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The Holy Emperor Cometh!
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Raoh meets with the Holy Emperor, unaware that Yuda has begun a plan.
Original broadcast date: December 11th 2008

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Sakuya returns from her meeting with Souther, having rejected his offer of joining with him. But she is taken before Raoh and questioned, as they want to know if she is a Kokuzan Ongyo Ken master. They have also found out that she just met with the Holy Emperor. Sakuya says she only serves Ken-Oh, but nobody trusts her and she is imprisoned in Cassandra. Reina visits her and finds out that Gaiya was her brother. She says she came back here because of her love for Raoh. Reina leaves, but not before taking a small package which Sakuya asks for her to pass to Souga. He needs to open it when the peace talks with the Holy Emperor are finished.

Souga receives the package and heads out with Raoh and the rest of the army, as they head towards the Holy Emperor's territory. They are attacked by Riron and Hakka, Nanto Hien Ken (South Star Swallow Fist) masters, who use a technique called Soen Ranbu (Twin Swallow Wild Dance) to try and kill Raoh. However Raoh kills them with his Hokuto Enshou Ha (North Star Torus Palm Wave) technique. Before they die, Raoh asks them about the Holy Emperor. Riron says that their master is part of the Nanto Roku Seiken and the "Sho-sei" -the command star. Raoh knows what this means -the Holy Emperor must be Souther, the master of Nanto Ho'oh Ken (South Star Phoenix Fist)!

Souther learns about Riron and Hakka's defeat, and wonders what to do. Yuda, who is with him, suggests a plan. Souther agrees to it and heads out to meet with Raoh, at a place a day away from here. He and Raoh meet, and the two talk to each other for the first time in a long while. Souther decides that, if Raoh intends to rule, then he will back down. Raoh says he will take the heavens, but should he die in the process, then Souther can proceed. Souther agrees to this, and he and his army leave.

Souga opens the package his sister gave him and finds a note from Sakuya inside it -a note saying that Ken-Oh's castle will now be taken over by the enemy! Yuda has taken part of Souther's army to Raoh's castle, and have begin an attack on it. Raoh and his forces head back towards the castle, but will they make it in time?

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