The doors open... and Carly and Spike see that Shockwave is ready and waiting. He blasts Carly's car, which completely disintegrates it. They run out and pass by Shockwave.

They take cover behind a Sentinel robot, and Spike says Shockwave won't blast one of his own. However Shockwave disintegrates it regardless, forcing the two humans to run off again. Spike sees a tiny gap that he and Carly manage to roll under, leaving Shockwave unable to get to them.

Carly wonders why Shockwave hasn't tried to fire at them, but she then wonders if maybe he didn't want to damage anything in this room. She thinks they are in the Decepticon's master computer. Spike tries contacting Teletraan I, and gets through to his father. He explains where he is.

Sparkplug gets Teletraan I to display a simulated picture of them and where they are. He tells them they are inside the computer which runs most of what's still functioning on Cybertron, and that the power source for the computer is at the bottom of the room. Carly opens up a panel and says if she can tie into the computer, maybe they can control the space bridge from there. But a spark of energy goes down the wire and shocks Carly, causing her to stumble backwards.

She slides down towards the computer's power source, but stops part way. The computer overloads and explodes, which turns the power off and causes everything to go dark. Spike turns on his photon light -a device Wheeljack gave to him which is brighter than any flashlight on Earth. Carly gets up but says she's twisted her ankle.

Spike goes down to her, but he can't get back up. Sparkplug contacts him and says that there's a way out at the bottom of the room. Spike finds a ladder, which he and Carly go down. As they head into another room, they pass lots of energon cubes. Spike is a bit confused as to where these came from, as he thought the planet was all out of energy. Sparkplug tells him to leave the energon cubes, as the Autobots need Cybertonium.

Meanwhile, Shockwave contacts Megatron. Megatron tells him to transmit the Cybertonium. Shockwave says he can't, as the space bridge is nonfunctional until the computer has been repaired. Megatron asks about the humans, and Shockwave sheepishly tells him that they managed to escape. Megatron orders him to find them before they reach the Cybertonium supplies, or he'll have him reprogrammed to do maintenance! Shockwave says he'll dispatch a Sentinel to take care of them.

The Sentinel tracks down Spike and Carly, and starts to charge towards them. Carly tells Spike to hold a door open, as she goes through. Spike releases the door at the last moment, which shuts and traps the Sentinel's head.

Sparkplug says Wheeljack's lab is nearby, and there's a small supply of Cybertonium stored there. Spike picks Carly up as they don't have time for her to be hobbling along, and he's not going to leave her here. They begin to move through the city, with Sparkplug giving them directions. Carly thinks the place is incredible, and wonders how they ever could have left this. But she then sees something and tells Spike to stop. Whatever it was disappears, but she tells Spike it was like a huge shadow.

They arrive at Wheeljack's lab, and Carly gets the door opened. They head inside and Spike starts to look for the Cybertonium, as Wheeljack is too weak to tell Sparkplug exactly where it is. But then they hear a tapping noise from above, so Spike rushes off to find a weapon. He finds a blaster in a room and brings it back with him.

Whatever is making the noise starts to crack up the roof, so Spike fires and hits the attacker. But it turns out the thing he's hit is Swoop! Swoop crashes through the ceiling and asks not to shoot. Swoop explains what happened to the Dinobots.

When they arrived on the planet via the space bridge, they cornered Shockwave. But then the guards came, and there was a big fight. Soon the other Dinobots were captured, but he got away.

He tells them that the other Dinobots were taken to the Cybertonium pits. Carly says they've got to free the Dinobots, but Spike tells her first they've got to find them. He contacts his Dad and asks if Teletraan I can guide them to the Cybertonium pits. Sparkplug says it can, and tells them to standby for instructions. As they head off, Spike points out that Carly isn't limping any more, and she says she thinks her ankle is better.

The three head out, but Cybertron is a big place for a human. Swoop picks Spike and Carly up and carries them to a what Spike believes is a Cybertronic mass transit system. They board a car and input the co-ordinates Sparkplug gives to them.

The car moves off, heading through a series of tubes which change directions frequently. It eventually comes to a stop, and Spike wonders if they've arrived at the Cybertonium pits, but they find out why they've stopped: one of the tubes is broken. Carly says it looks like they're walking the rest of the way, as Spike tries to contact his Dad. But he can't get through to him -he guesses they must be too deep into the planet to communicate.

Swoop decides to go one way, and Spike and Carly follow him. They go through a few corridors and come across a room with several deactivated robots in it. Carly thinks these were the primitive ancestors of the Autobots, who sure have evolved a lot over the eons. As they head through another corridor, they unknowingly set off a trap -a giant axe swings down and damages one of Swoop's wings. Carly thinks the axe is part of some old automatic defense system which was never deactivated.

They continue on, but soon encounter another trap. This time, the doors shut and the walls close in, threatening to crush them all. But Swoop punches his way through one, saying that that metal of the good old days isn't so good.

The group keeps going, but then come across yet another trap: missiles. But they pass over them and come back, and Swoop realizes they are heat-seeking missiles that won't give up. Swoop transforms and does some fancy flying, as Carly and Spike hold onto him.

But with his wing damaged, he can't fly that well and ends up crashing. The missiles are about to hit them when Swoop remembers he can transform. He transforms to his robot mode and fires off a couple of his own missiles, which blow up the ones that were chasing them.

