On a hill, a few Decepticons led by Starscream are fighting against Warpath and Hoist, but they're running out of energy. Ramjet attempts to take on Warpath, but gets rammed himself, hit so hard he gets sent straight back into the Decepticons, are are all knocked down the hill.

Starscream wants to get out of here, but Rumble says there is energy. He says energy is coming from these stones, as Ravage runs by him. Starscream says to follow Ravage, as his sensors indicate the energy is stronger inside.

They head in but Warpath keeps firing at them, which results in the entrance being destroyed. Starscream thinks this place has become their tomb, but Rumble says his sensors were right -there is energy in here. He runs his finger over a stone, causing the letters on it to light up, but Starscream smacks him out of the way because it could be dangerous -as his leader, he has to take the risk, plus he's lower on energy than him anyway! He runs his finger over the remaining letters, which also light up.

Suddenly an intense light appears before the Decepticons, and Ramjet notices that the entrance is no longer blocked. They all head outside and see that the Autobots are gone, but Rumble just hopes there is some energy here for the guys who didn't get to charge up inside.

Nearby, a lady called Nimue spots the Decepticons, but she thinks they are giant, armored knights from the dragon mound. She starts to follow them, but they then stop when Rumble says there are some weird-looking Autobots heading straight at them. These "Autobots" are actually knights, who believe that Rumble is a spy of the red knight. Ramjet and Starscream jump up and scare them both.

Starscream pushes one off his horse, whilst Ramjet headbuts the other, separating him from his horse. Ramjet says this Autobot is of inferior construction -one good whack and it breaks right in two! Starscream sees that these beings aren't Autobots, but humans pretending to be robots. Sir Wigend demands to know who he is, so Starscream introduces himself.

Wigend wants to see these giants help him in a raid against Sir Aetheling the Red. Rumble thinks he could probably use the help -they have interesting technology, but it's not very modern. Wigend says his armor was made this year, and when Rumble asks him what year it is, he tells him it's the year 543! Starscream realizes that stone room they were in must have been a time transporter. He tells Wigend it suits his purpose to help him defeat his enemy. Nearby, Nimue hears everything and decides to warn her father, who is the red knight, about this.

As she runs off, she is heard by the group, so Wigend, Wulf and Ravage go after her. Ramjet and Rumble want to go and help but Starscream stops them, saying to just let Ravage get the spy. What's more important is they have 1,451 years to go before they have to worry about the Autobots. and that bungler Megatron!

Nimue enters a thorny part of the forest where Wigend and Wulf can't follow her, but Ravage is able to get through easily. She enters a clearing and is looking out behind her, but she bumps into Spike.

Ravage pounces but the two duck, and he ends up skidding into Warpath, who sends him flying back. As Ravage retreats, Warpath and Hoist transform. Nimue tells them to come with her, they need to get away from here before the dragon returns. Warpath thinks that by "dragon", she must mean Starscream.

Hoist asks Nimue about her clothes, as by his databanks he dates her costume to the year 542 A.D., which he finds hard to believe. She says fashion is always a year behind Camelot out here in the countryside. She tells them her name, and asks if they will help them against the other giant knights, to which Warpath says they'd like nothing better. As the two Autobots transform, Nimue says her father were be pleased. They arrive at Aetheling's castle, and Hoist tells Aetheling if the Decepticons are aiding Sir Wigend, he'll need their help.

Spike says he needs help, as he's struggling to move in the suit of armor he's been given. Nimue told him he'd need it to be in the tournament tomorrow, but he falls over after trying to move. Hoist says he'll do what he can, and starts to forge a new suit of armor. He asks Aetheling why he is feuding with Wigend. Aetheling says it's because of some cows -they wandered through a break is Wigend's fence and devoured his garden. He's keeping the cows until Wigend fixes the fence, upon hearing this Wigend accused him of stealing and claimed that his land really belonged to him! The tournament is simply an excuse to get him here to settle things peacefully... he hopes.

Hoist finishes the new armor and passes it to Spike, but then stumbles and says he's getting low on energy. Spike puts the armor on and once again falls over, but asks Nimue how he looks. She thinks he is her champion...

