Bishamon wonders what Donovan is doing. Why is he trying to save the humans?! He can't understand why one of the dark would do this, and reacts in anger. He throws his sword straight into Donovan, but Donovan still doesn't react to it.

Donovan calls back Kien and still cannot comprehend Donovan's actions. He throws his sword into Donovan for a second time, and then starts screaming in confusion over how he cannot understand what is going on. Donovan says he will rid the world of all its darkness. This further confuses and enrages Bishamon, who does not understand why one of the dark would try to rid the world of the dark?! Bishamon suddenly explodes.

Bishamon's spirit has disappeared, leaving only the armor, Hannya. The travelers get up and run away in fear, as Donovan removes Dhylec from the cliff, letting it drop down into the canyon below. As he does this, the spirit of Bishamon appears.

Donovan asks who he is. Bishamon tells him that he is a foolish warrior who sought strength, and took the cursed armor for himself. The armor became confused at Donovan's determination and will, and it seems that the demon's hold on him has at last been loosened, if only temporarily. He removes Kien from Donovan, and tells him that he has the powers of a dark one, yet wants to kill all of the dark ones...does that no deny him his own existence?

Donovan tells him that the inconsistencies of his life are something he doesn't need to explain. But he does feel a certain pleasure in seeing his own blood flow out of his body, as it is tainted. If he could, he would ask him to use his blade to finish him off, and rid the world of his filthy blood. Bishamon says he shares his suffering. For him to despise the dark, yet feel it, know it in his own body...the temptation must sometimes be great, yet he must not yield.

The two then see Anita running towards them. Bishamon says that the life Donovan has chosen to lead is that of a true and virtuous soul. Although it seems that his journey for answers is no longer his own. He tells him to live on, and not be tempted by the dark. He wants him to show him the true path of man.

Donovan repeats his words, but then collapses. Nearby, the man seeking the armor appears, as his underling told him where it was. The two of them rush over to it, and the man is pleased that not only does he now have the armor, but he also has the sword. He puts the armor on.

He says that this is what he has always wanted, but he suddenly realises something is wrong. The armor destroys him.

All that is left of him is a skull, which shatters to dust when the underling catches it. Bishamon and Anita watch him run away, as Bishamon says that the armor will always need a master, even when there are no wars. He decides to wear the armor once more, as only a true warrior can defeat Hannya. He will don the armor again and battle with it from within. Only once he defeats it will he truly be free.

He puts Donovan and Anita on a horse, and tells her to stay with him until the end. Having one with him on the path he must take could be the saving grace of the soul. As he watches Donovan and Anita leave, the armor can still be heard talking, still unable to understand Donovan's actions.

In space, a being says that they do not understand the beauty of this Earth. To shroud it in this unsightly cloud ruins the beauty of the planet. The Darkstalkers have done this to hide the light from the humans. The Earth should is a treasure, and is more deserving than that. What the Earth needs is a ruler, and that means that he, Pyron, is needed!

Pyron descends onto the Earth, creating a brief light. He appears in an Aztec temple, where some Huitzils are. These robots are of his creation, and they are looking at some data of two beings. The first, Donovan, is meant to be the strongest being of the demon world currently on Earth. The other, Morrigan, is of the demon world's nobility.

The Huitzils believe that if they find another being of such power, then it could be possible for extermination of Pyron. This pleases Pyron, as he would not have thought to find the old ways of battle here. He heads outside the temple, becoming a beam of light, and says for the fires to awaken once more. He wants to feel the alluring charm of the thing called battle.

As Donovan and Anita arrive at a a lake, Donovan falls off. The horse starts to drink from the lake, and Anita gets some water for Donovan, who is still unconscious. She thinks that humans are weak, yet...before she can say any more, she notices that Mei-Ling and Hsien-Ko have appeared.

Hsien-Ko sees they've found the hunter they were looking for, but Mei-Ling can tell he has been badly injured. She says sorry to Anita for startling her, but she can give that man some water. Anita does nothing, so Hsien-Ko tells her to hurry it up, as he's her friend, isn't he? Anita says he is not her friend, and releases the water she is carrying onto the ground.

Hsien-Ko rushes forward and grabs Anita, can't she see that that man is going to die without some help? Mei-Ling gets her to check Donovan, and they find that he is still breathing, although who knows for how much longer. Mei-Ling asks Anita to get some more water, but she doesn't move. She tells her that a man's life is an important thing, and this man must still have important things to do in his life. She asks her to do what her heart tells her to do.

Anita starts to walk towards the lake. Hsien-Ko thinks she's a brat and asks her sister to remind her never to have any kids. Later on, they take Donovan and Anita into a small temple. Donovan eventually wakes up, and goes for his sword, but Hsien-Ko throws a knife that makes him think twice. The sisters tell him that they hunt the dark also. They tell him he probably would have died, had they not happened to have had some medicine which is specifically for Darkstalkers.

Outside, some Huitzils suddenly appear, stating that they have found their target. They open fire on the temple and totally destroy it, but the people inside it all survive. Donovan says that he does not know if the way he lives his life will change anything, but he will follow his own path. He hands Anita to Mei-Ling.

He then calls upon the lightning spirit, Raiden, who shoots many bolts at the robots. Soon all of the Huitzils are destroyed.

The battle was seen by the Huitzils at the temple, who come to the conclusion that Donovan is the third being of great power. If the three of them gathered together, they believe that Pyron will die. Pyron says he understands, and wants to gather them. He will use his power to end all of their lives.

Pyron creates several objects, which are sent across the planet. Some people see these bright lights, and think that the sun has returned. But they then realise that there seem to be several suns in the sky.

These suns drop fireballs over the city, badly damaging it. The suns then change their forms.

The light can be seen at Demitri's castle, as Pyron issues a challenge to come and fight him. Demitri opens some curtains, and cowers from the light. He screams in anger.

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