They eventually get come across a battered, run-down part of Cybertron. Carly finds a viewing room, so the group head into it and find a viewer of some sort. Carly uses it, and manages to get it to insert a disc which plays a video. They start watching a video about Cybertron's history...

"Millions of years ago, Cybertron was a planet of peace... until the Decepticons, lusting for power... began a terrible war. Not designed for combat, the Autobots were overwhelmed...

...and subjugated by their evil opponents. Whilst many Autobots fled Cybertron, a few valiant survivors devised new tactics...

...and launched a counter-offensive on their arch foes. And thus began... a terrible series of wars. Many times, both sides have claimed victory. But this has been short-lived, for the Autobots have overthrown Decepticon tyrants... and likewise, Decepticon treachery has toppled many a peaceful Autobot ruler. And to this day, the war rages on..."

The video ends, and Swoop says he didn't know about that. But before any of them can say anything else, a wall gets blasted down: they've been found by Shockwave's Sentinels.

Swoop gets blasted, and one of the Sentinels reports to Shockwave. He tells him to take them to the Cybertonium pits, so they are lead to them. They see that the other Dinobots are working inside a fenced-off pit.

They are put into this pit and Spike tries to contact his Dad again, but can't get through. Spike asks Grimlock why he doesn't transform, so they can break out of here. But Grimlock says he can't transform, and Snarl says he can't here. Slag says he doesn't want to leave, and Sludge says they work for the Decepticons.

Swoop says something is wrong, as the Dinobots don't work for anybody, any time. As the guards aren't paying attention, Carly checks on Snarl's circuits.

She then checks Swoop's and finds out that the other Dinobots have had their memory circuits bypassed. She quickly gets to work on each of the Dinobots, fixing their circuits and returning them to their usual selves. Swoop thanks her for fixing Dinobots, and Sludge and Snarl thank her as well.

Grimlock says that he guesses helping others is OK. Spike says he has a plan to get them out of here. They all group together and then proceed. Grimlock suddenly yells at Spike, telling him he hates him and says he won't do what he says.

The Sentinel guards tell them to keep working, but Grimlock refuses to work with a human. One of the Sentinels contacts Shockwave and asks what to do, so Shockwave tells him to take the humans out. The electric fence is deactivated, but before the Sentinels can move in, they are attacked by the Dinobots.

Slag uses his laser breath to incinerate the Sentinels. The group head outside, and Spike wonders which way they should go. Carly thinks it's too far to go back the way they came, but Grimlock says he knows a way.

He leads them to a tube, but Spike says there's no car. Grimlock says he needs no car, and picks Spike and Carly up before heading into the tube. The tube allows movement by just standing in it, and everyone heads upwards. Meanwhile, Sparkplug contacts Spike and tells him they've managed to link into the Decepticon's computer and reset the space bridge, so it will open near Autobot HQ. Back on Cybertron, Swoop exits the tube first, and comes across Shockwave about to send some Cybertonium to Earth on the space bridge.

Shockwave is telling Megatron that he has lost control of the space bridge's destination, but is then attacked by Swoop. Everyone else heads into the space bridge, just as Shockwave manages to land a hit on Swoop. Swoop's wing is blown off, but he manages to fly into the space bridge.

Back on Earth, Sparkplug watches as the space bridge activates, and is relieved to see that his son and everyone else has made it. Spike says with the Dinobot's help, they've brought back enough Cybertonium to repair all of the Autobots.

Later on, Optimus Prime tells Spike and Carly they owe them their lives, and to show them their appreciation, they'd like to make them honorary Autobots. He gives them each a medal with the Autobot insignia on it, and Carly thanks him, as this is a real honor. She also thanks Spike and kisses him, saying it was fun.

Prime tells the Dinobots they've done an excellent job. The other Autobots cheer, as Slag and Snarl admit that whilst they don't like it, they will take orders from Prime now. Grimlock says that is until he no longer feels like it!


-The end of the first part had Shockwave blast open the space bridge entrance, and this is even shown in the recap shown at the start of the second part. But when the episode actually begins, things are changed so Shockwave just stands there and instead of causing an explosion, his single blast disintegrates Carly's car. He was also shown wielding a weapon that's just a smaller version of his own gun mode at the end of part one, but he doesn't have this at the start of part two. Also, near the end of part one, a shipment of Cybertonium did arrive on Earth, as the Constructicons had started to transport it. But for some reason this appears to have disappeared in part two, as Shockwave has to get another shipment sent out.

-Spike comments about the energon cubes, wondering how they've gotten there. This is a hint that the Autobots are not managing to stop the Decepticons getting energon to Cybertron 100% of the time, and later episodes will reveal that Megatron isn't just getting energon from Earth.

-We get something new in this episode: actual death! The video file Spike and co watch shows a few Autobots getting blown apart, and the Sentinel who talks to Shockwave gets melted down by Slag. Perhaps the writers were trying to ready children for a certain movie...

-We're not quite halfway through the second season yet, but this is the last time the Dinobots appear in it. I guess Hasbro were happy enough with how many times their toys had been plugged, but it seems they were still some of the most popular characters -they'll return for big roles in the movie, and also make plenty of appearances in season three.

-The Cybertonium shipment Shockwave had ready to send back appears to be energon cubes, just colored green instead of pink. It looks different to the shipment seen at the end of the first part.

-Whilst some characters new to the second season appeared in the previous part -like Blitzwing, Powerglide and Hoist -only first season characters appear in this part.

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