The Decepticons have somehow created a space bridge in a baseball stadium, which the players and spectators aren't happy about. They want to play ball, but the Decepticons soon put everyone in their place. Thrust loads his guns with some of his own style of "fast balls", and fires them at the players. They try hitting them back, but their bats gets snapped.

Ravage chases down one player, whilst Starscream manages to pick up a couple of spectators and flies them around. Some Autobots arrive, so Starscream asks them about a game of catch. He dumps his hostages, but Inferno rolls in and saves them by deploying a safety net.

Brawn picks up Soundwave and hurls him and Starscream, knocking them both into the space bridge. Thrust takes on Bumblebee, and fires a rocket at him.

Optimus Prime steps in and punches the rocket, causing it to fly up into the sky and explode above them. Ironhide decides to batter up, and rips down one of the stadium's lights. He batters Thrust with it, sending him towards the space bridge. Smokescreen gets ready to hit him again, only for Ravage to attack him. Thrust ends up crashing into them, and all three of them enter the space bridge.

Prime and Bumblebee tackle Megatron and Starscream, but Prime throws Megatron out of the space bridge. Outside, Perceptor and Trailbreaker are using the space bridge's controls, trying to deactivate the bridge.

However, Megatron sees them and fires, causing the control computer to be destroyed, and Perceptor to be sent flying by the explosion. He lands in the space bridge... which then activates!

The doors to the space bridge open, and Megatron is annoyed that the energon cubes he's placed inside it are all gone. And so are the Autobots and Decepticons -Prime, Bumblebee, Perceptor, Inferno, Smokescreen, Starscream, Soundwave, Thrust and Ravage. The Transformers arrive at an unknown location. Prime thinks this is another Decepticon trick...

...but Starscream thinks it's an Autobot trick. Prime says the space bridge has transported them to this alien planet. Starscream moves back and is surprised by a gigantic jack-in-the-box, which he fires at.

His laser causes some balls to fall from above, but these are huge and one pins him down. Bumblebee wonders if the sphere is mechanical, but Perceptor checks it out and says he doesn't think it's even self-motivating. Whatever it is, he hopes it's friendly, whilst Starscream wants Perceptor to get this thing off him.

Soundwave then comes under attack from a giant alien cat, so Thrust transforms and fires at it. The cat ends up swatting him aside and he lands in a giant tank filled with water, where he is attacked by a large fish.

Ravage gets tangled up in some kind of plant. Inferno says it looks like the Decepticons have their hands full, so Prime orders the Autobots to load the energon cubes into his trailer and get out of here.

Back at the stadium, the remaining Autobots leave as the space bridge explodes. Ironhide says they should go back to Teletraan I and try and figure out what happened to Prime and the others. They transform and head back to their HQ.

Meanwhile, Prime's group enter a large building and dump the energon cubes, but as they take a look around, they realize there is nobody here. Perceptor thinks the construction is shoddy, something Inferno proves when he taps a wall and cause it to collapse. The Autobots venture on, but then see something they can't believe.

The trapped Decepticons are being rounded up by a giant alien! He gets them all and places them in a jar. As the Autobots watch, they realize that he might be a giant to them, but to him, they're miniature robots. The boy, Aron, asks his cat, Nitro, what he thinks of their new toys.

However Nitro goes up to the building the Autobots are in, which is just a toy set. Aron throws something at Nitro, causing the cat to back off. He then sees that one of his new toys, Thrust, is trying to escape, so goes to grab him. Thrust shoots his hand, so Aron throws him at a wall. Thrust recovers and transforms, and goes to fly out of a window, but Aron catches him in a net.

Ravage then attempts to flee, so Aron has Nitro cut him off, making him cower in a corner. Aron then ties a piece of string around Thrust, and tells him he can fly all he wants now. He then picks up Ravage and places him in a cage... he can make friends with his other pet. Soundwave and Starscream break out of the jar, but Aron catches Soundwave before he can escape, and places him in a small toy box. Starscream manages to make it to the building set, and heads inside.

He comes across the Autobots and fires at them, but hits some of the energon cubes, causing several of them to explode. Prime orders everyone to get out, and get the remaining energon cubes out as well before they all explode. The Autobots grab what they can, and head outside.

Inferno transforms and puts out the fire the explosion caused. Aron sees Starscream stumble out, and picks him up. He says what he did was very bad, and places him in a box.

Aron then thanks Inferno for saving his building set, and then picks him up along with the other Autobots. He places them on a desk and introduces himself. Prime introduces most of the Autobots, but Inferno warns Aron that he needs to be careful of the other robots, who are Decepticons. Prime asks where they are, but before Aron can answer, his parents walk in. His mother asks if he was playing with fire, but he tells her it was the Decepticons. His father thinks he's a little old to be making up things like this.

Aron says he didn't make them up, and shows his parents the Decepticons. He passes his father Thrust, but when his father goes to put Thrust in a box, he doesn't realize Starscream is already in it. When the box is opened, Starscream shoots at him, causing the box to be dropped and letting the Decepticons escape. As his parents go to capture them...

...Aron quickly lets the Autobots hide in a drawer. He then goes and retrieves Soundwave, and passes him to his parents. They want to know if there are any more, and he says that's all of the Decepticons. His mother wants him to tell the truth, as they don't know where these creatures have been -they may be very dangerous. Just then Nitro starts swiping at the drawer, alerting Aron's mother.

She opens it and asks where he got these toys from, but he explains they are Autobots. She picks up Inferno and he transforms, startling her and making her throw him back into the drawer. She doesn't know what's going on here, but she's calling the authorities.

