Cybertron has entered Earth's orbit -and Ironhide says he never thought he'd be sad to see his home planet. Sparkplug tells Spike that the Decepticons will triumph, and tells his son to join him -join the conquerors! Spike calls him Dad, to which he responds negatively -he shouldn't call him that! He then runs off.

Prime tells Ironhide that his actions may have cost Earth its future. Ironhide tells him he's done what he had to do -what any of them would have done. Megatron says that now there will be no power in the universe able to resist him. The Decepticons will rule forever! Spike says that forever it shorter than Megatron thinks, and runs up to one of the pylons.

He uses it to fire at Megatron, who avoids the shot, and it hits another pylon instead, destroying it. Starscream calls Spike pathetic and tells the Decepticons to follow him to victory! The fight between the Autobots and Decepticons resumes, as Starscream and Thundercracker transform and attack from the sky. They both dive and Starscream tells Thundercracker to fire, but Thundercracker tells him the wind is against them. Starscream demands for him to fire, so he does...

...but the wind ends up blowing his flamethrower blasts off, straight into Starscream. Rumble decides to shake up the Autobots, but before he can start, he falls victim to a natural quake, caused by Cybertron's sudden appearance.

Megatron tells Soundwave that this area needs to be cleared, so they can begin their work. Soundwave starts generating powerful audio disrupter waves, that cause all of the Transformers pain. Prime orders for the Autobots to transform and retreat.

The waves also effect the hypno-chip controlled humans, and causes them to run off. Sparkplug however boards Skywarp. Wheeljack and Brawn watch the humans and Wheeljack wonders what's with them, it looks like they just woke up from a bad dream.

Doctor Arkeville is also watching and sees that the waves have countered the effect of his hypno-chips, but it just means he'll have to create more slaves. Soundwave stops the waves, and Megatron is about to give Thundercracker his orders, but Starscream interrupts him, asking why he let the enemy get away. Megatron is in no mood for backtalk, and smacks Starscream down before grabbing him. If he crosses him again, he'll reduce him to titanium fragments. Starscream says that could have eliminated the Autobots, but Megatron says they'll do that at their leisure, when their more important work is done. Consider this his only warning!

At the Decepticon HQ, Arkeville is already making more slaves, and puts a chip on one of them before ordering Rumble to take him to the holding chamber. Megatron then contacts him, and finds out that Arkeville has more slaves ready. Megatron wants even more slaves and tells the doctor that he'll be provided with more "raw material".

Laserbeak is sent out to round up a few humans, and brings them back to the Decepticon HQ. Megatron tells Arkeville to convert them into slaves. As this is going on, Soundwave tells Megatron they've received an emergency bulletin from Cybertron: the planet's energy level is critical. Megatron tells him to reply to Shockwave and tell him he'll soon have enough energy to power Cybertron for eternity.

Meanwhile, the Autobots are heading back to base, but the weather is so bad they can't even see the road. Prime reverses the polarity of his windshield to repel all of the rain and hail molecules. Ironhide says he'll hang back, which is something Jazz is fine with -he has his magnetic beams locked onto Ironhide, letting him relax and leaving Ironhide to do the driving. At the back, Bumblebee suffers a puncture, and Spike has to change his wheel for him.

Back at the Decepticon HQ, Megatron wants a progress report about his slaves, so Arkeville shows him. The slaves are busy using various devices to convert the energy from the natural disasters into energy, which is then used to fill up energon cubes. Megatron is pleased, as this will soon provide them with all the energon cubes they need.

Spike finishes fixing up Bumblebee, but then an earthquake hits the area, going right under Bumblebee. Bumblebee transforms to stop himself from falling, but is only able to grab the side of the newly created chasm. Spike rushes to help him...

...but nearly ends up falling himself. Bumblebee saves him, only for another problem to arrive: Laserbeak! He grabs Spike and takes off, whilst Bumblebee ends up falling.

However before Laserbeak can get away, he gets blasted at by Bluestreak. A group of Autobots have arrived to help, and Laserbeak ends up dropping Spike. Hound transforms and drives off a cliff, managing to catch Spike mid-air.

Windcharger says Prime had sent them back when they lost contact with Bumblebee. Hound uses a scanner to locate Bumblebee's location, and Windcharger then uses his tractor beam to pull him up. With the Autobots reunited, they roll out back to their HQ.

At the Decepticon HQ, Skywarp is loaded up with energon cubes, and will take this first load to Cybertron. Sparkplug is also being sent with him, which is something Arkeville isn't happy about -why are they sending one of his slaves? Megatron explains it's because by having a human present, the Autobots won't take any aggressive action against them. Arkeville says he can only control his slaves from his computer here, but Megatron says they've duplicated his computer on Cybertron -it's no longer just his computer. As Arkeville leaves the room, he tells Megatron to remember their agreement -Earth is to be his once the Decepticons are through with it. As the doors close, Megatron says it will be -what's left of it! Meanwhile, Skywarp and Sparkplug head off to Cybertron.

