A group of Autobots are patrolling a beach when Perceptor tells everyone to hold it, as he's discovered something. He transforms to his microscope mode and zooms in on a rock. Powerglide doesn't think it's a big deal, but Perceptor says this rock has traces of gold and silver on it. Warpath doesn't think they should care about such things.

Nearby, some Decepticons see them, and Blitzwing tells his allies to transform and attack. Thrust and Ramjet go in first, and fire at the Autobots. Seaspray transforms and takes on Ramjet, who attempts to ram him, only to miss and crash into the sea.

Blitzwing enters the battle, as Warpath takes him on. The two tanks collide into each other, as Perceptor fights Thrust. Perceptor tells Beachcomber to follow him, only to realize Beachcomber has vanished.

Beachcomber has found a tunnel and has gone through it, appearing at a beautiful spot full of trees and animals. A bird lands on his shoulder and thanks to his in-built translator he's able to communicate with it, and soon lots of the animals make friends with him.

His sensors then go off and alert him to a golden lagoon nearby. He goes up to it and puts one of his hands in it, and as he pulls it back out it's covered with a golden substance: electrum. Back at the battle, Ramjet emerges from the sea and clobbers Seaspray.

Thrust is shooting at Powerglide, and a barrage of his lasers hit the cliff. This causes a rockslide where Beachcomber is, so he transforms and heads back to the Autobots.

Thrust heads over and sees the golden lagoon. He transforms and lands, and after realizing what he's found, thinks he's about to become the number one Decepticon. He dives into the lagoon and emerges, completely covered with electrum.

Beachcomber makes it back and Perceptor asks where he was. He says nowhere, and tells him to get out of here, but Ramjet dives and knocks them both down. Seaspray then goes in with his guns blazing...

...and shoots Ramjet down. But then Thrust appears, and Perceptor fires on him, only for his lasers to bounce off, and his missile to have no effect!

Thrust fires back and shoots Seaspray, as Perceptor tells Beachcomber they must retreat. Powerglide and Warpath try firing on him, and use an ice blast to try and freeze him...

...but their attacks don't faze Thrust, who cracks open the ice and throws some of it back at them. Warpath says they've got to zoom, and fires on part of the cliff, creating an escape tunnel that he, Powerglide and Beachcomber go through. Before Perceptor and Seaspray can go through it, they are captured by Thrust.

Perceptor and Seaspray are taken before Megatron, who says he's certain they have many Autobot secrets to tell them. Perceptor says they won't tell him anything, but Megatron orders for them to be taken away. Thrust then walks in and says he's discovered a fountain of electrum. Megatron says they'll be invulnerable, but Starscream wants proof. Megatron doesn't care what he needs, but the Decepticons head to the golden lagoon. Megatron tells Starscream to test the electrum for him.

Starscream doesn't want to, but Megatron asks him doesn't he want to be invulnerable like Thrust? He blasts Thrust, but Thrust is left unharmed. Starscream still isn't certain, but eventually jumps into the lagoon. He gets out and Megatron says he'll enjoy this, as he blasts Starscream.

His blasts bounce off him, sending them into the trees and blowing them up. The rest of the Decepticons jump in, and they all cover themselves with electrum. They then test out how invulnerable they are by repeatedly shooting each other, which results in more destruction to the land.

Elsewhere, Powerglide's group have retreated to where Omega Supreme is. They are going on a rescue mission, and Smokescreen has joined them, but he asks what's up with Beachcomber. Warpath says he's a thinker, not a fighter. Smokescreen just wishes he knew what he was thinking about. Warpath and Smokescreen transform and move out.

Powerglide is about to transform when he wishes Mirage was here, as they could use him. Mirage then appears, having being invisible for about ten minutes, and heads out with them. As they head out, the Decepticons are closing in. They see the group of Autobots approaching...

...and start firing at them. The Autobots fight back, but they can't hurt them -Powerglide lands several hits on Starscream, but does no damage. Powerglide then comes under fire himself, and gets hit...

...which results in him crashing into the sea. Warpath then gets blasted, so Mirage tells Smokescreen he's going back to get reinforcements.

Smokescreen covers himself with a massive smoke cloud, but Megatron just tells the Decepticons to shoot up the whole cloud, as he's in there somewhere. They open fire and sure enough, Smokescreen gets hit and crashes.

Mirage returns to Omega Supreme, where several other Autobots have gathered. Mirage tells Sunstreaker their weapons seem to have no effect on the Decepticons, but he tells him he'll blast a few of them for him, and he can see the difference a pro makes. The Autobots transform and move out, as the Decepticons fly over and see them. Megatron orders his forces to show no mercy.

Sunstreaker fires and hits Starscream, but again, his blasts have no effect, and he ends up being the first Autobot to go down. The other Autobots fire, but they can't do anything to harm the Decepticons.

Beachcomber realizes the Decepticons have found the golden lagoon, so he retreats. The remaining Autobots get blasted out of the way, so the Decepticons return to their HQ. Starscream gloats that over 10,000 electron bursts hit him dead on, but it just felt like a soft breeze.

