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Preclude to a Death Match! The Screams of Hyui of the Wind Echoes in the Heavens!!
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Hyui fights with Kenshiro, then later draws out Ken-Oh, determined to take his life.
Original broadcast date: August 21st 1986

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2) In the manga...
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Hyui tries to test Kenshiro, but the latter is not interested. Only when Hyui is clearly going to use an attack that could seriously injure him does Kenshiro make a move, and hits a pressure point on him without him realising it. Part of Hyui's arm explodes slightly, and the fight ends. Hyui tells Kenshiro that he is indeed the true successor to Hokuto Shinken. Whilst he has to go now, he tells him that the other members of the Nanto Goshasei (South Star Five Chariots) will meet him. As Hyui, Zion and the Wind Army depart, Kenshiro later helps out a woman and child by saving them from some of Ken-Oh's men.

Meanwhile, Hyui and his army continue to attack Ken-Oh's villages, wanting to draw out Ken-Oh himself. Raoh finds out from a dying troop that more of his territories are under threat, and so goes out to meet this new enemy. Hyui and his army confront Raoh in a desert, and Hyui tells him that he is part of the Nanto Goshasei, and will protect his leader -the last General of the Nanto Roku Seiken -to the death. He has come to end Ken-Oh's life, and jumps towards him whilst using his Gosha Fuuretsu Ken technique.

This fails to even scratch Ken-Oh, and he kills Hyui with a single punch. Just before he dies, Hyui manages to tell Raoh that the other stars of the five chariots will come after him. Zion is sent back to report to Rihaku and Tou, whilst the Wind Army fights with Ken-Oh and his forces. Later on, Zion makes it back to the capital, but collapses. He tells Rihaku that Hyui was defeated by Ken-Oh, and killed with a single punch. As Zion dies in Tou's arms, Rihaku realises that Ken-Oh is an even greater foe than they had imagined.

In the manga...

-Most of this episode is filler. The only scene that happens in the manga is the one where Hyui fights Raoh.

-May as well mention this: at this point in the manga, Fudo of the Mountain has been introduced, and has met Kenshiro. Hyui sees them meet, and then he and his army start attacking Ken-Oh's villages (in the manga, Hyui never actually meets, let alone fights, Kenshiro).

-Hyui's death is much more violent in the manga, as there is a lot of blood when he gets hit. In the anime, they toned how much of his blood gets spilt by quite a bit.

-The fight between Hyui's troops and Raoh's army is not shown in the anime, but in the manga, it is shown, and it looks like Raoh defeats everyone by himself. His army just watch.


-In the preview for this episode (shown at the end of the previous episode) the scenes where Ken fights some of Ken-Oh's guys have a sand storm going on in them, but in the actual episode itself, the sand storm is gone. (The animation cells were also moved down slightly.)

-I don't know if this should be listed as an error, but several times throughout the episodes, the background is just black (most notable whenever Hyui is shown fighting) rather than the psychedelic thing most animes tend to love. I can only assume this was done for an artistic reason, as it is never done again in the series.


-When Raoh first meets Hyui, one of the horns on his helmet goes blue briefly.

-How stupid is Rihaku? You'd think he'd know how strong Raoh is already, especially if he drew in a fight with Kenshiro, the man who defeated Shin, Jagi, Amiba, Souther and many other big names in the fighting world.

-The red bandage Zion gives Hyui often vanishes throughout the episode.

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