Back on Earth, Chip tries to use Teletraan I to find the location of the missing Autobots, but the computer can't do it. Ironhide wishes they was some way for the missing Autobots to contact them, but Chip doesn't know how or from where they could do that. He's contacted Cybertron and found out they aren't there. He has no idea where they are.

Back on the alien planet, Aron's family have taken the Transformers to the authorities, who examine the Decepticons. A scientist says he doesn't know where they've come from, but they'll have to dissect them to find out -including the ones in the cage.

Aron doesn't want that, so he picks up the cage and runs out. Everyone follows him, but he manages to hide behind a bush. However another problem comes along: Marty. Marty wants to know what Aron has behind his back, and when Aron says it's nothing, Marty demands he show him, and threatens to rearrange his face it he doesn't.

Prime blasts open the cage's lock, and leads the Autobots out into a trash can. Bumblebee isn't too happy about being in this dump, but it has given them enough time to avoid Marty. Aron hands over the cage, but he realizes it's empty. Marty says it looks like his birdy flew the coop, not that he blames it for being around a nerd like him.

Marty heads off, and Aron asks the Autobots if they're ok. He gets them out of the trash can and says Marty is the meanest guy in the universe. Bumblebee says he must have never met up with Megatron, the leader of the Decepticons, who are the other robots back at the lab. At the lab, Ravage manages to break free from his restraints, and frees the other Decepticons.

Aron heads back to his house, and says he'll hide the Autobots where nobody will ever find them, but Prime says they can't stay. They need to get back to Earth, which Perceptor explains is the third planet from the sun, which Bumblebee says is one of the stars you can see in the sky at night. Aron says is it like the stars he can see through his Dad's big telescope, to which Perceptor says if the telescope is powerful enough, they may have just found their ticket home. As they head on, the Decepticons follow them.

Aron is then seen by the authorities, so he tells the Autobots to hide in the sewers, and then meet him at his house. They drop down, and a few moments later, the Decepticons follow them. They launch a surprise attack... a battle breaks out. Inferno shoots Starscream, whilst Prime throws Ravage and Bumblebee then tosses him into a glass bottle. Perceptor and Soundwave duel with whatever they can find...

...but then Prime has to step in to save Perceptor from a giant alien rat, which he does by shooting it. The rat crashes into Bumblebee and Soundwave, which drags them into a whirlpool.

Inferno extends his ladder to save Bumblebee, and as he swings it back, Bumblebee uses it as a chance to take down Thrust. Just then, a massive wave of water heads towards the Transformers.

The Decepticons fly up and get out of the sewer, whilst the Autobots all cram into a broken cup and let it carry them out. They get out of the cup and land on solid ground, so Prime tells them they must now get to Aron's house.

Aron is being lectured by his parents, who tell him he shouldn't have helped those creatures escape. His mother says they may look nice enough, but they could have germs. Aron says they were his friends, and they were nice to him. His father tells him it's time to go to sleep, and they'll talk about it in the morning. Meanwhile, Starscream says the creature lives in this vicinity, so they'll grab the energon cubes and then find a way off this planet.

The Autobots arrive at Aron's house and Prime says they need a way to get inside, but they find one: Nitro. Nitro takes them in, and Aron shows them the telescope. Perceptor says that if they use the energon cubes, he can modify his light cannon into a transport beam, and amplify the rays through the telescope. Prime tells him not to tell them about it, just do it! Bumblebee wonders where the cubes are, but Aron reveals he'd hidden them earlier.

Perceptor gets everything ready, and says that once activated, the beam will remain for only a short time. Inferno shoots the cubes and the beam is activated, but before the Autobots can jump into it, the Decepticons reveal themselves, and have taken Bumblebee hostage. Starscream says they'll be taking this ride back to Earth, so the Autobots are to stand back, unless they want Bumblebee blasted into silicone dust. Aron says he can stop them, but Prime tells him to let them go, as they can't risk Bumblebee.

However Nitro then pounces, so the Decepticons push Bumblebee away and then jump into the beam. Bumblebee has been saved, but the Autobots realize that now they're really stuck, as the beam has run out of energy.

The light beam reaches Earth, and the Decepticons are dumped into a river. Thrust doesn't think this is the type of welcome he had in mind, but Starscream doesn't care, just as long as there aren't any green monsters around... at which point they are attacked by alligators.

Meanwhile, Aron has an idea and brings out a toy rocket ship which can fly. Inferno points out it's a toy, but Perceptor says anything is worth a try. With a few modifications to the propulsion core... Prime cuts him off and tells him to just do it. A little while later, the modifications are complete, and Aron tells the Autobots they are the best, and he'll miss them.

Prime tells him every time he looks through his telescope at the stars, he'll know that his friends are out there. The Autobots board the rocket, which takes off and heads into space. As Aron says goodbye to the Autobots, Prime bids him farewell -and thanks.


-This episode was animated by Toei Animation, and is considered to be their worst Transformers episode they worked on. There are several big mistakes throughout the episode, such as these:

A lot of the issues involve cell layering errors, and several coloring errors. Perhaps Toei had to rush this episode for whatever reason, or they just didn't have as much budget for it as usual.

-This episode's story continues in The Gambler. However, in the broadcast order, this episode is followed by Quest for Survival, then The Secret of Omega Supreme, and then finally The Gambler.

-Some fans believe that Smokescreen originally wasn't intended to be one of the main characters for this episode, but was added in late on just to set things up for The Gambler. Evidence for this points to the fact that when Prime introduces the Autobots to Aron, he fails to name Smokescreen, and Smokescreen basically does nothing for majority of the episode, such as in the sewer scene. The scene where he gets knocked into the space bridge may have originally intended to be for Inferno, who isn't seen getting on the space bridge, unlike all of the other characters.

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