Hokuto Ga Gotoku

Hokuto Ga Gotoku
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Released in March 2018, Hokuto Ga Gotoku marks the first new console Hokuto no Ken game since 2012's Shin Hokuto Musou. Developed and published by SEGA, Hokuto Ga Gotoku is a action adventure game, in the style of the Yakuza series. It features a new storyline set in an alternate universe, where Kenshiro enters the land of Eden, hoping to find Yuria. But it won't be easy as he has to face enemies both old and new, along with other unique challenges -can a master of Hokuto Shinken also be a master of preparing drinks?

The game is a Playstation 4 exclusive. It was not released internationally straight away, but eventually saw a release in October 2018. The later release led to some differences between it and the original Japanese version.

Upon release the game sold over 100,000 copies in Japan during its first week, making it to number one in the video game sales charts.

1) Gameplay
2) Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise


In this game you play as Kenshiro. During fights you must defeat enemies by using techniques of Hokuto Shinken. Hold the R1 button to lock onto an enemy and then attack them by pressing different buttons on the controller. Mashing the square button, for example, will let Kenshiro do a basic combo. Hitting an enemy with this can then let you use a finishing move (press triangle) to kill them in a gruesome way. Kenshiro can also block enemy attacks and can dodge quickly to avoid enemy strikes. By fighting and defeating enemies, progressing through the story and completing quests, Kenshiro can gain XP and level up, allowing the player to unlock new abilities.

When not fighting, Kenshiro can explore Eden -once he manages to actually get inside it! Here you can interact with NPCs, who can give you hints or quests to complete. You can also trade with some of them, providing you've got items to trade in the first place. If the fighting gets too much, other activities are available -Kenshiro can become a bartender and prepare some Hokuto drinks, and some old SEGA arcade games, such as OutRun and Space Harrier, are available to play. The SEGA Mark III Hokuto no Ken game is also fully playable here, if you can find it.

Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise

The game would be released in America and Europe in October 2018. In addition to having a different title, this version also has a violence level setting. The Japanese version will censor certain kills by having enemies turn completely black as they die, but Lost Paradise lets you see people explode without any color changes.

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