On Titan, some people are heading towards a temple. Inside the temple, an astrologer-priest called Jero orders his minions to hurry, as they prepare to activate the "Sky God" -which is actually a statue, but they are able to make its eyes light up and moves its arms.

As the people approach, Jero tells them to behold the Sky God, and look on at his might and despair. As the statue moves, the people bow down and worship it, as Jero tells them the God demands their harvest offerings.

Jero shouts at one man for not offering enough, but he says his family is starving. Jero says the Sky Gods will show no mercy. Nearby, a woman called Talaria leads some of her rebels into the chambers behind the statue. They take out the workers there, and then destroy the mechanisms controlling the statue's arms.

This results in the statue's arms dropping, causing them to crash into its own sides and make the entire thing crumble. Talaria tells Jero that his "Sky Gods" are an excuse for high taxes and harsh laws. Jero says she will be punished for her blasphemy, but she tells him to try his superstitious drivel elsewhere, as she believes in reason and common sense -there are no Sky Gods!

Near Saturn, Cosmos finds himself under attack by Astrotrain. He radios the Autobot's HQ and says he has energy data on his tapes, and Astrotrain on his tail. At the base, Perceptor says the Decepticons will do anything to gain access to that information. Optimus Prime tells Cosmos to beam them the data, but Red Alert says that's too dangerous -the Decepticons could intercept it. Sure enough, the Decepticons inside Astrotrain are listening in on the Autobot's conversation, as Cosmos says he'll deliver his message in person.

Cosmos tries to hide, only for Astrotrain to blast his hiding place to bits, and then land a hit on him. Cosmos is out of control, and heads towards Titan. On Titan, Talaria is telling the people that Jero and the astrologer-priests use false Gods to enslave and rob them. One says the Sky Gods are real, and reward them for their hard word and sacrifices, but Talaria says they are keeping them in a land where food is scarce and children starve.

Jero says the Sky Gods forbid them to move to another land, that's why the chasms were formed. Talaria tells him it's not "they" who forbid, it's he who forbids. Shy wants to see a Sky God, so she may ask him. Just then, Cosmos enters Titan's atmosphere, and comes down as a flaming wreck -but to the people, it's a Sky God! The Decepticons land at the temple, and see the people in the distance.

Talaria and the others find Cosmos, and Jero says this is a Sky God. Most people fall to their knees and worship him, including some of Talaria's own troops. She tells one man to get up, as this is one of Jero's tricks. Astrotrain has been watching and comes to the realization that these fools worship Transformers. He decides he'll claim to be their supreme God, so they will bow to the Decepticons.

Starscream says he'd be a much better choice for being the supreme God, but Astrotrain quickly puts him in his place. The Decepticons head over to the people and Astrotrain tells them who he is, and that he's the mightiest of all the Gods. They are to fall down and worship their new master! From this day forward, all who defy him will die. The Decepticons return to the temple, and take Cosmos with them. They put him where the Sky God statue used to be.

Cosmos is still deactivated, and Astrotrain takes the energy data from him whilst also disconnecting a single cable. He says that it's a pity, as if he could just reconnect one little wire, he could call for help. As he says this, Talaria is secretly watching from above. Thrust says Astrotrain burnt up most of his energy chasing Cosmos, so he'd better call Megatron. Astrotrain says no -he's in control here. Starscream complains that they're stuck on this mud ball, but Astrotrain says it'll only be until he breaks Cosmos' energy data code.

As the Decepticons move away, Talaria drops down on a rope and goes up to Cosmos. She reconnects the wire, causing a panel on him to open and reveal a video communicator that Optimus Prime is trying to speak to him on. Prime says they've been trying to reach him for hours and asks what happened, but Talaria explains the one he calls Cosmos is hurt.

Prime asks what planet she's on, but she doesn't understand the word. Prime says never mind, and tells her to touch the glowing red light, as it'll send a signal beacon. Talaria does this and it causes a lot of noise, that the Decepticons notice. Astrotrain realizes that Talaria will lead the Autobots here, but they won't find her here alive.

Starscream fires at her, so she runs off, but as she heads for the exit, Thrust cuts her off. Cosmos comes to his senses and sees the Decepticons, so he shoots...

