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I Am Juuza of the Clouds! I Shall Move with the Flow of Time!!
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Kenshiro fights the lance squad, whilst a relative of Juuza's is revealed.
Original broadcast date: October 16th 1986

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2) In the manga...
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Juuza just wants to have fun, but Rihaku's two men keep trying to talk him into stopping Raoh. They happen to mention that, no matter how he tries to look like he is enjoying himself, he is struggling to forget about "her". Juuza immediately becomes angry and threatens to kill them both if they ever mention her again. Meanwhile, Ken-Oh's lance squad has spotted Kenshiro and goes off to attack him and his friends.

However, they turn out to be useless, as they are mainly defeated by Kenshiro, although Fudo helps protect Bat and Lin. Back at his castle, Juuza thinks back about a girl he grew up with, and fell in love with. He wanted to marry her, but he found out he couldn't - as she was his half-sister from a different mother. Back in the present, Juuza says that girls name: Yuria.

Juuza then finds out that some guy has invaded his castle and wants the women Juuza stole from him back. His name is Gelga, master of Taizan Hadatsu Go (Taishan Destroy and Plunder Strength), but his techniques are not fast enough to get Juuza, who eventually kills him. Back at the Nanto Capital, Rihaku finds out that Juuza still hasn't made a move, so Tou volunteers to help him change his mind.

In the manga...

-The scene at the start with Raoh happens after the scene where Ken and Fudo fight the lance squad in the manga. In the anime, it is the other way around.

-The lance squad have an extra scene in the anime which was not present in the manga, where they discuss the rewards they can get for killing Ken, Fudo or the two kids.

-The scene in the pool with Juuza and the ladies happens after the scene where Ken and Fudo fight the lance squad in the manga. In the anime, it is the other way around.

-In the manga, Gelga enters the castle just after Juuza tells Rihaku's two guys to never mention "her" again, and then gets into a fight with Juuza. For the anime, they split this scene up so Gelga does not appear until towards the end of the episode.

-The flashback scene with Juuza and Yuria was in the manga, but does not happen until later.

-There is no scene in the manga where some of Juuza's guys try and attack Gelga, because there are no guys to begin with -in the manga, Juuza is the only man in his castle.

-Gelga has several troops with him in the manga. These do not appear in the anime.

-When Gelga dies, his body splits in two in the manga. In the anime, he explodes, Hokuto Shinken style, which was an odd choice.


-There was a three week gap between this episode and the previous one during the original broadcast. Usually new episodes of Hokuto no Ken were once per week.

-The preview of this episode (shown at the end of the previous episode) had an image of Yuria on a different background compared to the all pink background shown in the actual episode itself.

-During part of the flashback scene with Juuza and Yuria, a version of "Ai Ha Oni" plays. This song will make another appearance, complete with vocals, in a later episode.

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