He then sees that their entertainment has arrived: Perceptor and Seaspray. He says the two Autobots will fight each other to the finish, courtesy of him. Soundwave says Megatron must be informed, but Starscream doesn't care, he thinks they need a little amusement. Perceptor and Seaspray are given blasters to fight with. Seaspray fires, as Perceptor dodges...

...but the shot just bounces off Starscream, causing all of the Decepticons to laugh. Meanwhile, Smokescreen has managed to get back to Omega Supreme, and tells him that he's their only hope. Omega transforms and tells him that failure is impossible.

Beachcomber returns to the golden lagoon, and sees that there are several Decepticons in it. Soundwave reports via radio to Megatron about Starscream's activities, just as Beachcomber sees the Decepticon leader.

Blitzwing sees him and catches Beachcomber with a stun blast. Back at the Decepticon HQ, Perceptor and Seaspray fire at a wall.

The wall explodes and debris falls down, making the Decepticons flee. The two Autobots shoot another wall and create a new exit, and run to a elevator. Seaspray is about to blast the doors open...

...only for them to open and reveal Beachcomber and a few Decepticons. Megatron asks them if they are going somewhere, and then calls Starscream a fool for almost letting them escape. He tells him their attack on Omega Supreme will begin at once, and Starscream is to lead the first wave. The Decepticons head out.

Omega sees them and fires several massive blasts, but the Decepticons fly through like nothing happened. Omega is disappointed at the results and continues firing, but Starscream fires back and strikes him.

Omega stomps the ground, causing a mini quake that a few Decepticons fall into, but Megatron decides to finish him off personally, and transforms. Soundwave catches him and fires one blast that hits Omega...

...which results in his defeat. Megatron orders his force back to their HQ, so they can re-arm and then attack the Autobot HQ. At the Autobot HQ, Optimus Prime and Ironhide can't believe Omega Supreme was defeated, but Mirage says it's true -Omega didn't even dent them.

Ironhide uses Teletraan I to find out more, and the computer comes back with the word "electrum". It means something to Prime, who tells the Autobots to send survey teams out at once -if there's electrum out there, they've got to find it before Megatron strikes again. Back at the beach, Powerglide pulls himself out of the sea.

He's about to make repairs when he sees a group of Decepticons flying above. He transforms and follows them at a distance, and sees them head to the golden lagoon. Realizing what the Decepticon's secret is, Powerglide heads back to the Autobot HQ.

Starscream contacts Megatron, telling him they'll be ready to attack the Autobot HQ within the hour. He asks about the prisoners, but Megatron tells him they are at his disposal. Skywarp and Thundercracker are sent to get them, only to find that Beachcomber's cell is empty. Skywarp goes in to check it out, but Beachcomber is hiding in the ceiling.

He drops down and takes Skywarp by surprise, taking him down. Thundercracker moves in only to be rammed by Beachcomber, and gets taken out. Beachcomber picks up one of their guns, and then releases Perceptor and Warpath from their cell.

He blasts open a window, which lets lots of water enter the base. Seaspray transforms and tells the others to hold on. He gets them back to the surface, and Beachcomber tells him full speed ahead, as they head back to the golden lagoon.

Elsewhere, Megatron says their moment of total victory over the Autobots is here. But Starscream tells him to cut the oration, as they've already heard it. Skywarp agrees, saying they can talk about victory after they've got it. At the lagoon, Long Haul reverses and tells Dirge to fill up the drums with that gold stuff.

He then dumps said drums all over Dirge, and tells him he's going off to the main force. As Long Haul drives off, Dirge starts complaining, but is then taken out by Seaspray. Seaspray's group head in but hear some noise, so they take aim...

...only to find it's the rest of the Autobots. Beachcomber jumps into the lagoon and tells the rest of the Autobots to come on in, as the electrum is fine. Back at the Autobot HQ, the Decepticons have started their attack.

However, Starscream finds out they are just firing at a bunch of dummies, and the entire base is empty. Megatron orders everyone to go back to the golden lagoon, but they are too late, by the time they get there, the Autobots have all covered themselves with electrum. Megatron orders for them to attack, but as they head in, Omega Supreme bursts out of the lagoon. The Decepticons fire on him, but their lasers do nothing.

A massive battle then starts, but as everyone's lasers bounce off their targets, the scenery is the only thing to take any damage. However, something then happens -the Decepticon's electrum begins to wear off, and soon several Decepticons return to normal. Blitzwing and Starscream get shot down...

...as Megatron sees them, then realizes his electrum has also worn off. The Autobots don't have this problem yet, and quickly turn the tide on the Decepticons. Realizing he's going to lose, Megatron orders the Decepticons to obliterate the lagoon -if they can't have it, nobody can! They open fire on the lagoon, causing the Autobots to move away from it.

The lagoon is totally destroyed, becoming nothing more than a smoking crater. The Decepticons fly away and the Autobots celebrate, but later on, as Beachcomber takes a look at the destroyed land, he only has one thing to say...

"We won..."


-Reflector makes a rare appearance in this episode -he's doing well, given that he briefly appeared in the previous episode. As the script isn't available for this episode it's not clear if the writer had him appear, or if the animators put him in. Reflector isn't going to be seen again until towards the very end of the season.

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