At Bison's base, Bison is telling his architect about how he intends to make Bisonopolis the wonder of his world. He does suggest that the food court is made larger, as all the big franchises will want in. They then see a news report, hosted by Chun-Li. She says that the world is in shock at the news that William F. Guile has been killed 30 minutes ago, during a jailbreak by Viktor Sagat, the gun runner who is the principle arms supplier for general M. Bison. It was hopped that the allied forces would restore order here, but after today's tragedy, nothing is certain expect Bison's mad threats continuing.

Dee Jay says this is great news, and congratulates Bison. But Bison says he mourns -he was hoping to face Guile personally on the battlefield, one gentleman warrior to another, in respectful combat. Then, he would snap his spine! He wonders why people still call him a war lord and mad. All he wants to do is create the perfect genetic soldier, not for power, not for evil, but for good!

He intends for Carlos Blanka to be the first of many, who will march out of his laboratory and sweep away every adversary, every creed, every nation, until the very planet is in the loving grip of himself! And then peace will reign in the world, and all humanity shall bow to him in humble gratitude. Zangief thinks that was beautiful.

Chun-Li and her crew are checking on their tracker, which Chun-Li attached to the truck earlier. They find out where the truck is going, but then they start getting interference. They realize that they aren't the only ones who put a homing device on that truck, so Balrog checks the other signal. He finds out that the signal is aimed right back at the AN headquarters, but that makes no sense to any of them. T. Hawk then tells Chun-Li her 5 minutes are up, she needs to move out.

Honda starts driving the truck out, but Chun-Li gets ready to move out herself. She tells them to follow the signal of the prisoner truck, she'll catch up with them later. She says she'll find out who is playing games with them, and Honda tells her to watch her back. Chun-Li says she didn't know he cared, but Balrog jokes they don't -she's the only one who can sign their expense accounts. Honda tells her it's clear, just as the truck comes to a stop at a checkpoint.

Honda stops the truck, whilst Chun-Li sneaks out of it and gets back inside the AN headquarters.

She uses a device to home in on where the signal is originating from. She eventually enters the morgue, and comes across a computer which is also tracking the prisoner truck.

She sees a dead body on a table, and lifts up the sheet, revealing Guile. He surprises her when he suddenly gets up! He says that if he wouldn't give her an interview when he was alive, there's no way he's going to do it when he's dead. He reveals that he was wearing some blood squibs.

Chun-Li gets it now -those two men she saw earlier who led the prisoner break and "killed" him are working for him. Guile wonders if she's asking as a reporter, or as something else. He tells T. Hawk to take Chun-Li into custody, but she asks them to wait. She says she isn't just here to cover the news, and she doesn't want a story about Bison. She wants his head, and it has taken her 20 years to get this far. She doesn't want to be locked up after she's come this far, but Guile tells Hawk and Cammy to take her away. Chun-Li says she knew Guile wouldn't understand.

Guile says he understands better than she knows, and this war isn't about her personal vendetta. As she's taken away, Guile says it's about his. As Cammy tells Chun-Li that black isn't her, and prison gray would be better, Chun-Li does a back flip...

...and then runs off, before jumping straight through a window. She lands below, and escapes.

Bison and Sagat are hosting a marketplace, where weapons are being sold off. Chun-Li, Balrog and Honda have disguised themselves and are providing some entertainment to their audience. Chun-Li is placed into a barrel, which Balrog and Honda start throwing around.

Honda lies down, and Balrog is given a sword. Balrog swings the sword, cutting the barrel in half, but Chun-Li isn't in it. However she is suddenly drops in from above.

Ken thinks she likes him. Honda asks Chun-Li about their explosive finale, but she says not yet -they have a problem. As they leave the tent, some dancing girls come on.

Bison tells Sagat that now they can get to business. Ken thinks this place makes Detroit look like Disneyland, but he wonders which of these low lives is going to kill them first. He then notices Chun-Li, and decides to follow her.

Sagat shows Bison a weapon. Meanwhile, Ken follows Chun-Li back to her tent, but is then attacked. Bison tells Sagat he's pleased with his goods, and wants to discuss the payment. He asks Sagat why he should settle for mere money, as after the AN have been defeated, he will share the country with him. Sagat says when the war is over, they'll see how much of the country is left. But meanwhile, he wants to see the color of Bison's money.

Ryu tries to find Ken, and is jumped by Balrog and Honda. He gets pushed into the tent, and as he and Honda fight, Chun-Li comes out and says enough. Meanwhile, some Bison troopers bring over a chest to Sagat.

Sagat opens it, and sees the chest is full of Bison dollars. He asks if this is a joke, as this money isn't even worth the paper it's printed on! Bison says that every Bison dollar will br worth 5 British pounds, which is what the bank of England will set the exchange rate to once he's captured their Queen.

Chun-Li tells Ryu and Ken that they know they're working for Colonel Guile, and they're their friends. Sagat thinks he was insane in thinking he could do business with Bison. He calls him a raving lunatic, and throws some Bison dollars into a fire.

Ryu says he knows one of Chun-Li's friends -Edmond Honda, the sumo from Hawaii who almost made yokozuna. Honda says Shadaloo ruined his reputation, and Balrog says they did the same thing to him and his boxing career. Ken asks Chun-Li if she was a figure skater, but Chun-Li says all he needs to know is that the weapons and ammunitions Bison and Sagat deal in are going to blow them straight to hell.

