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Five Chariot Stars in Danger! Raoh Has Finally Pierced Through the Flames!!
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Shuren finds and challenges Ken-Oh, whilst another of the Nanto Goshasei finds Kenshiro.
Original broadcast date: September 4th 1986

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Shuren and his army make a surprise attack, killing several of Raoh's men. As Shuren introduces himself, he says that the Mountains, another one of the Nanto Goshasei, has gone to find Kenshiro. In another village, some of Ken-Oh's men find a very large man, but see he is actually quite weak, seemingly unable to defend himself. They start to beat him up, but Kenshiro arrives in time to save him. Bat is surprised that a guy as big as him can't fight.

Meanwhile, Shuren wants to avenge Hyui and attacks Raoh. However, his first strike is stopped and results in one of his fists being crushed, and then he has one of his legs smashed when Raoh stops his kick. Ready to sacrifice his life to stop him, Shuren sets himself ablaze and then jumps towards Raoh, landing on Kokuoh. He tells him that he is doing this for the last Nanto General's eternal light! If Ken-Oh gets to the General, he will destroy that light and Shuren cannot let that happen.

However, Raoh says that Shuren's flames will not reduce his ambitions to ash, and kills him by breaking his neck and crushing his head. Raoh wonders about the last Nanto General, and the other members of the Nanto Goshasei. Meanwhile, Ken, Bat and Lin have got a new friend with them -the big man has joined their group, and seems quite friendly with the children. Bat knocks up part of his sleeve, revealing a tattoo with five stars on it -the man is a member of the Nanto Goshasei.

In the manga...

-After the Ryuga arc ends in the manga, the next chapter starts with the scene where the large man is under attack by punks. Ken saves him, unaware that Hyui of the Wind has seen it all. Hyui then goes off to draw out Ken-Oh. For the anime, this was greatly changed, as you can see in the previous few episodes.

-In the manga, there was no scene where a dog steals food from Ken-Oh's troops, that was added for the anime.

-In both the anime and manga, Raoh tells his troops that they are in his army, so they should not show fear, when they are under attack from the flaming arrows. However, the manga had a part where one of Ken-Oh's soldiers stabs another soldier for screaming, only to then get shot in the back and killed himself. This did not make it into the anime.

-Shuren makes his debut when introducing himself to Raoh in the manga. In the anime, they had a filler episode with a new debut scene for him (see the previous episode).

-In the manga, when Raoh sees Shuren starting his final attack, he has a line where he realises Shuren has set himself on fire. This line got cut from the anime.

-After Shuren dies, the Nanto General has a line saying that another star has fallen. In the anime, Rihaku and Tou were added for this scene, and Rihaku is the one who says the line.


-The large man is voiced by Shōzō Iizuka, who previously voiced Heart, all the way back in the fourth episode.


-When Raoh sends two guys up to fight Shuren, there is a shot where several of Shuren's army have wacky color schemes.

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