...and kisses him. The next day, the tournament begins. Nimue tells her father how exciting it is, but he just hopes he can make Wigend see reason. Hoist helps Spike get onto a horse, as he's going to be jousting.

Warpath tells him to aim for the center of the guy's shield and hang on to his horse. The contest begins, and Spike is easily beaten... but at least he held onto his horse!

Aetheling welcomes Wigend, but Wigend tells him to hold his tongue. He wants to settle their dispute in battle, but Aetheling tells him he'd hoped for peace. However if that's how Wigend wants it, so be it. Wigend says it is, and says whoever wins will become the rightful Lord over this entire countryside. Aetheling agrees to this, and says he'll meet him at arms. But Wigend tells him he'll meet his champions: Sir Rumble and Sir Ramjet! Warpath transforms and rolls up to Aetheling, telling him to hop on.

Aetheling is placed on him by Hoist, as Warpath says he has no laser power left, but they're still going to clean their clocks! Starscream isn't happy the Autobots have followed them here, as this is his world to conquer. Aetheling and Warpath charge, as do Rumble and Ramjet, but as they clash, it's the good guys who get the victory.

Rumble is sent crashing into Ramjet's cockpit, but Ramjet is more upset that his nose has been ruined. Nimue is happy her father has won, and tells Wigend that his champions have lost. Now he should try to act noble, and tell her father that he is sorry. Before he can do that, Starscream grabs Nimue and tells Aetheling to surrender his kingdom to him within 24 hours, or he'll never see his daughter again!

Starscream transforms and rolls out, and the Autobots try to stop him, but they can't catch up with him. The other Decepticons also go after him, but they notice that he can't fly. He keeps trying to take off but doesn't have the energy to do so, and just keeps having to roll for it.

Warpath transforms back to his robot mode and tells Hoist he hasn't got the energy to even stay transformed. As he says this, an owl is flying above them, and returns to a magician called Beorht. Beorht is pleased to see the owl, named Solomon, and gives him a rat's tail . He finds out from him about Nimue being kidnapped, and Beorht thinks that just because some idiot has been made 20 feet tall, he thinks he rules the Earth! Those who play with fire might find themselves singed by the dragon's breath. He and Solomon head towards the castle.

The Decepticons return to Wigend's castle, and Nimue is locked in a tower. Wigend isn't pleased as he thinks kidnapping Nimue was stupid enough, but bringing her to his castle... Starscream then interrupts him and says he gives the orders now, and this is now his castle... just like how it will soon be his world. He falls over from a lack of energy, but Wulf appears and passes Starscream the gold jewelry he demanded.

Starscream crushes the gold, and uses it to create a wire for his new electric dynamo. Later on, a primitive generator is constructed, with is operated by some peasants. This generates energy, and Starscream is the first to recharge. But he complains there is barely enough to charge his basic life support systems, and tells the peasants to work faster.

Back at Aetheling's castle, Spike thinks this is his fault, as he was supposed to be Nimue's champion, and he should have protected her. Warpath is feeling guilty about it himself, but then Hoist calls out to him. He tells Spike he has to go and see what Hoist wants, but in the meantime, he can go on ahead and see what he can do. Spike heads out on a horse to Wigend's castle. At Wigend's castle, Starscream finishes recharging and sees that the charcoal is coming along fine, and tells Ramjet to go for the rock salt now.

Starscream orders Rumble and Ravage to get out of the charging station, as they are to go with Wulf to fetch the sulphur. Rumble says they need potassium nitrate as well, and asks if Starscream is going to fetch that. Just then a bird happens to poop on Starscream, but it gives him an idea, and he says he's not going to get it -Rumble is. Elsewhere, Wigend enters Nimue's room, but she tells him to go. He tries to explain, but she attacks him.

She says all the evil things he's done, and how his so-called friends are going to make slaves of them all. He surprises her by saying she's right -she's absolutely right. He's been an idiot, but he'll do his best to change. He also asks her if she knows how beautiful her eyes are. Outside, Spike is climbing up the tower...

...but he falls and lands in the moat. He takes off his armor and heads up, just as Rumble demands for the drawbridge to be lowered, as he's got all of the stupid potassium nitrate.

