Bison moves away from Guile and as troops arrive in the room, he tells them to shoot the hostages. They start to fire but are too late as Guile is at the controls to the pit and closes it up. Up above, the good guys manage to break off the bar they have been handcuffed to.

Guile kicks the computer and destroys it, so nobody can open the pit back up. He then has to take cover as the troopers start shooting at him, and he fails to stop someone from activating the alarm and putting the entire base on red alert. Troops head outside and see Cammy and T. Hawk, who they open fire on.

The good guys meet up with Guile and he tells Ryu and Ken to go and rescue the hostages -he'll give them two first class tickets home if they do. Meanwhile, Honda finds Zangief and the two start to fight each other.

As Guile takes to throwing some grenades around the base, Ryu and Ken make their way out. However, Sagat and Vega see them and Sagat says the only thing left for them now is revenge against Ryu and Ken. Meanwhile Honda throws Zangief to the ground with such force that it breaks and the two fall down a level.

Balrog punches out a few guards, as Guile tells him and Chun-Li to go and find Ryu and Ken and help them get the hostages out. They move as Guile continues firing on everyone. Meanwhile Bison gets to Dee Jay, wanting to know where Blanka is.

Bison is dismayed to see, via a damaged camera, Blanka fighting his own troops and he is even more displeased when he sees that someone messed with his creation's treatment. Back outside, the main AN force arrive outside the temple. Back inside, Ryu and Ken make their way to the pit, beating up anyone getting in their way.

The AN get to where Cammy and Hawk are and start to help them out. Many Bison troops are killed as the AN force attacks the outside with grenades. Bison sees that defeat may be a possibility, as the screens show nothing but AN troops moving in, but he tells Dee Jay they shall face this together, as warriors. Dee Jay isn't with him on that though and silently makes his way out of the main room.

Ken hears an explosion and sees that the AN have arrived. He wants to leave, and maybe try and find something worthwhile to steal here, but Ryu says Guile gave them a job to do. Ken says he must be crazy as the real good guys are here now, and they have done their part. Ryu says Ken doesn't understand and he goes off to find the hostages. Ken leaves him and goes off to find something valuable to steal. Outside, the AN defeat all the Bison troops and move inside the base. Back inside, Guile swings from one catwalk to another...

...only for lots of enemy troops to appear before him. He tries to scare them off with his knife, and they start to back off, but only because of all the AN troops behind him. Cammy says that there is now fighting going on on every level of the base, but they can't find Bison. Guile thinks he must be hiding, but Bison appears on a screen and says he has no need to fear them. He thinks they are scared of the purity of unarmed combat and hide behind their weapons.

Bison then appears, but Guile wants to see this purity he just mentioned. T. Hawk warns that this is a bad idea as it is exactly what Bison wants, but Guile says that this is what he and Bison both want. Bison swings across to where Guile is.

"Are you man enough to fight with me?"

"Anyone who opposes me will be destroyed."

Guile tells the AN forces to leave this room, find the hostages, and evacuate if he doesn't get back in 15 minutes. As they leave, Bison tells his troops to also leave this place and kill the enemy force. With everyone gone, Bison and Guile stand off and then begin to fight.

The two end up falling onto Bison's command platform, but continue to battle. Guile bashes Bison's head on the giant bell in the room, until Bison knocks him back. Guile kicks Bison with enough force to send him off the platform...

...and they both continue to fight on the ground below. Meanwhile Balrog and Chun-Li are trying to find the hostages, but they don't know where to look. So Balrog convinces a guard to help them out by punching him in the face as hard as possible.

Bison and Guile continue to battle, until Guile turns the tide in his favor and does two somersault kicks to knock Bison back. Bison charges with a punch, but Guile avoids it and kicks his opponent in the back, sending him flying...

...into a computer, which explodes and electrocutes him. Bison dies and Guile's job is done. He contacts Cammy and finds out there is still heavy fighting going on, but Sawada's reserve units are soon going to be here.

As they talk, Bison's computer realises that Bison is in trouble and, presumably because of the nano machines inside his body, administers CPR. After doing this and injecting him with adrenalin, Bison gets up, and Guile senses someone is behind him. He turns around...

...just in time to get blasted by Bison, who now has electrical powers. Guile crashes into a wall. Meanwhile, Dee Jay wants out, but before he leaves he decides to try and get something of value for his troubles. He opens up a safe and finds a nice, big chest in there, so he takes that.

