Ten no Haoh Episode 12
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Ken-Oh's Castle is Falling!
-From Rage Quitter 87's Fist of the North Star site

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Can Raoh stop Yuda from taking his castle?
Original broadcast date: December 18th 2008

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As Raoh and his army head back as fast as they can, Yuda's force begins their attack. Reina leads her troops, and has Gihan sent to Cassandra to give a message to Uighur. Uighur has Sakuya released and she quickly returns to the castle, and enters it. She talks to Reina and says she believes her words: that she loves the same man as herself, Raoh. Sakuya says that if she was in her position she wouldn't trust her, or let her out of the prison. But since she has done both of those, she'll help her defend this castle as best as she can. She hopes that Souga has read her message, as if he has, Raoh will be on the way back here. Reina tells her troops they must hold out until Raoh returns, as she and Sakuya lead the counter-assault.

Raoh eventually arrives, and confronts Yuda. Raoh insults Yuda, making the Nanto Koukaku Ken master angry enough to attack him. Yuda tries a secret technique of his style -Kesshou Shi (Blood-tainted Beak), but Raoh compares it to birds chirping and punches him. After getting up, Yuda reveals he has a Howitzer cannon. He fires a shell at Raoh, but Raoh even manages to survive this by punching it.

Raoh thanks Reina for protecting his castle, but Yuda calls out to them and then steps out of the way, revealing that Souther has arrived. Souther stops just before Raoh. As Ryuuga and Souga continue back as fast as they can, will they make it in time? Are Raoh and Souther going to fight each other to the death? What is going to happen next?

DVD differences

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-One of Yuda's troops is totally Guile from Street Fighter. Just with a pony tail.

-Apparently Reina has developed psychic powers -she manages to throw the sword into the ground and time it exactly right to the second for showing when Raoh will return.


-I can't help but be amused that Reina and Sakuya decide to just leave the battle for a bit just to engage in some girl talk.

-Raoh quite clearly punches Yuda really hard, yet Yuda is up and about within seconds. This seems very unrealistic, as when previous versions of Raoh hit weak people, they don't get back up.

-Yuda really could have done with using that cannon to blow the door down to Raoh's castle, it would have saved him a lot of time. (Maybe he had only one shell and wanted to save it, but still...)

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