...and hits Starscream. This distraction gives Talaria enough time to run off, as Thrust hides behind Astrotrain and says Cosmos has been reactivated. Astrotrain calls him a coward, as the damage Cosmos has taken has rendered him harmless.

He fires at Cosmos and hits him, deactivating him once more. Back on Earth, Omega Supreme says that to reach Titan, it will take 97% of his energy output, and once he's there, transforming will be impossible. Prime says that's why two Autobots will go with him -to find Cosmos, and to find energy for him for the return trip.

Prime says he'll go, but Red Alert tells him to hold it -they can't risk losing him. Jazz says that's where he and Perceptor come in. Perceptor says he is the only one capable of deciphering Cosmo's data, and Jazz says he just likes kicking Decepticon cans. Omega says talk is excessive and time is limited, and transforms. Jazz and Perceptor board him.

The Autobots soon leave Earth, and are on their way to Titan. On Titan, Jero leads the Decepticons to what he calls the Fire God's lair. Inside the cave are many crystals, which Starscream says are rich in energy and a perfect power source for Decepticons. Astrotrain says these crystals must have been what Cosmos discovered.

An acolyte warns Jero that the crystals are taboo, and the ancient tablets say... Jero cuts him off. Lord Astrotrain may do with them as he wishes! Meanwhile, the Autobots close in on Titan, but Omega says his energy reserves are dwindling.

He runs out of energy and ends up having to make a crash landing, stopping right at the edge of a cliff. Jazz and Perceptor get out and see what's happened, and Jazz says they'll pull Omega back. But Omega tells them their strength is insufficient, they need Cosmos. Jazz tells him they'll find Cosmos and his energy source, then come back for him -so he just needs to not move. Omega doesn't appreciate his sarcasm. As the two Autobots head off, the cliff Omega is on starts to break apart.

Back at the lair, Astrotrain has gotten his new followers to work for him: carrying out shards of the crystals. He tells them to work faster, as he wants all of the crystals stockpiled. One man nearly falls over and Jero calls him a fool, telling him to treat these sacred crystals with respect, or they'll all die. Starscream warns he's right -the crystal's matrixes are extremely unstable.

Elsewhere, Perceptor and Jazz have been searching for hours, but there is no sign of Cosmos. Perceptor sees that there is a native in a tree shooting arrows at them. It's Talaria, who says for as long as she breathes, Titans will not worship false Gods. Jazz wonders what she means by false Gods, but Perceptor says this must mean the Decepticons arrived here before they did. Jazz asks Talaria to stop shooting and start talking, as maybe they can work something out.

Talaria takes the two Autobots to the temple, where they are shocked to see how Cosmos has deactivated, and how he was worshipped like a God. They go up to him, and Jazz explains to Talaria that they aren't Gods, they're just fancy machines. Before they can repair Cosmos, some slaves bring some crystals into the temple, and are followed by Starscream and Thrust.

They see the Autobots and open fire, but the Autobots fire back. The Decepticons have to move back and Thrust says there's two of them, so he'd better warn Astrotrain. Starscream tells him to stand and fight, so the two head back out and resume firing.

Starscream transforms and goes in to attack from above, only for Jazz to hurl a rock at him and make him crash. Jazz then grapples with Starscream, with the latter yelling for Thrust to help him, but Thrust instead runs outside.

He finds Astrotrain and tells him what's going on inside, just as Jazz and Starscream tumble outside. Astrotrain tells his followers to hit the false Gods with their crystals. Some archers take aim at Jazz with crystal-tipped arrows...

...Jazz gets hit and the crystals explode, causing him to fall of Starscream. Astrotrain wants them to use larger crystals, but the acolyte warns Jero it's dangerous. Jero pushes him back and tells him to obey his God. A catapult is moved into position, as the people move away from the temple.

Perceptor heads out and finds Jazz, just as the Decepticons transform and fly away. The catapult then releases a large crystal at the Autobots, sending them flying.

They get hit by another crystal, and are sent falling into a chasm. Talaria goes to check on the Autobots, when Astrotrain appears before her. He grabs her and says she's a heretic... and a fitting end would be for her to be sacrificed.

