A Woman's Battle
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Ten no Haoh Episode 9
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Reina finds herself in danger when she enters the castle of the star of beauty.
Original broadcast date: November 27th, 2008

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A woman called Isabella assassinates a warlord called Sarim, but gets her neck scratched in the process. Meanwhile, Raoh is informed that another warlord called Jadam is heading their way. He and his army -including Soga, Sakuya and Ryuga -head out to stop him. Reina is meant to be guarding Raoh's castle, but she has heard of another force that may be a problem for Raoh, and decides to check it out.

Isabella returns to her master, Dagar, but when he finds she has been scratched, he deems her no longer of being of perfect beauty. He has her thrown to some men, who start raping her. Meanwhile, Reina and two soldiers head towards a castle, and are welcomed by a man called Komaku. Komaku takes the two inside his master's castle, but as soon as they enter, Reina's men are fired on. One manages to escape, whilst the other is killed.

Dagar appears and fights with Reina, using his Nanto hiyoku ken (South Star conjoined wing fist). Reina is eventually captured and taken inside the castle. Meanwhile, the injured soldier gets back to Raoh, informing him of what has happened. Raoh immediately heads to where Reina is, leaving his troops to finish of Jadam and his army. Ryuga challenges Jadam, but it's Sakuya who finishes him off -Ryuga didn't see how she did it, and he doesn't manage to get any information out of her about her own fighting style.

Reina manages to escape, freeing Isabella along the way. The two try to escape the castle, but Isabella is shot in the back with an arrow and killed. Dagar decides to humiliate Reina, but before he or any of his men can do so, Raoh appears by blasting down the door. He slaps Reina and tells her acting by herself is not allowed.

Raoh also knows that the true master of this place is Yuda, the star of beauty. Yuda appears, apologizing for the fact that his underling acted of his own accord. Yuda tries to get back on Raoh's good side by saying that he and his army can pass through his territory whenever they want, but Raoh says he'll do that anyway, they don't need his permission. Raoh then humiliates Yuda by telling him he is an idiot who uses women to kill his enemies in bed, so someone like that could never be a threat to him. As the group heads back home, Reina looks at an earring that belonged to Isabella. She had just wanted to help Raoh, but thinks she doesn't understand him.


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