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The Burning Crimson Army! Shuren is Drenched in Tears of Flame!!
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Bat finds a new enemy in Lord Morgan, whilst Shuren and his army move out to confront Ken-Oh.
Original broadcast date: August 28th 1986

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Shuren, one of the Nanto Goshasei, finds out that Hyui has been killed by Ken-Oh. Determined to avenge him, Shuren and his army burn down their castle, so they have no home to return to, and move out to find Ken-Oh. Meanwhile, Bat drives past a guy in a large car, unaware that the driver is Lord Morgan, part of Ken-Oh's army and a terrible driver. However, he always blames others rather than his own dismal driving ability, and is so angry that someone overtook him that he gets two of his men to find Bat's car and blow it up, which they do successfully.

Kenshiro, Bat and Lin enter Morgan's village and find out that many people there die on a daily basis due to Morgan's driving. Kenshiro confronts Morgan, defeating all of his men and stopping his car, but Morgan manages to escape. However, he dies when he loses control of his car and crashes, thanks to Bat sabotaging it without him knowing. Meanwhile, Shuren comes across some of Ken-Oh's troops, and has his army shoot them with flaming arrows.

Shuren then jumps down and kills two men with his Gosha Enjou Ken technique (Five Chariot Flaming Passion Fist) and finds out that Ken-Oh and part of his army are heading in their direction. Promising to avenge Hyui, Shuren tells his army to prepare themselves.

In the manga...

-This episode is filler and was not in the manga.


-Shuren's voice actor, Norio Wakamoto, previously voiced Raoh, in this episode only.

-Several new pieces of background music are used in this episode, such as "Semari Kuru Kiba!" and "Zetsubou no Buchi".

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