"Off the Malabar coast of India, a Maharaja has converted his palace into a solar power station, as a gift to his people..."

The Maharaja's new gift doesn't last long as 3 Decepticons -Starscream, Skywarp and Thundercracker -show up and blow apart one of the palace's walls. A group of Autobots are on the way, led by Optimus Prime. Prime tells them to activate their hydrofoils -and soon they're all cruising across the waters. Jazz thanks Wheeljack for the crazy water skis -he's always wanted to play motorboat.

Skywarp wrecks the computer and then suggests they play a game of catch the Maharaja. Starscream tells him they're not here to frolic, and to get rid of the human. But before he can do that, the Maharaja is saved by Prime.

This is all being watched by Megatron and his new ally, Doctor Arkeville. Arkeville wants a guinea pig for his experiment as Megatron had promised him, to which Megatron tells him to show patience -this operation is proceeding as according to schedule. He contacts Soundwave and tells him to being phase two. Soundwave acknowledges, and sends Rumble into the Autobot HQ.

Sparkplug is doing some repairs on Ironhide when everything begins to shake. It's Rumble who's causing it, so Ironhide runs a scan and finds where the center of the disturbance is. He and a few other Autobots rush off to investigate.

As this is happening, Soundwave also sends in Ravage and Laserbeak. Laserbeak enters the HQ via flying in through the top of the volcano. Inside, Sideswipe is about to shoot Rumble, but Ravage attacks him. He slings Ravage into a wall, but Laserbeak enters, snatches up Sparkplug...

...and takes him out of the base! Back at the palace, Megatron contacts the Decepticons and tells them the operation has been a success, and for them to return to base. They transform and leave, and the Autobots are very confused as to why they've pulled out -they didn't even take any energon cubes. Wheeljack has found out why -the Decepticons have attacked their HQ! Prime tells everyone to head back to HQ.

Laserbeak takes Sparkplug back to the Decepticon base. Megatron tells Arkeville that his guinea pig has arrived. Moments later, Starscream, Skywarp and Thundercracker also arrive, but Skywarp gets into an argument with Starscream -he thinks Megatron's plan was brilliant, whilst Starscream thinks their diversionary attack it was a waste of energy. Skywarp says he wastes more energy with his mouth, which results the two getting into a fight -something Thundercracker decides to stay out of. Megatron yells at them to control themselves.

With everyone distracted, Sparkplug runs over to a computer and starts pushing every button, trying to get a door to open. But Arkeville grabs him and puts him back on a chair, telling him not to go yet, as he has something that will interest him. He reveals his invention: a small chip.

Megatron tells him this chip had better function, or Arkeville may cease to. Arkeville places the chip onto Sparkplug, who tells them that whatever it is they're doing, the Autobots will stop them. Megatron silences him and says he will be the first of a new breed -a breed of slaves!

Back at Autobot HQ, Bumblebee tries to cheer Spike up and says they'll get Sparkplug back no matter what it takes. He asks Wheeljack if he's got any new inventions, and he says he does, but they'll need a plan. Prowl says he's got the plan -if they've got the cast-iron manifolds for it. Prime says they have, and orders the Autobots to transform and roll out.

At the Decepticon HQ, Shockwave has contacted Megatron and tells him everything is ready. Megatron asks him if he is sure that the new space bridge can transport its special cargo. Shockwave says it can, but delivering this cargo will use up all of their remaining energon cubes. Megatron tells him they'll worry about that later, then cuts the communication when he notices Arkeville listening in. Arkeville asks about the space bridge and special cargo, only to be told it's not his affair. Megatron tells him that the Earth shall be his once they're through with it -that's all he needs to know. He then tells the doctor to give him a demonstration, as they walk into the room Sparkplug is being held in.

Arkeville says that his hypno-chip can override the will of the individual -and he can control the actions of his subject. He activates the chip, as Megatron decides to test his theory. He opens a door, revealing a model of Optimus Prime, and tells Sparkplug to say hello to his friend. Sparkplug does the opposite -he attacks the Prime model and knocks it over. Megatron is pleased, as this hypno-chip will provide a means to conquer Earth and the Autobots once and for all.

The Autobots arrive at the edge of a cliff, and most of them transform. Prime tells everyone they have their assignments -go for it! He and several of the Autobots leap into the sea, whilst Brawn, Cliffjumper and Windcharger take a different route, with Brawn drilling through the ground, letting them travel under the waters.

Prime's group head straight towards the Decepticon base -they are spotted by a scanner, which Prime destroys. The Autobots continue on, but before they can get to the base, they're attacked by Megatron. He tells them that there's more where that came from.

However a sneak attack from Sunstreaker sends him flying, as more Decepticons arrive and a big battle breaks out. As this is going on, Brawn's group continue on, and Windcharger activates his magnetic field to pinpoint the location they need to get to.

They reach it and Brawn smashes through the seabed, as he and the others arrive at the Decepticon HQ undetected. Cliffjumper uses his glass gas beam on part of the base, breaking the floor apart -and sending Starscream into the water. Arkeville runs off...

...as the Autobots move in. They quickly retrieve Sparkplug, as Brawn does a bit of extra damage to the base for good measure.

They then head back out the way they came. Starscream climbs back in, saying the Autobots will pay for this -Arkeville tells him they certainly will, now that they've taken their slave into their midst. The Autobots head back to their HQ and start doing some repair work on themselves.

