Spike, Carly and Blaster are at a rock concert. Carly thinks the sounds are great, and Blaster says music is the universal language. Spike this it's awesome, but thinks it's too bad the other Autobots aren't here to enjoy it. Blaster says that don't have to be...

Back at the Autobot HQ, Optimus Prime tells Omega Supreme to prepare for target practice, but Omega says he's always prepared. But suddenly rock music blasts through Teletraan I's speakers, as Blaster sends the rock concert's audio to them. Nearly everybody hates the loud music, but Jazz thinks it sounds alright.

At an observatory, Professor Haley tells a crowd that there must be intelligent life out there, waiting to be contacted. His voltronic galaxer will scramble his words into pulsations, enabling alien life to translate his words into their own language. He sends out a message, just as the Decepticons arrive and land on the roof. Starscream blasts a hole in the roof...

...but Megatron yells at him for doing that, as he could have destroyed the voltronic galaxer. Haley starts trying to contact the Autobots for assistance, but Starscream fires at him.

At the Autobot HQ, Blaster still rules Teletraan I's airwaves. Prime tells him to decrease volume, and when that doesn't work, tells him to shut up! As the music continues, they hear Haley's call for help. Blaster is still playing music, but when all of the Autobots tell him to shut up, he switches it off. Haley's message comes through clearly, so the Autobots transform and head out.

At the observatory, Haley begs for Megatron to not take the voltronic galaxer, but is told to get off before he loses more than his machines. Having got what they came for without any interruptions, the Decepticons leave.

Megatron meets up with Astrotrain, and places the voltronic galaxer inside him. As Astrotrain transforms to his space shuttle mode, the Decepticons board him as they head into space.

Later on, the Autobots arrive at the observatory, but find out from Haley that they are too late, the Decepticons got away with the voltronic galaxer. Jazz says it was because they were held up by a little musical diversion, but Prime wants to know what the Decepticons would want with the machine. Haley says the voltronic galaxer could let them do things such as unscramble air codes or intercept radio transmission. Prime says they'll get it back for him, as the Autobots transform and return to their HQ.

Prime has some Autobots sent out to locate the Decepticons, but finds out from Huffer and Tracks that they've not seen anything. He checks in with Powerglide, Spike and Carly next, but they've got nothing to report either. Meanwhile, Cosmos and Blaster are checking things out way above the Earth.

Blaster isn't happy as he can't even get a bottom 40 station out here, as Cosmos tells him to quit complaining. Blaster takes a look through a viewer and finds out where some Decepticons are -the moon. It seems they've built a small base there, so they go to spy on them. Cosmos switches off his engines and lands on a cliff above the base.

Inside the base, Megatron explains that the voltronic galaxer will jam the airwaves between here and Earth. However, Cosmos has landed too close to the base, and the Decepticons see him. Megatron orders Astrotrain to clear the area of any foreign debris, so he takes off.

Cosmos takes off, but is soon under attack by Astrotrain. He tries firing back, but his laser blasts can't dent Astrotrain.

Astrotrain uses a tractor beam to pull Cosmos into him, and he takes him back to the base. Megatron guesses Prime must have sent them to eavesdrop on their plans to conquer the Earth.

He punches Blaster and tells Astrotrain to weld him into place, which he does be firing at him. Megatron thinks Blaster will make an excellent transcrambler, whilst Cosmos, who Megatron refers to as an otherwise useless piece of scrap, will serve as a power booster.

Megatron orders Starscream and Thundercracker to return to Earth. As the machine is powered on, it sends out powerful waves that reach the Earth. And at an airport...

...the staff of the control tower suddenly lose all communications with the pilots. This results in several planes nearly crashing into each other. Powerglide helps one jet land by leading it onto an empty runway.

Elsewhere, two guys are clearing a fallen tree off a train track when they see a train heading towards them. One of the guys attempts to radio in to get the train switched the auxiliary track, but his radio doesn't work.

The driver sees the two guys trying to flag him down, but it's too late for him to stop the train, and he has to jump out. His train goes over the tree and ands up exploding. Red Alert and Inferno happen to be nearby. Inferno asks him if he smells smoke, and Red Alert says he can't, but he says there's always a fire... somewhere. Inferno tells him that somewhere is dead ahead, so they go off to check it out.

Red Alert transforms and starts to knock out the fire by shooting down some trees, whilst Inferno puts it out with water. As the guys watch, their radio goes off -but they hear Megatron's voice. Just then, Red Alert and Inferno come under attack from Thundercracker and Ramjet.

Elsewhere, a meteorologist is trying to use a computer to find out the weather, but the screen is blank. He looks out the window and says he doesn't need a forecast to tell him that that's a snowstorm, and puts out an emergency broadcast telling motorist to stay off the mountain roads. But with communications down, his message doesn't get through, and soon several people get stuck in the snow.

At the Autobot HQ, Ratchet and Sparkplug see that Teletraan I has gone dead, as Prime says so has all radio communication on Earth. The Autobots transform and roll out, to go and help people. A group of Autobots head to the mountains, and start helping out the people who are trapped in the snowstorm.