The Earth is being rocked by all kinds of disasters, and as the Autobots view them on Teletraan I, Prime says they can't stand by and watch the destruction of this beautiful planet. Ratchet wonders how they can battle the elements, and Wheeljack says they can't -but the Dinobots can! A door opens revealing the entire Dinobot team standing by, but Grimlock says he doesn't care if the whole planet falls apart, it makes no difference to him. Wheeljack points out that is he willing to let that happen with him still on the planet? Grimlock admits he hadn't thought of that, and orders the Dinobots to transform.

At the Decepticon HQ, the Earth's disasters start to hit the seas. A tidal wave causes lots of rocks to fall down all over the base, causing Thundercracker to roll backwards and spill his load of energon cubes everywhere. The cubes explode, causing even more damage, as Starscream says this was a brilliant plan -they collect millions of energon cubes, but they're all worthless because they can't transport them to Cybertron!

Back at the Autobots HQ, Prime sees Spike and Spike shows him his father's wrench. He asks why humans are working for Megatron, they're supposed to be on their side. Prime says it's puzzling and they can't deal with human beings the same way the deal with Decepticons, but before he can go on, everything begins to shake. They go back to the control room.

Wheeljack says that the volcano their HQ is in has become active again! Prime orders the Autobots to transform, and a group of them, including Skyfire, head outside. But as they look at the volcano...

...they notice Ratchet, Windcharger and Huffer being blasted out of it! Skyfire transforms and saves them all, and Prime says that's one problem they don't have to worry about. But the volcano needs turning off, and Ironhide steps up. He transforms and heads back inside the base.

He gets deeper in and blasts part of the ceiling, sending down several massive chunks or rock that cause an avalanche, covering the volcano up. The Autobots outside all start to celebrate, and Wheeljack hopes that the Dinobots can do at least as half as well as they have here.

The Dinobots are at a beach, as a massive tidal wave approaches. Snarl charges into the water, creating a large tidal wave of his own which counters the other one. The Dinobots then work together to dig trenches and plant several tress into the ground...

...which absorb another tidal wave, preventing it from doing any real damage. Back at the Autobot HQ, Prime has learnt of some information, but decides not to tell Spike for now. However Spike hears them talking and asks what he has heard. Prime explains that Sparkplug has been taken to Cybertron. Spike wants to go to Cybertron with Skyfire, but Prime says that's too dangerous. Spike agues that if they can save him, then may learn what hold Megatron has over humans. Prime relents, and lets a team of Autobots head out.

Spike, Wheeljack, Trailbreaker, Bumblebee, Brawn and Ironhide board Skyfire, who blasts off and heads straight towards Cybertron. After dodging a few missiles, Skyfire lands on Cybertron.

The Autobots start to discuss their plan of action, but Spike, who's never been to Cybertron before, gets curious and walks off. He walks through a beam that activates a trapdoor that he falls through, so Bumblebee goes after him.

Wheeljack tells Brawn to follow them, as the rest of them can't fit. Brawn heads down and finds Spike and Bumblebee are safe, but trapped in a room. However they see a vent, which they push open and head through.

The Autobots head forward, but part of the vent collapses, forcing them to fall. They happen to land right inside Decepticon HQ. They pass a computer which has full details on Arkeville's hypno-chip control.

After viewing this, Brawn contacts Wheeljack. Wheeljack asks where they are, so Brawn explains they are in the Decepticon lab, and have found out how the humans are being controlled. Just then they see Sparkplug enter the room, and quickly rush off and hide.

Spike leaves his father's wrench on a table. Sparkplug sees it and picks it up, saying that it's his favorite wrench. Spike then reveals himself and says hi, and Sparkplug seems to recognize him, but then suddenly his hypno-chip goes off. He then points at Spike and calls him an invader! To Spike's horror, he runs offs and activates an alarm, telling his son that the Decepticons must be alerted -he must sound the alarm!


-SCRIPT DIFFERENCES: Click here for details.

-This episode starts with a recap of the first part, but one bit of the recap shows something that hasn't actually happened yet:

Human slaves are loading up a ship with energon cubes, as Megatron and Skywarp look on. This scene won't be shown until the third part.

-In one shot, the Autobot HQ is shown with a small building next to it. This building was missing from most of the previous episodes, but did make an appearance in part 2 of More than Meets the Eye.

Autobot HQ is colored wrongly as well, it's supposed to be orange.

- I wouldn't usually point out mistakes here but in this case I kind of have to: Ironhide is seen boarding Skyfire in this episode, but when the Autobots arrive on Cybertron, he's not there any more. The next episode shows that he stayed on Earth. The scene showing the Autobots boarding Skyfire wasn't in the script, which may have been what caused this mistake.

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