Sagat says that this conclave is over. As he and his men stand on one side, Bison and his forces stand on the other. Bison tells Sagat he'll die for this insult. Chun-Li tells Ryu and Ken they've got 10 minutes, and are sent out of the tent.

Ryu and Ken go back to where Sagat and Bison are, and Ken thinks that this place is going to blow in 10 minutes -things can't get worse. They then see the two sides ready to kill each other, and Ken realizes he was wrong, things have got worse. They try so smooth things out between the two sides, but Sagat asks Ken if he's with him, or against him.

Bison asks Ryu if he dares to interfere, and Ryu says yeah, because there are enemy spies everywhere. Bison wants to know where these spies are, and everyone then hears Chun-Li's voice. Ryu points out to a box, and says they're in there. Bison opens the box up, and sees that it has a small monitor inside it.

Chun-Li tells Bison and Sagat that all of their weapons are going to be blown sky high. Honda gets the truck moving, and everyone realizes that it's heading...

...straight towards them! Zangief suggests changing the channel. Bison yells for everyone to evacuate at once.

Everyone runs out of the tent, seconds before the truck rams into it. It explodes, as Bison yells for the camp to be searched, and Chun-Li found. Later on, an AN surveillance satellite finds that Chun-Li, Honda and Balrog have been captured by Bison's forces.

But it also finds out that Ryu and Ken's tracking device has moved to a temple. Bison's group arrives back at the base, and he says that whilst the governments scorned him, the corporations adored him. He tells Zangief to see that Ken and Ryu are given clean clothing, as it was they who first warned them of Chun-Li's treachery. He then tells Sagat and Vega that they are welcome to stay here, as he thinks they'll find the coming events most educational. As Bison talks, Ryu and Ken note a map on the monitor.

Bison then orders for Honda and Balrog to be taken to the interrogation room, as they'll either talk, or die -preferably both. He then orders for Chun-Li to be taken to his chambers, as he's decided to grant her a private interview. Zangief tells Ken and Ryu to come with him, as he'll take care of them.

Chun-Li turns around, and spits on Ken. Ken tells her she'll dehydrate herself. As they get separated, Ken says this sucks, as Chun-Li's group are good guys, like them. Ryu says that lately, he doesn't feel very good. They then see that there are less than 12 hours left on the countdown.

Guile holds another meeting, discussing their plans. He says that an attack from the air is impossible, and the only chance is an assault with a small amphibious force. The main force is to come from the north, whilst a single vessel, equipped with the latest stealth technology, will come up a certain channel. The vessel will distract Bison's defenses from the east.

Sawada thinks that sending a single boat against everything Bison has... the pilot would have to be out of his mind. Guile says that luckily, Bison has driven him crazy, so he's going to do it. The AN head out.

Balrog and Honda have been taken to the interrogation room, and the torturer says he'll show them how they treat foreigners in Shadaloo. He starts whipping Honda, but he just sits there and takes it. The torturer tries using a bamboo stick, but this snaps when he tries it. Balrog laughs, and the torturer tells him he's next. Balrog thinks he ought to lie down first, so the torturer punches him in the face.

The torturer leaves the room. Honda then grimaces, as the pain takes its toll on him. Balrog asks him how he kept from crying out, and Honda says he's a sumo, so his body can be in one place, whilst his mind is in another.

Balrog gets an idea, and gets Honda to grab onto a chain. The two of them start pulling, and break the chain off from a hook on the ceiling.

Ryu and Ken have received new uniforms, and Zangief tells them that now they look like Bison troopers. He tells them this is where they train, in their glorious struggle against the Allied Nation's tyranny. He tells them he'll see them later in the commissary, and then leaves. Ken and Ryu recall the map they saw earlier, and move out.

Guile is about to give a speech to the AN forces, but then someone else arrives. It's an AN official, and whilst Guile tells him he's just in time for the kick off, the official says he's afraid not. The security council has just voted, and they've decided to negotiate. They think they can deal with general Bison, and tells Guile he is instructed to call off the assault. He instead wants Guile to contact Bison, and request a deadline extension, as they're prepared to pay the ransom demand.

Guile warns that Bison could just take more hostages next month, and then ask for 50 billion, or 100 billion. The official asks him if he's lost his mind, but Guile tells him he's lost his balls. The official tells Guile to deliver these instructions to his troops, then consider himself relieved of his command. Guile goes back to the troops, and tells them that he's received new orders. Their superiors say that the war is cancelled, and they can go home.

He tells them that Bison is getting paid for his crimes, and their friends who died here will have died for nothing. But, they can all go home. Meanwhile, ideals like peace, freedom and justice get packed up... but they can go home. But he's not going home, he's going to get on his boat, go upriver, and he's going to kick Bison's ass so hard that the next Bison wannabe is going to feel it! He asks who else wants to go home, and who wants to go with him?!

Unsurprisingly, the troops all take Guile's side, and move out. Guile, Cammy and T. Hawk head to the stealth boat.

The official tells Guile to stop his forces. Guile says he'd love to, but some moron just canned him. He gets into the boat, which moves off...

...and sprays the officials with water. The AN main force also move out, and the assault is back on!

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