As Ken-Oh and his troops march through the canyon, they suddenly encounter a very strong gust of wind. Raoh wonders, is Hyui defying him even in death?

As the wind stops, the troops then notice that the mountain seems to be on fire, then they come under attack from flaming arrows! Many troops are killed as countless arrows are launched, but none effect Raoh. He demands to know who is out there and for them to show themselves. He stops many of the arrows with his powerful fighting aura. Up above, the crimson army appear as Shuren introduces himself, and says that he is the brother star of Hyuui.

Raoh says it is foolish to go against him, but Shuren is determined to kill him and stop his advance. Raoh asks him if any of the other Chariot stars have moved and is told that the mountain is already on his way -to Kenshiro! That was the order from the last Nanto General. Raoh realises that he isn't the only one that the chariot stars are heading towards.

Elsewhere, Ken and friends are having to walk across deserts now, as they no longer have the car for them to travel around in. They see a village not that far away and decide to head into it. The village is a desolate place, aside from three of Ken-Oh's troops being there, who are having something to eat before catching up with the main force. Just as they are about to start eating, a dog leaps out of nowhere and steals some of their food.

They give chase and find a small building that it has just run into. They enter through a hole in the wall, but as they go further in they see that there is someone else inside already, and it isn't the dog! They all run back out.

A few seconds later, a giant man crashes out of the roof. The man yawns and says that he's had a good sleep, but then he notices the three guys down below. Despite facing such a massive opponent, the orders Ken-Oh gave them were clear: kill anyone suspicious.

One of them runs forward and starts hitting the man's foot with a stick. After doing this several times, the large man drops to his knees. Strangely the big man doesn't seem able to defend himself and as he cowers, the other troops join in and start beating him up.

Not far away Ken, Lin and Bat enter the village, but see that the place looks deserted. As they go past one building however Ken grabs Bat and Lin and leaps back as the giant stumbles through, trying to run away. The three troops have gotten their friends to join in on beating him up, but have had enough of messing around and decide to finish him off.

One guy is about to strike with a knife, but Kenshiro intervenes and he ends up stabbing into his own head instead. When he finds out that the punks are Ken-Oh's troops, he tells them that they can't leave this town alive.

They think he's all talk and start to fight him instead, but do not last long. As the fighting finishes the big man opens his eyes and immediately recognises Kenshiro, but doesn't make that fact known to the others. Lin tells him it is OK now, as he exhales all over them and nearly blows them away. He thanks them for their help.

Bat has a go at him -a man his size ought to be able to defend himself easily, or he won't survive much longer in this age! The giant tells him that he's right and laughs it off. Meanwhile, Tou brings her father a message -the mountain has found Kenshiro.

Back with Raoh, Shuren tells his troops that there is no need to fire at the moment. Ken-Oh's men are governed by fear, but if Ken-Oh himself is killed, his men will disband. Raoh is amused by this and says that his men's strength is driven by fear. He sends two of them up to take Shuren's life. They attack with swords and tonfas, but Shuren won't be defeated so easily.

Blasting fire in their faces, Shuren uses his Gosha Enjou Ken technique to reduce both opponents to ashes in seconds -anyone who dares to try and touch him will be engulfed in his flames of rage.

Raoh sees that Shuren uses flame based attacks. Shuren yells that he will avenge Hyui now, and jumps down towards Raoh. He screams that he will reduce Ken-Oh's ambitions to ashes.

Shuren releases a fireball at Raoh, who blocks it, but it was just a diversion -Shuren has gotten directly behind Raoh! Shuren thinks he has him now.

Unfortunately for him, Raoh just spins around and stops Shuren's strike, and then crushes his fist. Shuren tries to kick Raoh, but that doesn't work when Raoh smashes his leg with a punch.

Ken-Oh can't believe Shuren really thought his weak fists could possibly effect him. His troops say that will take Ken-Oh on, but Shuren tells them to stay put. No matter how many of them there are, there is no way they could beat Ken-Oh. Having witnessed his strength, Shuren knows now how Hyui was defeated with one punch, but he will have to sacrifice his own life to stop Ken-Oh. Standing up, he raises his arms...

...and becomes consumed with flame. This scares Kokuoh, and as Raoh tries to calm him down, Shuren sees his chance and jumps up high into the air.

Shuren lands on Kokuoh and then grabs Raoh, setting him on fire. Raoh doesn't get it -what makes Shuren so determined to kill him no matter what, even if he also had to die? Shuren says he is doing this for the last Nanto General's eternal light! If Ken-Oh gets to the General, he will destroy that light and Shuren cannot let that happen. But Raoh then grabs Shuren's head...

...and tells him that his flames are not strong enough to reduce his ambitions to ashes. He twists Shuren's head around and then crushes it, before throwing his lifeless body to the ground.

Raoh wonders once more about this last Nanto General. Who is he and what are his goals? And what is going to happen with the other three remaining chariot stars? News soon reaches the Nanto capital: the flame has burnt out.

Meanwhile, it seems that the giant has decided to hang around with Ken and the others and he seems to get along with Bat and Lin. When Bat starts complaining about walking so much he gives them a lift, although Bat doesn't appreciate being treated like a child. But he soon changes his mind and decides to let the giant carry him, whilst also revealing a tattoo consisting of five stars on his shoulder -revealing that he is also a member of the Nanto Goshasei.


Whilst Shuren of the flames is gone, the mountain chariot star has found Kenshiro -is he friend of foe? Find out in "The Five Chariot Stars Approach Kenshiro! Fudo, Who Are You?!"

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