December 27th 2023

Added more of Viz's manga releases to their page. Look, I really have got something planned for this part of the site, but it's not going to be ready until late on next year.

December 21st 2022

Updated the Viz page to include details on their recent manga releases. Yeah, I know this update sucks compared to the rest of the site, but something had to give. I have got something big planned for Fist of the North Star, but it's going to take some time to do -give me a couple of years.

July 24th 2022

I've re-done the section about the live action movie, featuring new, larger screenshots and added some stuff about a deleted scene.

August 22nd 2021

Updated the Viz page with their new manga release, and also updated the Discotek page with info about their newest DVDs and Blu-rays.

February 9th 2020

Something new for the misc database -a complete set of scans of the official Hokuto no Ken coloring book!

December 22nd 2018

I finally added a page about Hokuto Ga Gotoku to the video games section. Of more interest is a new page about a unreleased Hokuto no Ken arcade game, which there is very little information about -thanks to Gaming Hell for bringing it to my attention.

June 11th 2018

SEGA have announced plans to release Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise in America! Click here to see the trailer.

October 11th 2014

The Hokuto no Ken anime series turns 30 years old today -the first episode aired in Japan on this day in 1984. To sort of celebrate I've written about the first episode of DD Hokuto no Ken, which you can read here. I might do more in the near future, but I haven't got a set schedule for writing the other episodes up yet.

January 2nd 2014

R.I.P. James Avery, best known for playing the role of Uncle Phil in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, but also the voice of King Fang in the English dub of the 1986 Hokuto no Ken movie.

June 14th 2013

Kenji Utsumi -who voiced Raoh in Hokuto no Ken and Kaioh in Hokuto no Ken 2 -has died from cancer. He was 75 years old.

June 6th 2013

I've gone through nearly every page of this site and have fixed as many typos as possible. There are still probably going to be some around, but the main thing is that the writing is nowhere near as awful as it used to be, especially for the pages about the original anime series. I've also added a new page here, and a page for Shin Hokuto Musou.

February 24th 2013

A little late with this, but a new Hokuto no Ken TV series has recently been announced! "DD Hokuto no Ken"...doesn't that sound familiar? Well, this new DD Hokuto no Ken is apparently a different series to the previous one. The new DD Hokuto no Ken is due to start airing in Japan this Spring. Thanks to DeadSoldier for this news.

November 22nd 2012

A new trailer for Ken's Rage 2 has been released, showing new characters and new scenery -there are going to be stages set before the nuclear war, by the looks of it? The trailer also demonstrates moves for all of the characters, and I have to say how RIDICULOUS Juuza's handstand kick special looks. The game is out in Japan next month, but will be out in February next year for other countries.

A little late with this, but Sentai Filmworks are going to be releasing a new DVD set for New Fist of the North Star (Shin Hokuto no Ken in Japan). The set will include all three episodes and has a RRP of $14.99. It will be out in February next year. Thanks to Milo of Blog of the North Star for this info.

November 10th 2012

There have been a few updates for Ken's Rage 2 recently. At the moment, the known playable characters are: Kenshiro, Shin, Rei, Mamiya, Jagi, Toki, Raoh, Yuda, Shuu, Souther, Ryuuga, Fudo, Juuza, Bat, Ein, Falco and Shachi. Characters rumored to be playable include Kaioh, Hyo, Han and Lin. Heart will no longer be playable. He was in the first game (as a DLC character) but at the moment he won't be playable in the sequel.

Many minor characters missing from the first game -such as Devil Rebirth, Raiga, Fuuga, Hyuui, Shuren and more -are going to be making an appearance in the sequel. The official site for the game lists profiles for most of them here.

Apparently there is no longer going to be a jump button. Have to see what that's like when the game is out! There is no news on a demo yet, but the release date is meant to be December for Japan, and early next year for everywhere else.

October 8th 2012

The Ten no Haoh section has been re-done -all of the episodes now feature images from Sentai Filmwork's DVDs, rather than the bootleg I originally had to use first time round. The pages don't have manga differences in them yet simply because I haven't been able to read the manga, but to make up for it, check out the DVD differences pages instead!

September 20th 2012

A new trailer for Ken's Rage 2 has been released, watch it here. There is also a gameplay video here, which shows that the sequel is going to be much faster paced than the original, among other things. As well as being available on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, a Wii U version has also been announced.

September 14th 2012

More new screens of Ken's Rage 2 are out, featuring Falco (who will be a playable character), Jackal, Colonel and Devil Rebirth. Thanks to Koei Warriors for the link.

September 4th 2012

Hokuto Destiny have reported that a new addition to Ken's Rage 2 will be online multiplayer -the first game had offline co-op, but from what's been said, the sequel will have online co-op also. It isn't known how many players it will support yet.

August 24th 2012

Some new screens of Ken's Rage 2 have been released, showing Shachi for the first time. Some other info from Famitsu mentions that the likes of Yuda, Shuu and Juuza will all be playable.

July 24th 2012

Some information abot Ken's Rage 2 has been leaked out. The Japanese title of the game is going to be Shin Hokuto Musou, and by the looks of it the game will not only contain characters and settings from Hokuto no Ken 2, but will also include things from the original Hokuto no Ken. This will include some things that never made it into the first game, such as the fight against Devil Rebirth.

June 5th 2012

Tecmo Koei have announced Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage 2 (working title) at the E3. The teaser doesn't reveal much (and most contains clips from the first game) but does briefly feature Kaioh near the end, so it pretty much means the game is going to feature characters from Hokuto no Ken 2.

March 12th 2012

Introducing the Misc Database!

December 26th 2011

Added Ten no Haoh back to the site, with one new page and some minor edits to technique names. This section isn't as in-depth as the others, simply because I still only have a bootleg set of it so there wasn't much point re-doing it. I will try and get the official DVD imported at some point. I also finished off the manga exclusive chapters section.

Finally, the URL of this place has changed slightly, so if there is anyone linking just to the Hokuto no Ken section, you'll need to update your links.

December 17th 2011

Slightly updated versions of the Legends of the True Savior movies are up. Pages looking at chapter 25 of the original manga are also available.