Bison is in his own room, home of strange pictures, with Chun-Li. As he gets changed, she goes on about Bison's bad history. A long time a go, Bison was a would be drug lord who one day got together with a few other evil-doers to attack a village. The residents fought back, only using pitch forks, and got Bison and his men to leave. However, one of the villagers got killed, who happened to be Chun-Li's father. Bison listens to her story, and replies with the greatest lines in this movie.

"For you, the day Bison graced your village was the most important day of your life."

"But for me? It was Tuesday."

Instant rage face.

Ryu and Ken had down to the torture chamber and one two punch the torturer, knocking him out. They head in but are choked with chains by Honda and Balrog, who are angry with them for betraying them earlier. They let go when Ken manages to say they can lead them outside, but as Ken catches his breath, he says he said that they are are the same side.

Back in Bison's room, home of more weird pictures, Chun-Li says how she has mastered 3 fighting styles so she could take revenge on Bison for what he did to her father. Bison laughs and as he changes the lights, he says she won't ever have her revenge, as nobody as ever seen her fight -she always hides behind her boxer and sumo. He knows women, and she is harmless. This is a big mistake on his part as Chun-Li snaps her handcuffs and immediately does a flying kick, knocking Bison off his couch.

She starts to kick and punch Bison, just as Honda and the others arrive in the room. Their arrival distracts Chun-Li for a moment, which is all Bison needs to run off. He heads into a hidden room and locks himself in it, and the others can't get to him.

Gas is released into the room and the main entrance is sealed off. The good guys try to escape but fail, and are all knocked out. Meanwhile, back with Guile...

...he and his stealth boat are at the front, but they break away from the main group. Sawada is in charge of the rest of the troops whilst Guile, Cammy and T. Hawk head up river to deal with Bison's radar and defenses. As they go, Guile starts to play a tape of him and Charlie with some ladies. Meanwhile, back in the Shadaloo lab, Dhalsim is checking in on Charlie, who has changed quite a bit since we last saw him.

His skin has gone green and his hair long and orange, plus he is still being made to watch images of people getting killed. However, Dhalsim notices the guard watching him is busy reading a magazine, so he uses one of the computers to mess with the system and slow down Charlie's transformation. He also changes the images so Charlie sees stuff like people getting married and Martin Luther King's most famous speech, rather than people suffering.

Chun-Li and the others are handcuffed to a railing, but Bison tells Vega and Sagat that they have ringside seats for the upcoming games. Meanwhile. Guile has the stealth mode activated so they can move up the waters without detection. Using the boat's concealed mini-gun, they open fire...

...and blow up some of Shadaloo's radar stations. This gets noticed by Dee Jay, who reports to Bison. Bison has the sonar detectors activated, which disables the boat's stealth mode and makes it visible to them on the screens.

Shadaloo's defenses open fire on the boat as Bison contacts the crew and tells them to identify themselves. Guile says that he is the repo man and Bison's ass is 6 months overdue. Sagat is surprised to see Guile alive, but Bison says of course he is -his death was a hoax, done so Guile's spies, Ryu and Ken, could get into Sagat's ranks.

"I guess you didn't see that, did you?!"

Bison says that Guile will die for real this time and he gets into a command platform, which lifts up into the air. He then takes control of the minefield defenses in the river, and starts to release the bombs. Guile tries to avoid them as they explode all around the boat.

Inside the boat, T. Hawk reports that they are under radar lock and they will be swimming in 30 seconds if they don't do something. Everyone watching suddenly looks away as a large explosion appears on the screens: Bison has done it -the boat is no more!


Back in the lab, the guard finds out that Dhalsim is up to no good and tries to call security. Dhalsim manages to knock him into the lab's power supply, which stops the machines from working on Blanka. The guard recovers and returns the favor by throwing Dhalsim into one of the other machines, and he gets covered in chemicals whilst things explode.

The guard starts to choke Dhalsim, but in doing so he accidentally knocks a lever which opens up the chamber Charlie was in. The unleashed!

Outside, Guile, Cammy and T. Hawk have all survived as they got out of the boat before it got hit. They fight some dim witted guards and make their way up to a temple. Underneath this temple is where Bison's base is, so they find a shaft they can open up and Cammy tosses down a rope. Guile descends it first.

The counter gets to zero and Bison is displeased to find out that no money has been paid into his account. He has the hostage pit opened up. Outside the temple, T. Hawk and Cammy set up markers so the rest of the forces can tell where they are. Meanwhile, Guile pops out of a vent and finds himself inside a lab.

He takes a look around but only finds a knocked out guard. However, as he turns another corner, someone attacks him! The mutated Charlie has found him and he grabs Guile by the throat.

However, Guile realises the guy attacking him is Charlie and Charlie eventually recognises Guile. Guile is dumbfounded by what they have done to him, but he says he will "help" Charlie..then he will make them pay. He picks up his gun and takes aim.

Thankfully Dhalsim appears and stops Guile from taking this rash action, saying he has no right. Meanwhile Bison says the hostages couldn't have been thought much of, since the AN didn't pay him, or even attempt a rescue. However, Sawada sees red smoke where the temple is and he and his forces move out towards it.

Bison says people call him a wild beast, so he'll have the hostages killed by one of his own creation. Back in the lab, Dhalsim explains to Guile what happened to his friend and how he stopped them from completely destroying his mind. The chamber then lights up and is about to move up. Dhalsim tells Guile that the real monster is upstairs, expecting to see his creation.

The chamber heads up, and everyone is very interested in what could be in it, especially Bison. The doors open, and...

...out jumps Guile, doing the most hilarious looking flying kick of all time. Not that it matters could he still hits Bison in the chest and knocks him back. The final fight has begun!

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