"The Nanto Goshasei are five stars who protect the last general of Nanto. The wind, the clouds....

...the flame, the mountain and the ocean."

In order for for the last General to shine eternally, each of the five chariots would gladly give their life. Having explained everything about the Goshasei to Kenshiro, Fudo asks him to go to the Nanto capital to meet with the last Nanto General. Ken wants to know why this person wants to meet with him, what could he possibly want? Fudo explains that if Hokuto and Nanto unite, the world will be at peace. The last General has chosen to side with Kenshiro, as he is the savior of the century rather than Raoh, who wishes to become a ruler.

Kenshiro says that he is no savior and simply wants to defeat Raoh for breaking the traditions of Hokuto. He then tells Bat and Lin that they must leave, but Fudo manages to convince him that he must meet with the General -it is his destiny. Kenshiro looks into Fudo's eyes and decides that he is trust worthy, so he agrees to go to the Nanto capital.

And at the capital, the General, Rihaku and Tou find out that Kenshiro is finally on his way here. But it isn't all good news as they still haven't heard anything from Juuza, who they need to make his move against Raoh. Rihaku knows that Juuza is now the only one they have left who could possibly prevent Raoh's advance, but he hasn't responded to their request.

At a village, some women have been captured and taken to become slave girls to the hideous Daruka. The guy who rounded the women up takes the ladies up to were Daruka is, so he can inspect them all. Does he like them?

He likes them! And now they all belong to him. There won't be a shortage of women in this village for a while now. Just then Daruka suddenly starts getting wet. He looks up...

...and sees some guy pouring dirty water all over him! And this guy starts insulting Daruka, saying he is ugly. This makes everyone angry and they tell the man to get down here, if he thinks that he's so great. So the man obliges and lands directly on Daruka's face.

The man turns out to be Juuza of the Clouds, who says that the women now belong to him. Some of the punks have heard of him and know he's meant to be a tough guy who snatches up any women he sees. Juuza adds that he's also a handsome young man. Daruka wonders how long this bastard intends to stay on his face, so he grabs his ankles and tries to slam him into the ground. But as he does this, Juuza just slides forward so Daruka ends up slamming his own face.

Daruka gets up and says that Juuza clearly has no idea on just how powerful he is. Juuza says nope, he has no idea. Daruka gets really offended and asks if Juuza is trying to make a fool out of him, and Juuza tells him that with a face like his, does he even have to ask? Daruka gets really offended.


(Mount Hua Wrestling Hand Slap!)

Just before Daruka can attack, Juuza kicks him twice across the face. Then he does a series of rapid kicks.

Juuza jumps up and stomps onto Daruka's face again. Daruka recovers and grabs Juuza again, saying that there is no escape for him this time. Juuza has had enough of messing around, and just snaps Daruka's neck, killing him.

Juuza lands, and after making sure his hair is alright, he says he wants the women, unless there are any new challengers for him to fight. The punks decide that they'd better just hand the girls over. Turns out that there are more than Juuza can carry!

Oh well, the rest of them will just have to walk to the truck. The others seem hesitant at first, but Juuza says they will have much more fun with him. Since they'd clearly be better off with Juuza than staying in this place, the girls take their chances and follow him. Juuza's gang then ride through the town as the other punks see that their food supplies have just been stolen! But before they can give chase, they are given several explosive presents.

The TNT goes off, destroying Daruka's vehicles and leaving his gang battered. As they reflect on how much of a terrible villain Juuza is, Juuza, his gang and his new ladies head back to the castle.

As their journey begins, Fudo explains that the capital is a place of freedom. Bat can't believe it, especially in this age, but Fudo says that he will see for himself once they all get there. As they go through a canyon, some punks are also there. They pretend to be Ken-Oh's troops and kill people who try to pass through, so they can take any food and drink they may have.

They soon spot Ken heading towards them and tell him and his friends to stop. Bat isn't convinced as Ken-Oh's troops don't dress like that, and this squad seems to be a rag-tag team. The leader of the men says that recently some people have been bothering their master, such as some guy called Kenshiro who hangs around with two kids. Plus some guys known as the Five Chariots. But he doubts wimps like them have anything to do with the guys they are looking for. He would like them to hand over any food they have though.

Ken has a question and asks what kind of man this Kenshiro is meant to be. The leader of the group says he has seven scars on his chest, and two kids follow him. Bat asks if they would be kids like him and Lin, and the leader says that is correct. Fudo asks for more information on the Five Chariots, and the leader tells him that they are meant to have tattoos consisting of five stars on their arms.

Fudo reveals his tattoo, as two of the men find out that Kenshiro has seven scars. They both get knocked into the side of a mountain seconds later.

Two of the bigger guys attack. The first gets defeated when Kenshiro uses the Koshu Hagan Ken technique on him, whilst the other is killed when he is struck by the Ganzan Ryozan Ha.

The other punks see that they can't beat Ken and run away, leaving only their leader behind. He promises to become a good person now and live an honest life, so Fudo asks Ken to spare him. As Ken walks past, the man calls Fudo an idiot and charges towards him.

But this doesn't have much effect as he destroys the blade easily. Seeing that the punk was just telling a lie earlier, Fudo gets angry and makes him walk off the cliff, to his doom.

Fudo says that once the nuclear war happened, punks like that man could run rampant in this new age. It is all the more reason that Kenshiro meets with the last General. Meanwhile, Juuza and his new ladies have returned to the castle, but when they get outside, the ladies have some bad news for him.

Juuza is devastated to find out that the new girls are already married, and some have children! They want to go back to their husbands. Juuza thought he was going to have some fun with them here, but it seems it just isn't going to happen. He gives them some food and tells them to go. They thank him and leave, but then two men appear before Juuza, and he knows that Rihaku must have sent them. They go outside, and the two men ask Juuza to go out and stop Raoh. But Juuza just isn't interested.

He drinks when he wants, he eats when he wants, he does whatever he wants to do. He just lives like the clouds above them. And he refuses to lend his strength. It isn't until the two men mention he should at least meet with the last Nanto General that Juuza seems to become slightly interested.

Meanwhile, Raoh's men have found out which direction Kenshiro is going and where he is heading to. If Kenshiro is going to meet this last General, Raoh also wants to.


As Kenshiro continues to fight, does Juuza know something about the last Nanto General? Find out in "I Am Juuza of the Clouds! I Shall Move with the Flow of Time!!"

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