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The Crisis is Near! Ken, Destiny Awaits at the Nanto Capital!!
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Juuza shows off his way of life.
Original broadcast date: September 25th 1986

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Fudo convinces Kenshiro to let him guide them to the Nanto Capital, where the last General of the Nanto Roku Seiken awaits. At the capital, Rihaku finds out that Kenshiro is on the way, but also knows that he has still yet to receive a reply from Juuza of the Clouds. This is mainly because Juuza has better things to do, such as beat up people who steal women.

Juuza kills a guy called Daruka, and tells the women who had been captured that they'll have way more fun with him. Taking their chances, the girls head out with Juuza and his gang, back to his castle. Meanwhile, Ken and friends encounter a group of men claiming to be troops of Ken-Oh (which they aren't) and want them to hand over any food they have. This results in a fight, where two of the troops are killed, whilst almost all of the others run away.

Only the leader is stupid enough to keep fighting, and is killed when Fudo makes him walk back off a cliff. Meanwhile, Juuza is devastated to find out that the women he saved are already married, and, worse yet, some have kids! He gives them some food and tells them to leave. A little later on, two of Rihaku's men appear before Juuza, asking for him to go out and stop Raoh. Juuza just does not care about that, but then shows some kind of interest when the men request for him to at least meet with their General.

In the manga...

-In the manga, Fudo is the one who sends two men to find Juuza. In the anime, Rihaku is the one who sends them.

-In the manga, Juuza makes his debut when he appears on the building. For the anime, they introduced him earlier (see the end of the previous episode)

-Juuza has black hair in the manga, whilst in the anime, it was changed to light blue.

-Juuza urinates on Daruka in the manga. In the anime, they changed it so he just throws a bucket of dirty water all over him.

-The fight between Juuza and Daruka is no where near as long in the manga. Juuza just lands on Daruka, breaks his neck, and that is it. The anime added parts where Juuza kicks him a lot, and also gives Daruka his own fighting style (Kazan Kakutei Harite).

-The line where Juuza says the girls he can't carry should come with him as they'll have much more fun was not in the manga.

-Juuza does not have his own gang in the manga -he is the only male in his castle. So in the manga, there is no scene where his gang blow up Daruka's men and vehicles.

-The scenes with the group of men pretending to be Ken-Oh's troops were never in the manga.

-In the manga, when the two men are trying to convince Juuza to stop Ken-Oh, they notice one of Ken-Oh's patrols not far away and realise that they are heading towards Ken and Fudo. This part of the scene was not in the anime version.


-There was a two week gap between this episode and the previous one during the original broadcast. Usually new episodes of Hokuto no Ken were once per week.

-Daruka's voice actor, Daisuke Gōri, previously voiced Diamond and Uighur.

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