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The Clouds Remain! The Masked General is Finally Revealed!!
-From Rage Quitter 87's Fist of the North Star site

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Tou goes on a mission to retrieve Juuza, whilst Kenshiro fights Dolphy and Zenda.
Original broadcast date: October 23rd 1986

1) Synopsis
2) In the manga...


Juuza watches as one of Rihaku's men threatens to kill himself if Juuza doesn't go off to fight Raoh. But Juuza still doesn't care. Meanwhile, Kenshiro and his friends are taken into a village, having been caught stealing water. Dolphy, the man in charge of the village (which was given to him by Ken-Oh) decides to have the villagers decide their fate, and asks if they should be executed. Almost all of the villagers raise their hands to agree, but only because Zenda, Dolphy's partner in evil, will kill any who won't. The village elder refuses, saying that the group did nothing wrong, but he is killed by Zenda.

Ken gets into a fight with Dolphy, the latter using Taizan Kokuei Ken (Taishan Silhouette Fist). Zenda distracts Ken by shining light into his face, letting Dolphy get in some hits, but Fudo helps out by throwing Zenda down to the ground. It doesn't take long for Kenshiro to hit pressure points on them both and kill them. Meanwhile, Juuza is having another party in his castle when he notices a new girl has joined them. He doesn't realise that the girl is Tou, who pours him a drink with a drug in it, that makes him pass out.

When Juuza wakes up, he is in the Nanto Capital, where Rihaku and Tou are waiting. Juuza says he still doesn't want to fight, but then the Nanto General appears. However, Juuza is surprised when it turns out the General is a woman. She asks him to give up his life for her, before removing her helmet. When Juuza realises who the last Nanto General is, he breaks free of his chains and says that he will -he will give up his life for her.

In the manga...

-The scene at the start with Raoh did not have Juuza appear in the manga. They changed it so he is present in the anime.

-The scenes with Dolphy are all filler, and were never in the manga.

-The party scene was not in the manga, and neither was Tou going to Juuza's castle. In the manga, Juuza suddenly wakes up in the Nanto capital, and sees Rihaku's two guys. He realises they must have drugged him (somehow). In the anime, they changed it so Tou had to be sent to retrieve Juuza, and it is shown how she did it.

-In the manga, Rihaku and Tou are not present when the last General appears before Juuza. They are present in the anime.

-In the manga, the last General touches Juuza before removing her helmet, she doesn't do this in the anime.

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