The rest of the materials have been collected, as Starscream says they may not have lasers in this world, but thanks to these ingredients, what they do have is gunpowder! He demonstrates by throwing some at a wall, sending Wulf flying. Starscream hopes the Autobots are stupid enough to attempt a rescue. Meanwhile, Spike finally manages to get into the tower.

But she tells him she doesn't want to be saved from Wigend -she's just decided to marry him! Outside, the Autobots, Aetheling and his army have arrived at Wigend's castle. They start their attack, but Rumble sees them and reports it to Starscream. Starscream thinks it's about time, and has kegs of gunpowder launched via catapults.

The kegs rain down and explode, destroying Aetheling's siege tower. Aetheling asks how they'll scale the walls now, but Warpath tells him he's still got them. Ramjet throws a couple of kegs at the Autobots that cause Hoist to fall over, but everyone is able to use him to get over the moat.

Wulf throws Wigend out of the castle, and into the moat -Starscream has relieved him of command. Spike goes to challenge Wulf instead, but it's Nimue who takes him out by hitting him on the back of the head with a stool. Meanwhile Hoist helps get Aetheling's army into the castle by letting them scale himself.

Warpath challenges Ramjet, and the two fight each other with clubs made from trees, but Ramjet is able to knock his opponent out of the castle. Warpath lands on Hoist, as Hoist says that without energy, they're done for. Meanwhile, Ravage has cornered Spike...

...but is scared off by Solomon. Solomon returns to Beorht, who has arrived at the battle. Beorht sees the famous giant knights, as Aetheling and Wigend approach him. Aetheling says these knights are their friends, and Wigend says if they don't get this thing they call "energy", he fears they'll perish.

Starscream shouts out that if that happens, it'll leave him to stand invincible in this primitive world. Beorht says not if his magic can help it, to which Starscream says that magic can never defeat science. Beorht calls on Tyrwas, the God of the Sky, and says that whilst he knows not of science, but if the God will bring these giants life... Beorht's staff suddenly glows with energy...

...which he zaps Warpath and Hoist with. They get up, and Warpath says that sure felt good. The two Autobots are able to transform again, so they do and charge towards Wigend's castle.

They start smashing into the wall Starscream is on, eventually breaking it and causing the Decepticon to fall. Hoist then attaches his winch cable to the dynamo, and drives around it a few times...

...before releasing it into the Decepticons, causing it to explode and defeat them. Nimue is reunited with her father, as he finds out about her plans to marry. Spike is a little upset, but Warpath tells him better luck next time.

Beorht asks Hoist what they'll do with the Decepticons. Hoist says they'll take them back with them, that is, if there is a way back. Beorht realizes these knights are time travelers, and takes them back to the stone room. Spike wants to know why the place is known as the dragon mound. Beorht explains that he created it to use as a time traveling device, but then a wandering dragon decided to make it his home. Spike says they never saw the dragon earlier, but Beorht says it was because the dragon was out visiting relatives... but he's home now!

The dragon stars breathing fire everywhere, but Beorht has a bag of dragon's bane. Starscream thinks the wizard is crazy, but Warpath thinks his magic has done them pretty well so far. He gets the bag and throws it at the dragon just as it breathes fire, causing it to explode and get the dragon to fly away.

Hoist and Warpath celebrate, and then the Transformers and Spike head back through the stone room. Beorht offers them Godspeed, and Nimue says they'll never forget them.

As soon as they get outside, they are attacked. Spike and the Autobots go one way, whilst Starscream's group go another. Starscream see it's Megatron who's shooting. He tells him to hold his fire and jumps up to him...

...and pins him down, saying they're back. Megatron calls him a fool as he's ruined his shot, as the Autobots transform and get out of there. As Megatron gets up, Starscream asks him what's the matter -isn't he glad to see them?



-SCRIPT DIFFERENCES: Click here for details.

-The original broadcast version of this episode has a typo in the title card: A Deceptacon Raider in King Arthur's Court. This was fixed for the DVD releases.

-At the very end of the episode, a group of Decepticons come running towards Megatron and Starscream:

And Reflector is among them. He's a bit difficult to make out due to the fog, but he is there, which is a bit surprising as the writers were told not to use him. However, in the script, it doesn't mention Reflector for this scene -it just states "other Decepticons". So it seems the animators put him in for whatever reason.

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