants to pay Megatron a little visit, as he's sure the Decepticon leader is deceiving them. The Insecticons transform and take off, with their clone army following them.

The Decepticons head towards the valley, and Soundwave reports an Autobot distress signal. They land and come across the Morphobots, and Megatron says he's never come across this type of plant on Earth. Starscream wants to find the Autobot and get the insecticide. Megatron warns him the plants may be dangerous, but he ignores him and fires.

His shot bounces off one of the plants and hits him, causing Megatron and Soundwave to laugh at him. Megatron says Starscream tests his patience, but Soundwave then alerts him to the fact that there are Autobots in the vicinity.

Megatron says he'll deal with Starscream later and tells his forces to conceal themselves, as the Autobots can get the insecticide for them. They all hide and watch as the Autobots show up, but Spike and Bumblebee aren't sure where Cosmos is now -the plants have become so numerous they can't see him. Prime tells Warpath to blast a path through to Cosmos.

He tells Ironhide to try his liquids, to see if any of them can act like weed killer. Warpath rolls in and fires, but his shots fail to do any damage to the Morphobots, and Ironhide tries to freeze some of them...

...but the plants are able to crack the ice open and free themselves. Blaster says he'll try something, and half transforms.

He plays some really loud music, and surprisingly, the Morphobots react -they move away from him as he gets near them. Prime asks who says plants aren't intelligent, as the Morphobots are repelled by Blaster's music. Bumblebee leads a group of Autobots towards Cosmos, with Blaster on top of him. His music continues to repel the Morphobots.

Ironhide keeps freezing them with nitrogen whilst they're repelled. The group make it to Cosmos, and Hoist pulls him out. The group heads back, moments before the plants break free again.

Blaster reports that their mission has been accomplished, to which Prime tells him good work -he's just gone platinum. The other Autobots drive up, and Cosmos shoots out the can of insecticide.

Megatron sees this and orders for Dirge, Ramjet and Blitzwing to attack. They dive down and start firing, as as the other Decepticons join in. Megatron says he'll give a demonstration of what's to become of all of the pathetic Autobots, and transforms. Soundwave catches him and fires... his shot completely destroys the can of robotic insecticide. Spike says this could mean the entire human race will starve, to which Megatron says that just breaks his energon converter. As the Decepticons laugh, the Autobots head towards them.

However Megatron is then attacked by a Morphobot, which drags him back. Some of the Decepticons go to help him, but they get smacked away. The Morphobot eventually throws Megatron back.

Megatron then sees the Insecticons, and believes they've come to their aid, despite the danger to their own lives. However, Bombshell says if he wasn't so hungry, he'd stop to help him out.

They ignore the Decepticons and see the Morphobots, not realizing how dangerous they are. They instead believe the forest looks delicious, and Megatron was trying to horde it. They land and attempt to start feeding, only for the Morphobots to start eating their clones. The real Insecticons decide to get out of here, as they didn't realize these things bite back!

They fly away, as Starscream tells Megatron he can't believe the plants have just eaten the Insecticon army. He thinks they should get out of here, so Megatron orders for the Decepticons to retreat.

Bumblebee says he hates to admit it, but the Morphobots have saved the day. Spike thinks that in a way, the Morphobots are heroes. Prime says that's true, but they can't let them stay here on Earth. The Autobots head back to their HQ, and get a rocket ready, which the Morphobots are packed into.

The rocket blasts off, and Prime says whilst the Morphobots saved the world from the Insecticons, soon they'd want the world itself. Ironhide says sending them to a planet of robotic insects was a good idea. Just then, Prime is contacted by Perceptor, who asks for some help in the lab... and incidentally, he hopes there's another spaceship available... real soon.


-This episode marks the debut of a new Autobot: Skids. He's come out of nowhere like everyone else so far this season, but unlike everyone else, he's not going to be around for long, appearing in just two episodes in total (including this one). He is barely in this episode and only says two words for the entire thing. This reason for his lack of screen time can be ready about at the TF wiki.

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