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Juuza of the Clouds Resurrects! I Have No Fear for Raoh!!
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As Ken continues towards the Nanto Capital, Juuza heads out to find Raoh.
Original broadcast date: October 30th 1986

1) Synopsis
2) In the manga...


Kenshiro, Fudo, Bat and Lin come across a bridge they need to cross, but it is guarded by Ken-Oh's troops, who have set explosives on it. Ken hides in a cart which Fudo takes across the bridge, whilst Lin and Bat in drag follow. However, when they get across, they get found out and Kenshiro gets into a fight with Baruda, master of Kazan Sansa So (Mount Hua Trident). Kenshiro kills him and the group continue on towards the capital.

Meanwhile, Juuza and his gang head out and find Raoh. Raoh is surprised to see Juuza, and never thought he would try and stop him. Juuza runs towards Raoh, jumps up...

...and uses a technique which results in Raoh's helmet being destroyed. Raoh doesn't understand what it could have been that made Juuza fight again, but if he really does intend to fight, so be it. Raoh stands on the same ground as his opponent. Juuza knows that Raoh acknowledges the power of his fists and also tells him that in the name of the last Nanto General, he will bury him here.

In the manga...

-Juuza is given Fudo's army in the manga. In the anime, this was changed so his own gang joins him.

-There is a scene in the manga where part of Fudo's army goes out and fights Raoh, fully knowing they will die and just wanting to slow him down. This is not in the anime.

-All of the scenes with Ken and friends in this episode are filler, and were never in the manga.

-In the manga, after Raoh defeats the first wave of Fudo's army, the rest of it appear along with Juuza. In the anime, Juuza and his entire gang all appear before Raoh together.

-In the manga, after Juuza destroys Raoh's helmet, there is a flashback scene with Juuza and Yuria. This was used in this episode of the anime.

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