Spike is glad to have his Dad back, but Sparkplug tells him no talk -there is work to be done. Spike thinks something is wrong, and Wheeljack agrees, as Sparkplug goes to try and repair Ratchet -even through he doesn't need repairs. This is seen by Arkeville, who tells Sparkplug to only repair the injured Autobots.

Sparkplug goes to repair Optimus Prime next, but Ratchet tells him he's already fixed them. Sparkplug snaps that he's a mechanic -he knows what he's doing! Just then Prime gets shot, as the Decepticons have somehow marched straight into the Autobot HQ!

The Autobots attempt to fire back, but all of their weapons malfunction. Bumblebee tells Spike to hide, so he runs off. But as he does, he trips over a wrench.

This wrench is his father's, and has been left in front of Teletraan I. Spike takes a look at the computer and realizes that the reason the alarm didn't go off is because his Dad sabotaged Teletraan I! Sparkplug then walks up and Spike asks him what's wrong. Sparkplug says he doesn't know, he can't stop himself, and the Decepticons... before he can finish, he clutches his head in pain. Arkeville cranks up the power and Sparkplug smacks his son back, telling him to stay out of the way.

The Autobots have easily been defeated, and Megatron is about to finish them off. But before he can, Spike takes a chance and places the wrench into part of Teletraan I, which short circuits it. This causes the alarm to go off, and fire-retardant foam is released from the ceiling.

Megatron realizes that their circuitry has been shortened out, and their weapons no longer work. Skywarp suggests they just bash the Autobots to pieces, but Megatron says if they stay, the foam will permanently damage their circuitry. As he thinks the Autobots are through any way, he orders the Decepticons to retreat.

Sparkplug also leaves, but tells Spike to come with him -join him and rule! Spike tells him he isn't like the Decepticons, but Sparkplug says he will fight against his own father -when next they meet, they are enemies! He runs out of the base. Meanwhile, the Decepticons arrive back at the 3 energy pylons they've constructed, and start making adjustments to them.

Arkeville says this must be to do with the space bridge and the special cargo. Megatron says that's right -and the special cargo is planet Cybertron itself! Arkeville freaks out, saying that the gravity of Cybertron will create earth quakes and tidal waves, it'll devastate Earth! Megatron says that devastation will create a tremendous flow of energy, which Arkeville's hypno-chip slaves will collect into energon cubes. These cubes will be then shipped to Cybertron for Decepticon use. Arkeville's not happy -he will be left to be the ruler of a dead world! Megatron tells him that's a small problem for his amazing genius.

Back at the Autobot HQ, Ratchet repairs Teletraan I, and its Sky Spies are functioning again. It doesn't take long for one of the Sky Spies to find the Decepticons, but the Autobots also see the 3 energy pylons. They have the pylons scanned and find the energy readings from them form a space pyramid, with its apex being beyond this galaxy. It's the biggest space bridge ever! Prime says they must investigate at once, and the Autobots roll out.

On Cybertron, Shockwave contacts Megatron and tells him the space bridge is completed, and they're ready to transport Cybertron. Megatron says they're ready to receive, just as the Autobots arrive. They're seen, but the Decepticons immediately retreat, and Megatron contacts Arkeville. He tells him to position the slaves at once.

The Autobots transform and move in, but Prime tells them to hold their fire -there are humans in the way! The humans are all under Arkeville's influence, as Megatron says Prime disappoints him -he never dreamed a few worthless flesh creatures stand in the way of attacking them. Megatron fires, but Prime dodges the shot and says it's not over yet. Megatron runs off and Prime follows, but the other Autobots find themselves under attack from Arkeville's human slaves.

Sparkplug attacks Bumblebee, but Spike stops him and tells him he's his friend -all of the Autobots are their friends! This seems to get through to Sparkplug, who seems to become his usual self again. But this is seen by Arkeville, who sees he's getting bio-feedback from Sparkplug's hypno-chip. He decides to re-computer the control codes, and presses a button to give Sparkplug's chip a jolt to reactivate it.

Sparkplug quickly falls under Arkeville's influence again, and tells Spike to get out of the way. Spike calls out to his father, but he tells him to never call him Dad again, and tosses him aside. Meanwhile, Shockwave contacts the Decepticons and tells them they're entering the final countdown phase. If the energy pylons aren't operational, Cybertron will be catapulted into oblivion.

Back on Earth, Sparkplug runs up to one of the pylons and turns it on, causing it to shoot a beam into space. He yells out that the first pylon has been activated.

Thundercracker activates the second pylon, leaving one left. Megatron is about to turn on the third pylon, but before he can, Prime tackles him.

Megatron kicks him off and heads back to the pylon, only for Prime to stop him once again. Prime tells him that's the last one he's activating, to which Megatron says that's correct -Prime is to activate the last one and bring Cybertron here. Prime lets go, as Megatron explains that if he doesn't, he'll be responsible for Cybertron's destruction! Prime says there are still many inhabitants and friends on Cybertron.

Megatron points to the third pylon and tells him to make his choice. Prime walks up to it and hesitates, but then tells Megatron he wins. Prime pushes a button.

The third pylon is activated, and the beams combine in space, opening up the largest space bridge ever -and bringing Cybertron into Earth's orbit. Straight away, the Earth is rocked with natural disasters.

The Autobots and Decepticons stop fighting and stare at Cybertron. Megatron gloats that this is only the beginning -as some of Earth's magnificent energy will be his. He has won! Optimus Prime can only look at Cybertron, thinking that he may have saved his home planet... only to have destroyed the Earth?


-SCRIPT DIFFERENCES: Click here for details.

-Cybertron appears to be quite a bit smaller than Earth.

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