Dee Jay leaves just as, seconds later, Ken arrives. He takes a look in the safe but sees someone has beaten him to it, but he does see a nice gold statue and decides to swipe that. He then uses a computer to try and find the exit, but he instead sees a camera displaying where Ryu is...and Sagat and Vega are following him! Ryu is trying to find the hostages, but he gets lost and comes to a dead end. He turns around to go back...

...only to see Vega has appeared. He wants to continue where they left off in that cage match, and the two start fighting. Back in the main room, Guile asks what happened to the purity of unarmed combat, but Bison just says that this is the electromagnetic power he has mastered. It can levitate bullet trains, it levitates his command platform...

...and it also levitates him. He rises up into the air before charging right into Guile, knocking him down. Meanwhile, Ryu is doing OK against Vega, but things get bad when Sagat shows up and the duo start fighting him together.

Things look grim for Ryu, until Sagat gets knocked back when someone punches him in the face: Ken has returned! The odds are now even as they team up to take on Vega and Sagat.

Vega resumes fighting and slashes at him repeatedly, but Ryu draws back his arms, then moves them forward as there is a bright flash: hadouken!

This still isn't enough to defeat Vega as he gets back up and resumes his attack, but Ryu manages to press his face against a furnace, burning him. Meanwhile Ken is having trouble defeating Sagat...

...until he dragon punches the guy, sending him flying. Ryu knocks down Vega and he doesn't get back up, so the two karate masters decide to leave. Ken says he owes Sagat -if he hadn't have met him, he might have become him, and he gives him the golden statue he was going to take. Meanwhile, Bison continues to whoop Guile's ass.

He starts to go into a speech over the fact that he is now a God, and Guile can keep his own God -this may be a good time to pray to him. Bison rises up again and charges straight towards Guile, but Guile gets up and does several spin kicks just as Bison is about to hit him.

Bison gets sent flying back the way he came and crashes into the monitors, all of which explode. Guile jumps back as a good chunk of the room blows up, as he declares that Bison is now off the air. However, in doing this, the entire base goes into melt down mode and the computer tells everyone to evacuate. Meanwhile, Cammy, T. Hawk, Chun-Li and Balrog find the hostages and open up another door so they can escape.

They head back out towards an exit, and happen to encounter Honda and Zangief, who are still fighting. However, Chun-Li tells Honda that they are leaving and he stops battling and follows them. Zangief thinks he is a coward, but then sees Dee Jay and wants to know where he is going, as the enemy is here and he seems to be messing around. Dee Jay points out that Bison is the real enemy, as all these people from all over the world have come to stop him. Zangief asks why Dee Jay is serving Bison, and it turns out it was because Bison paid him a lot. Zangief is shocked to find out that Dee Jay got paid, as he wasn't! Meanwhile, Guile heads back to the lab.

With this new found info from Dee Jay, Zangief decides to be a hero and stops a blast door from closing so the hostages can escape. Guile finds Charlie and Dhalsim (who is now game accurate Dhalsim, for some reason) and tells them they need to get out of here as the whole place is going to go up. But Charlie refuses, saying he cannot go out now, not like this. Dhalsim says he will not be alone in his final moments, as he will stay here to pay for his sins, as he helped make Charlie into Blanka when he could have tried harder not to.

The lab is rocked by explosions and Guile has to move back, whilst Dhalsim and Blanka hide in a corner. The entire base explodes seconds later, but everyone has made it out in time. Dee Jay has made it out via a secret exit, but Sagat has followed him.

Bison's surviving troops and scientists are all arrested and taken away, but the main good guys are upset that Guile is missing, and everyone fears the worst. Zangief says he was a brave man, but then thankfully Guile appears again, much to the joy of everyone. He says Ryu and Ken have earned their passports back to get out of here, but Ken thinks maybe a couple of hustlers can be a help in rebuilding Shadaloo. He asks them if they've ever considered enlisting, but that is something they politely decline in a hurry.

Meanwhile, Dee Jay is devastated to find out what was in that chest: worthless Bison dollars! Sagat finds it funny at least as he tosses the money around. Meanwhile, Chun-Li asks Guile if he'll give her that interview now, and he says he will -as long as she wears that dress. Another big explosion rocks the base, as the good guys celebrate in a win pose from the games kind of fashion.

However, after the credits roll, we see what remains of Bison's base. A computer voice announces that one solar cell is still active, and a few seconds later, one of Bison's fists smashes through the rubble! The computer greets him and asks what he would like to do today. The last thing shown in the movie is a computer screen displaying the words "World Domination - Replay". The replay button gets clicked on -to be animated form!

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