Shuren of the flame is dead, but his army still lives. Raoh orders his own troops to destroy every last one of them, and soon a battle rages on. Whilst none of them show fear, Shuren's army is completely outnumbered and whilst they kill many of Ken-Oh's troops, they are soon all defeated.

Raoh wants to meet with the last Nanto General, but even he doesn't have any idea on who he is or where he is. Meanwhile, Kenshiro, Bat, Lin and their new big friend arrive in another village, but suddenly see some commotion up ahead: a chicken has escaped and is trying to run away from it's owner.

The giant says he'll catch it and after putting Bat and Lin down he gives chase. Trapping it up against a wall he dives for it, but the chicken gets out of the way, making him crash into the side of a building. Some women are in there and run away in fear, but the giant has other problems. He needs to sneeze.

He does so and ends up blowing away another chunk of the building, and some of the debris hits the chicken, knocking him out. The giant starts to laugh, as does everyone else.

Well, almost everyone else. Kenshiro doesn't see the funny side, and is clearly wondering about why this giant is following him. The owner appears and thanks them all for getting the chicken. He explains that he has several chickens and collects their eggs for his daughter, who is ill. He hopes that if she eats the eggs she will get her stamina back. As a reward for helping, he gives everyone one egg each.

He then says goodbye as he takes his cart and heads back towards his home village. Like an idiot, Bat starts to juggle his egg whilst saying how great it is, and he then of course drops it. He's upset because eggs are a really rare treat in this age and he's just gone and cracked his open on the floor, but the giant offers him his instead. He says it's fine for him to take it and as Bat thanks him, they all hear a whistling noise.

The giant excuses himself and heads over to two people who are at the end of an alleyway. As he walks across, an old man passes by and sees the stars on his shoulder. He knows that this man is one of the chariots and it can only mean bad things. Ken and the others hear his words, but could it be that the jolly green giant may be an enemy?

Meanwhile, the man finds out from his two colleagues that Shuren is dead and that his crimson army have been destroyed. They also tell him that Rihaku is worried that Raoh may try to seek the last Nanto General. Meanwhile the man with the chickens is out on his own in the desert, so you just know what's going to happen next. Sure enough, a gang of punks arrive, and without saying too much they kill the man.

A little later Ken and company walk through the same desert, when Ken tells them to stop as he says that something is wrong. Sure enough, they see a smashed up cart ahead. They find the man who gave them the eggs earlier, but he's been stabbed in the back. He says that he won't be able to make it back to the village and will not get to see his daughter again. There isn't anything anyone can do for him, as he dies seconds later.

Kenshiro spots some smoke not that far away, somebody has started a fire. The punks are the ones responsible as they've cooked the chickens and are enjoying a good feast. Ken soon finds their little party and after confirming that these guys where indeed the ones who stole the chickens, he kills two of the punks.

When the others see some head exploding going on they realise that this guy in blue must be Kenshiro, the man who killed King and crumbled Souther's empire! But despite those feats they still believe they can kill him, if they manage that Ken-Oh will let them join his force. Most of them men run in to try and rush Kenshiro. But they all get blown away together, leaving only four bad guys alive.

The leader of the group, Kogure, reveals that he has a special technique he can use, but he has to get his three other buddies -Guzuri, Jira and Naburi -to perform it with him. Called Taizan Ryu Shisoku Ken (Mount Tai Four Coil Fist), it lets the four of them attack very quickly, but also move around fast as if one of their attacks miss, someone else can cover them. But it doesn't take long for Ken to work it out, and he hits a pressure point on the back of the Kogure's neck to stop him from moving.

The remaining three try to attack, but without their leader they are useless and soon the four of them are all dead. The giant suddenly drops down and squishes one hiding punk, as another bow and arrow wielding one climbs up a rock to try and get away from him. The punk hesitates on firing, and that turns out to be a mistake...


(Five Chariot Mountain Slash)

Ken sees that this man is a martial artist and he finally introduces himself: his name is Fudo. He is one of the five chariot stars, and he has orders to take Kenshiro back to the Nanto capital. There, the last Nanto General awaits him. At the capital, Rihaku and Tou discuss what is happening. The mountain cannot fight now he's with Kenshiro, and both the wind and the flame have died in battle. Raoh doesn't know the location of the capital yet, but with his troops advancing it is only a matter of time. There is one last person they can turn to: the clouds.

A message is sent. Up in some mountains at a large castle, a man sits on a cliff. This man is Juuza. One of his friends arrives with the message, so Juuza reads it. It simply states: "Juuza of the clouds, make your move. Stop Ken-Oh's advance."

"How stupid!"

He throws the message up into the air and the paper splits into pieces. Juuza just isn't interested in such nonsense and he's free like a cloud. He just doesn't care about the south star or even what else is going on in the world for that matter. There's no way he's going to help!


As Kenshiro begins to make his way to the Nanto capital, what is with this Juuza? Will he refuse to accept his destiny as one of the five chariot stars? Find out in "The Crisis is Near! Ken, Destiny Awaits at the Nanto Capital!!"

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