Trailbreaker uses his force field to protect a guy from a small avalanche, whilst Hoist tells everyone to stay in their cars, as they'll have them out as fast as they can. But then they hear a voice over the radio: Megatron! He introduces himself, just as Ramjet and Thundercracker attack.

Trailbreaker has to put up his force field again to protect everyone, as Megatron says he is the leader of the Decepticons, and ruler of planet Earth. He tells the flesh creatures not to worry, as soon they will have a new leader to piece their planet back together. Cosmos says he'll leave it in pieces, and tells Blaster they've got to do something.

Back at the airport, Prime is helping direct planes, as Megatron continues to speak over every frequency -he says he controls the airwaves. Just then, Ramjet and Thundercracker attack Prime, causing an explosion which knocks him down. Ramjet then collides with Powerglide, causing him to head into a dive.

Carly remembers about the emergency jet packs, and tosses one to Spike. He places it onto part of Powerglide's exterior and turns it on, allowing him to avoid crashing. Megatron continues to speak, telling the Earthlings he will return their airwaves to them for a price.

He says he wants all of their energy reserves -coal, oil, gas, electricity -all of it! And then, and only then, will he return the airwaves to them. As he's talking, nobody notices that Blaster pushes a button that makes him start playing music from the rock concert, that is broadcast during Megatron's speech. Spike realizes it must be Blaster, and Carly manages to find out the source of the sound: the moon!

Spike asks if Powerglide can make it to the moon, but he tells them he's a plane, not a starship. He then picks up Prime by attaching a line to him, and attempts to fly back to the Autobot HQ. But the jetpack runs out of fuel and turns off, and Powerglide realizes that their HQ is too far away. So he decides to change course.

Back at the mountain, the Autobots have survived the Decepticon attack, and hear Blaster's music. But they've got to take care of the humans they've picked up, so head out to take them away. Meanwhile, Powerglide has landed at Omega Supreme's location. Spike and Carly take a look at Prime, but Spike thinks they could really do with Ratchet's expertise right now. Carly says that maybe these emergency transistors she's installing will reactivate him for a while.

Powerglide thinks that if Blaster is on the moon, maybe Megatron is there as well, using Blaster to foul up Earth's communications systems. Omega says they must rescue their Autobot comrades, but Powerglide says that whilst he might have enough energy for a trip to the moon, what about Prime? And they can't even contact Teletraan I, and without help, Prime could be finished. Omega says they must go together, and places Prime inside himself.

He then tells the others to enter, and as soon as they go inside, Omega blasts off. Next stop: the moon!

Megatron is making threats about what will happen if his demands aren't met, but then the music suddenly blasts through the speakers. He realizes Blaster is up to something and kicks him in the head, and is going to shoot him when the base is rocked by an explosion.

Megatron and Astrotrain see there is now a hole in the roof, and that some Autobots have arrived. He tells Astrotrain to stop them, as the two head outside. Omega lands and Powerglide, Spike and Carly get out. Omega also has Prime lifted out...

...so he can transform into his gigantic robot mode. He demands that Megatron release the Autobots, but he says never. Omega grabs him and makes the same demand: release them!

Carly and Spike cheer Omega on, but Astrotrain says it looks like the big boy needs a little training. He transforms to his train mode and crashes into Omega's foot, causing him to drop Megatron.

Astrotrain transforms to his shuttle mode, as Omega takes a swipe at him, but misses. Omega transforms back and blasts off, going after Astrotrain. As the others continue cheering him on, they notice what Megatron is doing...

...he's gotten right up to Prime! He kicks him, but Prime reactivates and throws Megatron. Megatron gets back up, and the two continue fighting.

Inside the base, Blaster says it's time for some feedback, as Cosmos tells him how about a power boost? He blasts the machine holding the voltronic galaxer, which explodes and destroys the base.

Prime says he may be low on energy, but he still has enough to conquer Megatron. He shoves him back, causing him to fall over. Prime picks up his rifle and points it at Megatron, telling him not to move. At the other battle, Astrotrain taunts Omega, telling him he's too outdated to catch him.

Omega surprises him by transforming and using his massive reach to grab him. He then throws him far away, as Megatron tells Prime he has won -for now. He then flies away.

Prime and the others head into the base's remains, and save Cosmos and Blaster. Blaster says he wants to turn this place into a radio moon, with a loony lunar lineup of hip hits. Cosmos thinks it could give him some company out here. Blaster says how about it, as he did save the day. Prime tells him he did, but his volume, like any capability, is also a responsibility -he must decide when it's the right time, and the wrong time, to use it. The Autobots head back to Omega, as Blaster gets yelled at by Prime for being too loud again.


-SCRIPT DIFFERENCES: Click here for details.

-This episode marks the debut of Omega Supreme, who like all the other second season characters introduced up until now, has come out of nowhere. However it will later be explained how he got to Earth in The Secret of Omega Supreme.

-Omega Supreme's transformation is a bit weird. When he blasts off, he leaves behind a great deal of himself, such as his track and tank (all of this combines with himself to become the robot mode).

However when he lands on the moon in this episode, all of this stuff he left on Earth just magically comes back once the dust clears. This happens all the time with him and it's just one of those things you don't question, just like where Prime's trailer comes from and how Transformers can shrink.

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