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The Five Chariot Stars Approach Kenshiro! Fudo, Who Are You?!
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Kenshiro finds out who Fudo is, whilst the clouds is told to make his move.
Original broadcast date: September 11th 1986

1) Synopsis
2) In the manga...


The large man who has joined Kenshiro's group helps capture an escaped chicken. The owner thanks him and gives the group an egg each, then sets off back to his village. However, later on Ken and the others come across him in the desert, and he has been fatally wounded. Kenshiro finds the gang who did it and defeats them.

The large man happens to see one hiding punk and kills him with a technique called Gosha Sanga Zan (Five Chariot Mountain Slash). He reveals that his name is Fudo, and that he is one of the Nanto Goshasei. He has orders to take Kenshiro back to the Nanto capital. There, the last Nanto General awaits him. At the capital, Rihaku and Tou discuss what is happening. The mountain cannot fight now he's wirh Kenshiro, and both the wind and the flame have died in battle. Raoh doesn't know the location of the capital yet, but with his troops advancing it is only a matter of time. There is one last person they can turn too: the clouds.

A message is sent to Juuza of the Clouds, but after reading it, he rips it up! Juuza just isn't interested in such nonsense and he's free like a cloud. He just doesn't care about the south star or even what else is going on in the world for that matter. There's no way he's going to help!

In the manga...

-In the manga, the scene with Fudo and the chicken was shown before Shuren appears.

-The guy who looks after the chickens does not mention that he has a daughter in the manga. They added this for the anime.

-The gang is very different in the manga -it doesn't have as many members, and the ones there are completely different compared to the ones in the anime. The manga has one really big guy who Fudo defeats, by using his Gosha Sanga Zan to cut him in half!

-In the manga, whilst Fudo explains who he is, Shuren is fighting Raoh. In the anime, they changed it to the battle between Shuren and Raoh happens earlier (see the previous episode).

-In the manga, Fudo tells the two guys he meets up with to go and find Juuza. In the anime, they changed it so Rihaku sends a message out via carrier pigeon.

-The scene at the end with Juuza was never in the manga.

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