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Juuza vs Raoh! An End of the Legend of the Invincible!!
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Juuza's battle against Raoh begins.
Original broadcast date: November 6th 1986

1) Synopsis
2) In the manga...
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The fight between Juuza and Raoh begins. Juuza shows no fear at all, and is so powerful that one of his kicks forces Raoh to kneel. Meanwhile, Kenshiro and friends encounter Jemoni, part of Ken-Oh's forces, who is a man who wants to kill 10,000 people. He only has one more kill to go and wants it to be Kenshiro, but Ken hits a pressure point on him which makes him decapitate himself.

Back at the fight, Raoh remembers back to when Toki was trying to get some bird eggs out of a nest. Raoh punched the tree down, but Juuza moved so fast they didn't see him take the eggs first. Juuza told Raoh it was just like him to do something like that, and then threw one of the eggs into his face. Raoh got really angry and wanted to fight, but Juuza was gone. Ryuken appeared and told Raoh to calm down, as him getting mad was what his opponent wanted. Juuza was just as powerful as him.

The fight resumes, and Raoh manages to hit Juuza with a kick, although it doesn't hit a pressure point, or seemingly do much damage. Juuza decides to change tactics and instead of fighting Raoh, he steals Kokuoh and then has his gang dump several large boulders on Raoh's troops. Juuza and his gang then move away, with Juuza telling Raoh that you can only have fun whilst you are alive, so he doesn't plan on dying yet. However, as Juuza rides away, the kick Raoh hit him with has made him bleed quite badly, and he wonders if he really will have to give up his life after all.

In the manga...

-The scene at the start with the last General, Rihaku and Tou happens slightly later in the manga. However, that scene marked the first time Rihaku and Tou appeared in the manga, whilst they were introduced much earlier in the anime. These two characters cannot be seen clearly in the manga at this point, either.

-The scenes with Kenshiro in this episode are all filler, and were never in the manga.

-In the manga, Raoh smiles when he says not everything will go Juuza's way. He does not in the anime.


-At one point, there is a shot of Juuza upside down. However, I don't know whether to put this as an error or not, because in the manga, the exact same thing happened.


-In one of the shot's of Juuza's gang, there is one guy who is clearly using Kenshiro's animation model, just with blue hair and eyebrows. This guy appears again a few shots later, but has a different face and hair style.

-When Ken asks Fudo if he senses the blood shed, he has a black shoulder pad instead of a grey one.

-When Ken explains to Jemoni about the pressure point he just hit, part of Jemoni's right hand keeps flashing black.

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