DD Hokuto no Ken

DD Hokuto no Ken
-From Rage Quitter 87's Fist of the North Star site

DD Hokuto no Ken is a manga and anime parody series which was first published in 2008. The anime adaption consists of several shorts, which ran early on in 2011. The "DD" stands for Design Deformation, which is another way of saying "Super Deformed".

In this series, the nuclear war never happened, meaning that the major characters are forced to get jobs. Kenshiro works with computers, Raoh works at a construction site, whilst Toki is sick and has to stay at home. Ryuken owns a fast food business, whilst Jagi is a wanted criminal.

Other major characters from the original manga appear in this also, such as Souther, who owns his own holy cross casino and has taken up smoking. So far the series has only been released in Japan, but there are fan translations of the manga and fandubs of the episodes on places like Youtube.

Would I cover this series on the site? Probably, but I don't think there has been a DVD release of it in Japan yet, and given how short each episode is, there may never be one. It does look like a funny show though.

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