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Fists Smashed in Hot Sand!
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Raoh faces an enemy who is related to someone supposedly on his side.
Original broadcast date: December 4th 2008

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2) DVD differences
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Raoh finds out that there is a village that his troops cannot conquer, which belongs to Mei-Oh, a rival warlord. Souga says it is because the enemy hides itself within groups of innocent villagers, attacks, then hides again. Souga leads a unit disguised as villagers to this village, and tries to find out what is happening, but some of his men are killed. He and the others gather round the villagers and demand an explanation, but a mysterious voice calls out to Souga. The voice says that a tree can hide easily in a forest. Souga wants to know what he is on about so the voice explains: he hides amongst the villagers. Souga is then hit by a great force, and the voice explains that Souga now has only 2 months to live. He has just done something that will make his lungs rot slowly. The rest of Souga's team go to attack the villagers, but they all get blown away and killed. The voice tells Souga to go back to Raoh, and if he makes it, he should tell him that anyone who calls himself a King is foolish. Souga leaves the village and gets back to Raoh's castle.

When Raoh learns of what happened to Souga, he assembles part of his army and goes to the village. The village is hidden, but Raoh quickly uncovers it as he and his army start their invasion. Mei-Oh's troops appear and a battle between the two sides begins. Ryuuga encounters several villagers just standing around, but is suddenly taken down by Gaiya. Gaiya is a master of Kokuzan Ongyo Ken (Black Mountain Dark Form Fist) and has a power of the villagers, making them do what he wants. He confronts Raoh and tells him that he also controls Mei-Oh. He believes Raoh is a fool for calling himself a "King" and what matters most is absolute control. He attempts to kill Raoh by using a secret technique -Metten Hajo (Ruin Heaven Destruction) but Raoh uses his fierce fighting aura to stop him without actually having to make physical contact.

Raoh tells Gaiya this is why he can call himself a King, as his god-given fists can destroy anything that get in his way. The whole world will know the name of Ken-Oh! He pulverizes Gaiya and kills him. When Ryuuga recovers, he tells Raoh that he has seen someone else use the style before. That someone is Sakuya! When they were fighting Jadamo, she used the style to kill him. Meanwhile, Sakuya is seen reporting to the Holy Emperor...who is the master of Nanto Ho'oh Ken, Souther!

DVD differences

-Click here for a list. There aren't actually that many differences for this one, but there were a couple of cases of the broadcast version blurring out some of the violence. The DVD version is not censored.


-There is no actual scene showing Souga making it back and informing Raoh about what happened, and he isn't seen again for the rest of the episode after he is shown stumbling back towards Raoh's castle. He does clearly make it off-screen though, as he appears in every episode for the rest of the series.

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