Starscream and Thrust are sent out to search for the Autobots, but they can't find them. Thrust worries they'll try to ambush them, but Starscream says the crystals chased them off for good -Titan is theirs! As they fly by, Jazz and Perceptor have both survived, and decide to search around the volcano to try and find where the Decepticons are getting the crystals. Elsewhere, Astrotrain 's slaves have become too tired to work, but he's angry at them for stopping. Jero says they are lazy insects, and asks if he can punish them.

Astrotrain tells him no -they can see the sacrifice, as that will renew their vigor. Meanwhile, Perceptor and Jazz find the Fire God's lair, and see all the crystals. Perceptor transforms and analyzes them, and finds out the crystals are highly unstable.

Jazz says they've got to refuel Omega Supreme, and starts bashing some crystals with a rock, but Perceptor stops him. He says that if one crystal is set off, it'll cause a chain reaction that will blow them all up. The acolyte and some others then walk up and say they worshipped them, but all they bring is death and sorrow. They've destroyed their faith, now they'll destroy them. Jazz explains they aren't Gods, and never claimed to be. Perceptor tells them that their Lord Astrotrain lied to them, and finds out from one of them that Talaria is going to be sacrificed. The acolyte points out another entrance to the temple above.

Jazz says he'll rescue Talaria, whilst Perceptor needs to take some crystals and get Omega Supreme refueled. As Jazz climbs up, Perceptor quickly gathers some crystals and goes back to Omega, but sees that things are worse than when they left him. It's clear Omega is about to fall, but Perceptor has no choice but to jump over and upset the balance.

Back at the temple, Talaria is tied down as Astrotrain tells Jero to begin the sacrifice. Jazz pops up out of the floor just in time to see Jero raise a weapon to stab Talaria with.

Meanwhile Perceptor finishes refueling Omega just in time, as the ground breaks up and sends them both downwards. Omega activates his thrusters just in time, leaving Perceptor to hang on to his exterior as the two head towards the temple. Back inside the temple, Jazz shoots the weapon out of Jero's hands.

He then shoots down Astrotrain and goes to free Talaria, but the Decepticons start firing at them, forcing them to take cover.

Jazz tells Talaria he'll hold them off as long as he can, and pops up to land a direct hit on Thrust. Outside, Omega and Perceptor land and see people running out of the temple.

Omega bashes through one of the walls, which causes Starscream and Thrust to transform and flee. He then fires at Astrotrain, forcing him to retreat and fall through the entrance Jazz had climbed through.

He tumbles down and nearly falls into a sea of electric lava, but saves himself. Up above, Perceptor runs in and checks on Jazz and Talaria, and the two are fine, but Jazz says the need to do something about Cosmos. Back down below, Starscream, Thrust and Jero find Astrotrain in the Fire God's lair. Thrust says they can't fight Omega Supreme.

Astrotrain says they won't try, and fires at some of the crystals, setting them off. He then transforms and as Starscream and Thrust board him, Jero asks about himself, but Astrotrain tells him to die, like the worm he is.

The Decepticons retreat, as seconds later the lair explodes. The Autobots and Titans see the Decepticons leave the moon, then also see that the temple is exploding. Perceptor realizes the Decepticons have started the chain reaction, and the temple is completely obliterated. However it's not the end, as the entire island shakes.

The acolyte asks for the Autobots to spare them, as if they do, they'll worship them. Jazz says they aren't Gods, but they will save them. He has Omega Supreme transform and use his track to create a bridge from one island to another. The Titans and Autobots quickly move across, just as the island explodes.

The Titans begin to make the island they've moved to their new home. Talaria says they've lost their old home, but thanks to them, they've gained a new one. Perceptor fixes Cosmos, who gets up and stretches. The acolyte says they have much to be thankful for -such as, Jazz says -no more Decepticons to monkey around with their beliefs.


-SCRIPT DIFFERENCES: Click here for details.

-Jero is last seen being sent flying by the explosion of the Fire God's lair, and isn't seen again in the episode. Which hints that he died, but as his death isn't shown on screen, I guess that makes it ok!

-Some fans believe that originally, Megatron was meant to appear in this episode, but he was removed and his dialogue given to Astrotrain purely because he had a newer toy and needed the screen time. This would explain why Astrotrain is leading the Decepticons in this episode, however the scripts mentioned above don't feature Megatron, so for now this is just a fan theory.

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