Three men run towards a coffin. They frantically try to put a large stake into the coffin, but before they can hammer it in, the coffin suddenly explodes, and they are all killed.

Demitri Maximoff appears from out of the coffin. He is a vampire, and he says that the dark shall always be with them. He would even crush the Moon just to preserve the darkness.

Demitri's castle is placed right in the middle of a large city. Inside it, Demitri's servant collects several pieces of paper. He reads them and thinks how uncivilized these human brutes are, especially on the night of Lord Demitri going into battle. He'd hoped that they would have made more of an effort. Demitri hears him, and says that he was thinking that the humans were clever creatures.

Surely a lifetime of serving him would be the greatest happiness their kind can obtain? He gets up and takes the notes, before destroying them. The servant explains that many humans do not like Demitri, as he has taken away the Sun. Demitri thinks that they no doubt comfort themselves in plotting his downfall, but no matter. 100 years have passed and the time has finally come for him to avenge his defeat in the demon world of Makai. The two head to where some humans have gathered to pay Demitri tribute.

The servant thinks that with the power Demitri has gained in the human world, he will certainly become the new ruler of Makai. He thanks the humans below and changes into his demon form. He uses a projectile technique to sacrifice all of the humans, and says that the sounds of their agony and suffering are the greatest gift they could give him.

In the demon world, there is a party going on at a large castle. But some of the beings there are more concerned about Demitri. They thought that Demitri had given up trying to take over this world, but it seems not. They think they should inform their mistress, but find out that she isn't even at the party -she was bored, so she left.

Elsewhere, two demons have stolen something for their master. They hope that Demitri will thank them for this, as getting this key -which will allow him to open a gateway to the demon world -was troublesome. But before they can flee with it, something hits the box, releasing the key. A woman appears, saying that the two of them have no need of that.

The woman is Morrigan Aensland, who is a succubus. The two demons know who she is and start to attack her, but she blocks their strikes. She wonders why they follow Demitri, and why they don't desire to take his throne. Those who have lost their pride, have lost their right to live. She then attacks them.

Within seconds Morrigan strikes down the two demons and kills them both. She takes the key, but thinks about Demitri. He sounds like an intriguing man.

Back on Earth, cat-woman Felicia is taking her train through a city, throwing out leaflets about her upcoming performances. She's an up and coming star of the musical world, but whilst the has a public performance licence for Darkstalkers, she guesses she'll need a licence for the human world. She asks a couple of helpful cats about where City Hall is, and they point her out in the right direction.

Nearby, a group of humans create a "spirit-ward" around a building, as the people gathered inside it don't want what they are going to be talking about heard by the Darkstalkers. The meeting begins, and the people -who consist of various religious leaders -are worried about what is happening. Their crops cannot grow properly because the Sun has been taken away from them. They must stand and fight now, or the human race will die out. They think they should time their attack on Demitri when he attempts to return to the demon world.

Some weapons are taken into the room. The humans are ready to fight back, and they believe that if Demitri fails to enter the demon world, he will return here. But he will be in no condition to fight, at which point they will destroy him. No price is too high for them to take back their light! Outside, Felicia is stumbling around the streets.

She thinks something is wrong, but can't tell what. Nearby, a rock concert is about to begin. Lord Raptor drives up, and is welcomed by a large crowd. He asks them how things are going, but says that if they want a real show, they need to show him the money and then come on in.

Felicia happens to have entered through another door, and falls down some stairs. Raptor tells her that he won't do autographs until after the show. She realises that he is one of the "dark ones" but Raptor tells her the PC term is "Darkstalker". He moves into his changing room and looks in a mirror as his true self, whilst Felicia tells him that her senses are in a mess and there is something wrong in this town. She thinks something is about to happen.

Raptor tells her she's damn right something is about to happen: he's going to be playing tonight, after all. He puts out to the crowds for his music, whilst they put out a bit of their souls for him. A fair and equitable business arrangement!

Raptor heads out to the stage and starts to play, whilst asking the crowd if they are ready to rock. But he then realises that the crowd before him aren't the usual kind of people he plays for, and they are armed with weapons. He sees garlic and silver bullets, but that stuff won't effect him. He then sees flamethrowers, which is something to worry about. But that's fine with him, and he then changes into his true form.

The crowd consists of cultists, who are determined to take the Darkstalkers down. They start to attack Raptor, but Felicia arrives to help out. As she fights with some of the cultists, they gang up on her. Raptor asks if she is alright, but then gets blasted.

Felicia also takes a hit and falls off the stage, but Raptor then recovers. He doesn't like the fact that they aren't showing mercy for women or furry animals, and they've got dark hearts for a bunch of monks. But he likes that, as when it comes to feasting on souls, he always did prefer the dark meat. Using a special technique, Raptor kills all of the cultists by taking their souls. He asks Felicia if she would like any of them.

Felicia thanks him for the offer, but she's not fond of organized religion. Raptor says he's kind of nondenominational, and then jumps up to start his feast.

At Demitri's castle, Demitri boards his airship and prepares to go back to the demon world. His castle's defenses start to fire, whilst he uses a key to unlock a gate.

The fire from the cannons reveals the gate, and thanks to the key, it opens up. The castle moves through it, and another castle is revealed. A shining bat also appears, which transforms into Morrigan. Demitri tells her to move out of the way, as he does not need a guide for the demon world. He wouldn't forget the way to Belial, the demon world's King, in a mere century. Morrigan tells him that she's seen many men come and go, will he be as weak and pathetic as the others?

Demitri exits his ship and wonders just who this woman is. She says she's grown weary of the demon world, but hopes that Demitri will amuse him. As she changes outfits and lands on the airship, Demitri says he'd love to grant her request.

The two of them start to fight, and whilst Morrigan lands several hits on her opponent, he doesn't seem to care, or just blocks everything she throws at him. He can't seem to hurt her either, but then he changes into his demon form. He manages to grab Morrigan and bring her in towards him, and then bits into her neck, before starting to suck her blood.

He then pushes her back and says that the a hundred years he spent building up his power in this world did not go to waste. He almost regrets that the outcome of their match has already been decided, but in the end there can only be one winner: him! Morrigan thinks that he can fight well enough, and it has been a while since she's had such an enjoyable battle. But she does wish that he wouldn't talk so much!


The outfit Morrigan wears where she first confronts Demitri is taken from one of her win poses in the games, but with red pants. This particular color combination would later be made available as a downloadable costume for Morrigan in Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3.

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